Aviary (Corral) For Guinea Pig

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Aviary (Corral) For Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are unpretentious rodents. This will negatively affect his well-being. Often the animal is placed in a cage. Limited space can be disastrous for the animal. The most optimal solution is to make an aviary for a guinea pig with your own hands. This is the strength of any breeder at home.

Why an aviary?

Small cells never need to be given to your loved one. More and more can be dangerous teeth and sponges – guinea pigs often spray metal rods. The hosts wonder why this is happening. Water and feed in unlimited quantities.

They experience stress from confined spaces and fall into psychosis. Tightness depresses his psyche. Guinea pigs can become lethargic. Sometimes he begins to eat a lot or vice versa, loses his appetite. Therefore, experienced and caring breeders who equip in the apartment, the so-called corrals for their pet. So that he does not feel narrow, a spacious aviary is acquired or made with his own hands.

What are aviaries

Aviaries can have a different "interior". You can make unique tunnels and pipes so that he can run and hide. Often this is made from cork oak. Guinea pigs like various bridges. They can be made from bark. In the pen you can place ceramic toys, wicker baskets.

On the floor in the aviary, it is better to put an absorbent diaper. Old linoleum will do. You can throw pieces of an old natural rug. Do not forget to sanitize all this in a timely manner.

It is important to know that plastic items are prohibited. A rodent can start to bite such a toy and get hurt.

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Country aviary

In the summer, often the pet is taken to the country. To make him feel comfortable there, he needed to build a corral. Safe and in the air. Pegs are driven into the ground and the net is pulled. Dogs, cats, dogs, cats. There may also be constantly birds.

They also make aviaries from wood. It looks like a box without a top. It is usually a spacious and isolated special object (for example, polystyrene foam). It could be cleaned. The wooden surface of the box is impregnated with an anti-rot agent and protects against various pests.

Aviary (Corral) For Guinea Pig

Country version of the enclosure for guinea pig

Everyone loves to try on the tooth and can harm themselves by poisoning.

The pen must be set in the shade. If the street is windy or drizzling, then the animal should be taken to the house.

What is required to make a home corral

It does not take much effort. To do this, prepare:

  • scissors with wide tape;
  • ruler with a pencil;
  • sharp knife;
  • metal mesh;
  • a piece of dense corrugated cardboard;
  • cable tie.

He must completely expose the adhesive tape in several layers.

Aviary dimensions and procedure

What will need to do a riddle in size.

The owner should know: that pet will be more comfortable.

Based on this, the minimum sizes are:

  • for one animal – 1 meter per 80 cm;
  • for two animals – one and a half meters by 80 cm;
  • three pets require about 1.7 m by 80 cm;
  • if there are four or more pigs – 2 m per 80 cm.
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Must not be less than 15 cm.

When the dimensions are determined, you can begin work:

    Mark and draw the shape of the aviary (its base).

Aviary base drawing

  • Measure 15 cm on each side. Connect the lines. These will be the bead sides.
  • Notch carefully, focusing on the line markings.
  • Assemble the frame in cuts.
  • Fold the edges.
  • The parts that protrude are bent. Glue them with tape.
  • As a result, there should be a box in front of you, only without a top. Now you need a metal mesh, the sides are assembled from it:

    1. The grid is cut into blanks of the right size. The height of the walls should exceed the pallet twice.
    2. There were no notches and no sharp corners.
    3. Connect the parts with a cable tie.

    Tie-bar connection

  • There will be a skew.
  • Dimensions must match exactly.

    This is the finished version of the aviary

    Do not forget that corrugated cardboard must completely bypass a wide layer in several layers so that it is protected from various contaminants.

    It is also possible to lay additional rubberized rugs – they can be washed often.

    A good idea is to buy plastic pallets so that they fit.

    Aviary (Corral) For Guinea Pig

    If plastic is used in the construction, it must be covered with carpet.

    For the owner it is important to remember – it does not matter if the aviary is bought or made independently. The main thing is that he feels comfortable.