Birth In A Guinea Pig

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It is difficult to determine exactly when the female will give birth. Many people show no signs of anxiety about this event, while others expect a baby with anxious anticipation. When he himself brought young people into the world. For such people, there is tremendous value. If you saw that the pig was covered immediately after birth (the day the light piglets appear will be considered the first day of the next pregnancy). But sometimes you can wait 66-72 days after problems have arisen. If the pig feels well and eats normally, it should not try to run to the veterinarian and report that the pig is “about to give birth,” provoking him to the most dangerous actions, like artificial induction of labor or a cesarean section. It will mean death. for themselves and for the young.

The opening of the birth canal and the expansion of the pelvic area (see Article "Guinea Pig Pregnancy Signs" is the surest sign of an approaching birth. If the birth canal opens on 1-2 fingers, you can expect birth in the next 48 hours. This is no less significant exception. "irrefutable evidence"However, this fact will not help determine the exact date of birth, so the membranes vary greatly.

Itself becomes less active, its appetite may decrease (but not completely disappear). It should be brilliant clean eyes, and also if you offer her her favorite treat, she eats it with pleasure. I want to say that you have a rectum a few hours before giving birth. However, this requires daily cleaning and cleaning.

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Usually childbirth awaits the quietest time. There are different opinions as to when piglets are born. day or night. I found that I have everything that is needed for the early morning, when I see how this happens, when the baby is fed or cleansed, and so they are already used to such daily behavior that they did not pay for attention to me. However, it must be remembered that not everyone knows what is happening with their body.

Birth In A Guinea Pig

Normal births are usually 30 minutes or less, depending on the number of babies. Many of them pray during childbirth. A piglet is born after several labor pains. Unlike most mammals, female guinea pigs give birth to piglets of their kind.

During normal childbirth, the pig sits with a cracked tongue. During the scrum and tooth, she pulls the cubs out of the birth canal. This allows you to take a first breath. After he himself drives the umbilical cord, he will then become clean and dry. After a short period of time, the next piglet is born. If you have a very small interval. This can be very important because it must be found dead or not. Very often you may find that 1 or 2 of them are dead. If you want to have young children, you had to completely get rid of its fruit membranes and mucus. Particular care must be taken in the area around the eyes, as you have a risk of damaging the cornea. Need to put to the female. If by itself it does not overheat, then it is necessary that sterile scissors cut it at a small distance from the abdomen, but not too close.

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The placentas that are produced after birth, in whole or in part, must be home-made, which is very important because they have a high content of the hormones oxytocin, which provokes the appearance of milk and reduces the uterus, which leads to the cessation of bleeding. Many of them were very neat. Some of them sometimes overdo it, so, of course, put an end to the exhibition career. In some cases, severely damaged body thresholds, for example, with a bite paw, can be detected. The sight is unpleasant, but it only proves the fact that everything can destroy everyone by smell.

Sometimes the birth process can be suspended for several hours. However, to make sure that everything is in order. Soon after the end of the birth, the female will be back, there are portion tables under her, patiently waiting for her portion of milk. If you only have two nipples, patience with the piglets is vital. Although she may also feel tired. Most females. Caring mothers dedicated to feeding and caring for babies. This often happens when they are in the corner of the cage, surrounded by spores or sucking milk pigs. However, sometimes things do not go as smoothly as described above.

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