And The Guinea Pigs.

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Fleas in guinea pigs, like other ectoparasites (insect plants), start quite often. Recognize that all rights and obligations can be respected. During walks in nature. Less often – through poor-quality feed or filler. The supervisory owner will immediately discover something is amiss – the guinea pig always gives out its behavior; the animal, which is perceived by the bites of parasites, becomes nervous and depressed. Noticing such a change in the behavior of the pet, you need to urgently consult a veterinarian in order to manage to save the life and health of the animal.

And The Guinea Pigs.

Do they happen?

Guinea pigs have fleas, and often. The most common species is the so-called cat flea. In addition to cats, this parasitic insect can infect dogs, hedgehogs and rodents. Pets are under direct observation on the street, as a result of which parasites appear for other animals and begin to hurt themselves.

Fleas are blood-sucking insects. As a result, severe itchy skin appeared. Overcome by fleas or other ectoparasites, the mumps itch and scratch themselves all the time. As a result, on the skin and other skin diseases. In addition, the animal develops anemia.


Spreading infected guinea pigs is easy – you just need to pay attention to the behavior of the animal and conduct a small inspection. They have a number of characteristic symptoms that signal a disease. If you have guinea pigs or other ectoparasites:

  • the animal is anxious;
  • the pet itches and shakes with hair;
  • the skin of the pet turns red and peels;
  • wounds with bruises and sores are visible on the animal’s body;
  • in the fur coat of the pet appear bald patches of different sizes.
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To find a sample in the hair of a pet. To find fleas, a simple combing of a pet’s fur coat with a comb with frequent teeth also helps.

If during the study either the parasites themselves or traces of their vital activity were discovered, you should immediately show your beloved veterinarian. A hasty visit to the doctor is also necessary if you have any symptoms. The doctor has established the cause of the change in the state of the little animal and will tell you what to do to save the pet.

Other ectoparasites in guinea pigs

Only pigs can belong to external parasitic insects. The most common parasites also include:

Infection of any of these parasites requires immediate medical attention and treatment begins.

And The Guinea Pigs.

Intensified activity leads guinea pigs. Symptoms are standard for ectoparasites. The key difference from infected ones, not fleas, is the increased touch on the hair of the hair with light eggs characteristic of lice.

Infection with lice is much more dangerous than fleas. At sea by the sea of ​​pigs.


Weak effects on the human body can lead to miscarriage. Symptoms are similar to flea infections.

Lice-eaters or poohoedy

Protruding in white parts that cannot be trimmed from mumps hair. Symptoms are standard.

How to withdraw

Infection with ectoparasites should be treated at the first sign of disease. Other animals must also be kept in the house. If one of the pets becomes infected, all the others are examined. Depending on the results of the examination, either therapeutic or preventive measures are applied to it.

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And The Guinea Pigs.

Definitely, what kind of parasitic infection can only be a veterinarian in a clinical setting. Prescribe appropriate therapeutic therapy, determine its duration and dosage No less than the disease – even a small excess of the level of drugs leads to the death of the animal. This can lead to erroneous selection and side effects.

To get rid of ectoparasites, topical preparations are prescribed, which can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. Some practitioners use drugs designed for cats, but this method is quite concentrated. Therefore, such drugs may not cure the animal, but poison it.

The best option is to use tools created specifically for rodents (guinea pigs and hamsters). The active substance should be pyrethrin. These medicines do not only affect fleas. They will also help you find guinea pigs. For the treatment of a pet, the treatment of the animal with special insecticidal agents is prescribed:

Eye and mouth.

In addition to the fact that he needs to be processed with all possible things, the pet’s house and all the items that he needs. The litter and filler are completely replaced.


If in addition to the guinea pig there are other pets in the house – cats or dogs, you need to regularly treat them with insecticidal agents so that they do not immediately catch and “reward” her little pet. This is especially true for those pets who let out for a walk on the streets.

The usual requirements for guinea pigs play the role of preventive measures. These include:

  • cleaning the animal house;
  • change of filler and litter;
  • processing of cells and pet items with disinfectants.
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All this should be carried out regularly and on an ongoing basis. Before walking on a pig, you need to apply parasite protection.

And The Guinea Pigs.

It is very important to see a doctor. The consequences of a neglected disease are irreversible for the animal’s body. The sooner therapeutic therapy is started, the more chances there are to get rid of the usual life and normal health. Do not treat the animal yourself – the veterinarian can prescribe the right treatment. Self-selected therapy can cost a beast of life. Monitoring a veterinarian and a responsible approach to animal healing are general conditions that will allow you to see your loved ones and healthy people.