Carrying And Transporting Guinea Pigs

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Carrying And Transporting Guinea Pigs

In the life of domestic rodents, travels sometimes occur. Maybe you have a desire to visit veterinarians, exhibitions, moving to a new apartment or the owner, decide to take your pet on a trip or for a walk. For these purposes, carrying is required for guinea pigs. This is a special device that will allow the animal to comfortably endure a small adventure.

Shipping container

Guinea pigs are quite difficult to cross the road. For severe stress, therefore, the owner must take care of the psychological state. Even if the move takes very little time.

In case of sufficiently long journeys, animals should be placed in a container for feeding.

The cost of a carrying bag is affordable, it can be purchased in the range of 500 – 1000 rubles.

Can a guinea pig be transported on a train

You can transport a guinea pig on a train by paying a baggage check. When a ticket is purchased, it is indicated that there is carry-on baggage. You need to take care in advance and visit the veterinary clinic for help. This must be done for the intended trip. The document must confirm that the rodent is healthy.

Can I carry a guinea pig in an airplane

Transportation of guinea pigs in an airplane is accompanied by certain rules. Anyone transporting an animal must obtain a veterinary certificate. Veterinary service of the airport.
Rodent transportation is paid separately from other baggage.

According to the rules of air travel, a guinea pig can be carried in the passenger compartment

Carry in the luggage compartment is not required. The pet may be near the owner. The only limitation is that delivery from the container is not possible.

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Carriage of an animal in a car

To familiarize yourself with the recommendations:

  • transport the animal strictly in a container;
  • cannot cause an emergency;
  • make sure that the rodent has enough air;
  • do not give food a few hours before the trip;
  • to avoid solar overheating.

If the pig travels in winter, the temperature regime should be used, the rodent is a thermophilic animal and cannot tolerate drafts.

DIY carry bag

Many breeders ask if it is possible to make a carry-on with their own hands. There are several options. Someone buys a plastic bucket with a lid, makes a hole for air to enter the walls. It turns out a good device for transporting a rodent. At the bottom should be placed a small litter and a little hay.

If your favorite is small, then a plastic food container is suitable for short transportation. It also needs to make holes for air. But such carrying will help seriously for a short rodent transportation.

Carrying And Transporting Guinea Pigs

You can transport a guinea pig using a cardboard box with ventilation holes

A portable container must certainly be purchased if you have a guinea pig. This is not a fashion accessory, but an important necessity. It provides safety and comfort. Helps to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.

If you like to do your hands, you should be interested in home conditions.