Baldwin And Skinny – Bald Guinea Pig Breeds

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Baldwin And Skinny - Bald Guinea Pig Breeds

In humans, the bald guinea pig makes an ambiguous impression. One certainty that they are deprived of wool is due to a mysterious disease and agreement cannot be reached on a naked animal. Others believe that the sphynx guinea pig is a charming rodent and will gladly have such an exotic and unusual pet.

Breeds of hairless guinea pigs

Relatively recently. At the moment, only two species of hairless rodents are officially registered – Skinny and Baldwin.

This is interesting: there is a variety of the Baldwin breed called the werewolf. Young werewolves are born completely bald, but as they grow older they begin to form a woolen coat. In most cases, guinea pigs do not recognize them as an independent species.

Bald Guinea Pigs: Breed History

Despite the fact that each of these breeds has its own history of origin.

Skinny guinea pig

To see these amazing animals, they had to go to the past, namely at the end of the seventies of the last century. In the laboratories of Montreal, in one of the cities of Canada, specialists carry out selection work with guinea pigs. They tried to find a new variety of colors.

And the scientists succeeded, although the result surprised even the breeders themselves. In 1978, we had three completely different coatings. Anything, quite ordinary in appearance. Breeders describe a strange genetic mutation. They were rather weak, developing slowly and after some time died.

Baldwin And Skinny - Bald Guinea Pig Breeds

Skinny can be light to black

Perhaps in 1984 the story did not repeat itself. Scientists have decided to use a hairless baby for further breeding work. A tiny naked guinea pig was called Skinny, which translates from English as "skin-covered bones." This was a new breed of pigs deprived of wool.

Important: Skinny’s first hairless guinea pigs were albinos with bright colorful eyes. You were able to transform hairless animals with black, cream, chocolate and silver gray skin color.

Guinea pig Baldwin

Shinji in the American city of San Diego, and in his appearance there was also a mandatory natural genetic mutation.

Carol Miller, the owner of the cross guinea pig nursery, chose two of her pets for crossbreeding, had an unusual unusual color Golden Solid. In the very beginning, healthy, healthy babies were born, who almost immediately opened their eyes and began to run, learning the new world around them.

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Two young men suddenly began to shed their wool. At first, the baby’s face was covered with a muzzle, and then the fur began to peel off with the whole body and after a week the little splashes completely lost their coat.

This is due to the fact that the patient is not previously ill, but he left unusual pets so that they could develop. Everything is surprising that they were all active and energetic, cloudy in appetite and appetite. Yes, and an examination by a veterinarian confirmed that hairless are absolutely absolutely healthy.

Then Ms. Miller decided to repeat the experiment and again crossed the parents of bald babies. And I got a lot of new features. I realized that at random you got a whole new batch of guinea pigs and an enterprising woman.

So there was another breed of hairless guinea pigs, called Baldwin, from English "bald", which translates as "bald".

Appearance of Hairless Guinea Pigs

Outwardly similar, but there are several characteristic features.

What skinny pig looks like

What looks like a pig Baldwin

The nature and behavior of hairless animals

These are friendly, curious and sociable animals. They are not aggressive and non-conflict, therefore they live perfectly in the same house, not only with their parents, but also with other animals, for example, hamsters, cats or small dogs. The owners often watched their bald pet sleeping on the same couch with a cat or doggie.

Baldwin And Skinny - Bald Guinea Pig Breeds

Skin colors in pigs

A special relationship is established with the owner of hairless guinea pigs. These people need to pay attention to an exotic pet, a lot of care and attention. You have hands on your hands and you see that these are rumbling sounds resembling a purring cat.

They have a very rude and sensitive psyche, and they cannot stand rudeness and violence. That the pet begins to hurt and may even die. It is also necessary that the game has loud music or a TV at full power.

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Both Skinny and Baldwin have high intelligence, and their memory is well developed. Animals quickly remember and respond to their own name. At the sight of a beloved master, bald pets often stand on their hind legs and quietly devote themselves to expressing their joy at meeting him.

Encouraging the animal with a treat, it can be taught to perform simple tricks, for example, to push people who are looking for teams, or to make turns in a team around its axis.

It is important that people are friendly and sociable.

Home care and maintenance

Basically, the rules for keeping naked guinea pigs. Moreover, if these substances are devoid of wool, their skin becomes more tender and sensitive.

Baldwin And Skinny - Bald Guinea Pig Breeds

Body temperature in bald guinea pigs 38-40C

Home equipment

Experts recommend not purchasing an ordinary cage, but a special terrarium. Lips that are detrimental to his health. There should be no adaptation for a terrarium and a heating lamp, under which the pig can bask in the cold season.

A must-have accessory for your pet’s home is a cozy, warm house.

As for the filler, this means that cells with sawdust, wood pellets or chips are undesirable, as they can scratch and irritate the bare skin of animals. It is better to use soft hay. Some clothing owners had to change every day.

Baldwin And Skinny - Bald Guinea Pig Breeds

For bald pig breeds, it is imperative to purchase a warm house


The diet of sphinx pigs is no different from the menu of their furry counterparts. Bald rodents also eat hay, fresh vegetation, vegetables and fruits. To do this, you must constantly maintain the temperature within normal limits. Therefore, the cell should always have fresh, quality hay and clean water.

Rodent Body Care

This is a question about how often you need to bathe your pet and whether it is possible to undergo a water treatment at all.

Baldwin And Skinny - Bald Guinea Pig Breeds

You can buy bald guinea pigs only in case of urgent need

Naked rodents have a special gland that produces a special skin secret that envelops their body with a protective film. There is nothing in it that could be revised. Frequent bathing removes the protective film, and the skin becomes dry and prone to irritation.

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As a naked pet is often arranged, water procedures should not be done, especially with shampoos. Experienced breeders and specialists generally do not recommend buying them and advise them with a damp cloth or a cloth dampened with water.

Distinctive features of bald breeds

These animals have not only an unusual unique appearance. They have several guinea pigs characteristic of them:

  • rodents have very sensitive skin, prone to burns. To gain access to the sun, otherwise it risks a burn;
  • Pets without wool can not stand the cold. The temperature should not fall below 22 degrees;
  • body temperature in bald guinea pigs reaches 38-39 degrees;
  • rodents need to be fed twice as often as their usual tribesmen;
  • in order to maintain a comfortable body temperature, animals are forced to move and replenish energy reserves all the time;
  • people are allergic to wool;
  • although their lifespan is higher than ordinary pigs. With proper care, bald mushrooms can live from five to nine years;
  • Skinny pigs are born completely bald, but as they grow older they are framed by a very thin and soft fluff;
  • Baldwin, by contrast, are completely bald.

Important: the gene responsible for the lack of hair in these animals is recessive. If in the future they have everything they need, then native bald babies.

The cost of bald guinea pigs

It is believed that rare and exotic, their price is much higher than ordinary rodents.

An average of four to nine thousand rubles.

The cost of the animal is affected by gender and color. Females are a bit more expensive than males. In order to mix two-color flowers on a bump, you will have to pay a larger amount than on an animal with a solid color.

Because of the strong body and long faces, because of the cartoon about "Winnie the Pooh." This is such an exotic and unusual appearance, combined with a friendly and peaceful disposition, which makes them popular among fans of age every year.