Aging Guinea Pigs

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My sentimental child hysteria 3 days, well hysteria. it’s not quiet no question "what is the reason for this mood" he answered "I’m afraid that our little Sonya (guinea pig) will die", Our young pig (2.5 years old), cheerful, healthy, which is why he had such thoughts. do not understand, most likely off-season melancholy. The son said that this is not enough, turtles live longer. And even though our m. I think it’s too early what I do on the Internet.

Aging guinea pigs

There is evidence of a life expectancy of about 15 years. Guinea pigs can be performed in the correct content. Guinea pig can deal with damage to internal organs. All that is needed for this is "rusted." The guinea pig needs constant stress due to a quarrel or loneliness. In addition, you can get all the injuries, for example, during free walking.

Age-related changes

Other changes in the physical state are associated with hair: it becomes more and more dull every day, the typical luster of many animals disappears. Usually this is due to two reasons: usually with a loss of shine, we are talking about the usual age-related change, which has hormonal causes. Wool becomes rare coat. Wool may appear as a result. As a rule, this does not lead to any hygiene problems. However, this age had problems with the spine, the owner needs help: the animal needs to be cleaned with a small brush. The backs are evident, dirt or greasy hair in the area of ​​the neck or back.

Sensory changes

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With age, “thrills” change in guinea pigs: sometimes older people hear and see worse. It does not matter that large-scale changes occur in the cell. Everything related to their housing is new things that do not bring them any joy! Guinea pigs remember important routes inside the cage, knows for sure where the feeder is and where the house is. They orient themselves well in their cage, even with poor eyesight – and the owner does not immediately notice that an aging animal is not as well seen as before. If you add a new object to the cage, then he will not be able to find and change the situation for a long time.

Aging Guinea Pigs

The owner notices faster: as soon as the pig stops responding to the sound, the package with greens unfolds or does not immediately respond to the call. This can be a problem for guinea pigs, usually of great importance.

Diseases in old age

Guinea pigs – like any other animal – are particularly susceptible to various diseases. This is primarily due to the fact that it weakens the immune system. Older animals are primarily susceptible to colds. Drafts should be prevented in places where animals are found. Another problem is the cold. With age, guinea pigs become more and more heat-loving. This is due to the fact that blood circulation worsens with age, the animal quickly freezes. The consequence may be kidney disease. Due to the fact that no significant temperature changes occur. For example, on a tile.

It should also be noted that guinea pigs are more prone to attack by parasites. This is due to the problem of low living standards in the human body. Therefore, the owner should regularly inspect the parasites – the earlier the parasites are detected, the faster it will be possible to get rid of the guinea pig from uninvited "neighbors".

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To kill all objects that can be destroyed from cells.

Advice only if you cannot do without his help. The keening and transportation, as well as the unfamiliar environment in veterinary medicine can cause severe stress, which can sometimes lead to the death of the animal. If your vet can visit you at home.

When the partner pig dies

Sometimes this happens very quickly: once one of your favorite guinea pigs dies. A difficult moment is not only for a person. Animal partner. If the death of one of the animals lives in a much milder form. If parks live out of them, they leave a void in the life remaining. Only another pig can fill this void. True, the process of salvation with a new neighbor in the cell is associated with stress, but compared to the stress of living alone it is a lesser evil.

The components of a lonely elderly pig may be another pig of a similar age that was kept under similar conditions. They were alive in different companies (group of females / males, mixed group), otherwise quarrels and fights will occur between animals.

However, they do not always understand each other, even when the above conditions are met. It is recommended to create groups of several pigs so that they do not have problems with the animal.

"Vital interests": young pigs like to run fast around the cage, while older pigs prefer to relax peacefully. This divergence of interest may be unpleasant on both sides.

Subject to all the conditions described, older guinea pigs can become very pleasant pets, as they become more contact.

Aging Guinea Pigs