Can Guinea Pigs Swim

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Many breeders ask questions: is it possible to bathe a guinea pig? Does the pet need it? First, find answers to the questions: can guinea pigs swim? Do guinea pigs swim in the wild? The answer is simple: these animals do not swim, but perfectly keep themselves clean. Some holders claim that their guinea pigs swim with pleasure. This procedure is tested for the animal. We must explode the pros and cons.

To wash or not to wash

The animal holders are divided into two camps:

  1. Those who believe that you can’t bathe guinea pigs.
  2. Proponents of washing rodents.

Arguments in favor of opponents of water procedures:

  • In their natural habitat, animals do not bathe.
  • The procedure violates the pH balance of the skin, is at risk of getting skin diseases (dandruff, fungus, etc.)
  • Washing is stress for the piglet, which adversely affects its health.
  • The likelihood of colds is high.
  • Mumps are able to monitor cleanliness on their own. The emissions of food in the area and neck themselves will fall away themselves.

Can Guinea Pigs Swim

Arguments in favor of swimming:

  • Cleanliness is the key to health.
  • Often licking wool is not enough. For example, long hair is very dirty, is also subject to contamination by rodents, which are contained in a street enclosure.

How to avoid heavy pollution

Severe contamination is most often the result of improper care and depends on:

  • the thickness of the filler in the cell – should not be less than 5 cm;
  • filler replacement frequency – at least 1 time per week;
  • cage size – the minimum length that must be at the disposal of 1 pig is 100 cm, a pair of pigs is 120 cm;
  • coat lengths – it is better to cut long-haired pets.
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Guinea Pig Care


To wash pigs at home, you will need:

  • basin (you can carry out the procedure in the sink);
  • shampoo, the use of special tools is allowed;
  • baby oil;
  • cotton buds;
  • air conditioning, especially important if you have a mumps long and prone to rolling;
  • towels to prevent the pet from slipping.

Preparation for the bathing ceremony:

  1. If the pig is still small, it is better to wait until it grows.
  2. Bathing a guinea pig is best planned in the warm season.
  3. Before you bathe the animal, you need to train him to stay in the bathroom.
  4. You can combine this ritual with combing.
  5. Water must not enter your mouth, nose, or ears.
  6. It is not necessary to draw water into the basin, if the pig is afraid to stand in the water, you can water the animal from a watering can or tap.
  7. Water temperature is optimal 36-39 ⁰С.

Can Guinea Pigs Swim

How to wash correctly:

  1. It is necessary to lather with weak massage movements with one hand, and hold the animal with the second.
  2. It is better to cover the animal’s head with a napkin; you can wipe the rodent’s face with a damp cloth without soap.
  3. While swimming, it is recommended to clean with baby oil and cotton swabs.
  4. Soap or shampoo should be washed thoroughly with clean water.
  5. Distribution over the entire length of the coat.

Can Guinea Pigs Swim


In order not to harm the pet during drying, the following recommendations must be observed:

  1. After we get in touch with a thick dry towel.
  2. Wet hair needs to be combed with a comb with rare teeth.
  3. The air flow should not be hot, but warm; with hair in hair.
  4. If you want to spend time in warm water or in the sun.
  5. In the case of using a hair dryer – the piglet should calm down first of all.
  6. How to put an animal in a cage, you need to wait until it dries completely.
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Can Guinea Pigs Swim

  1. It is recommended to close all windows and doors.
  2. During the procedure, you can not leave the animal.
  3. We must be careful not to fall.
  4. We must talk to the pets in a gentle tone.
  5. We recommend spending time during the day after washing.

Nail cutting

Pig care includes nail clippers with nail scissors. This is especially true for older pets. If you do not cut uneven curved edges.

Can Guinea Pigs Swim

If you have enough pigment in the nails, you can use the backlight so that the blood vessels are clearly visible. In this case, nail cutting will be safe.

Dark brown claws need to be cut extremely carefully. It is better to leave part of the bent claw so as not to deform it. The cut should be strictly across the nail, the oblique cut can provoke cracks.

If there was a posterior blood vessel, you need to get wet with wet cotton. With severe bleeding, the foot is completely bandaged.

Can Guinea Pigs Swim


Even if the hair of the animal is short, you can massage the pet with a soft brush. Long hair is combed out no less than every other day. The hair falling on the lumps on the stomach and legs is trimmed with manicure scissors.

Combing during molting is a mandatory procedure for both a long-haired rodent and a short-haired one.