Diy Guinea Pig Clothing

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Guinea pigs are not picky about food. You just need to follow a few rules. Feed the animal 2 times a day. In order not to provoke obesity, pour as much feed as the pig eats in 3-4 hours. Wash vegetables and green foods well. The grass is best washed with a weak solution of manganese, and dried well. Raw herbs can cause indigestion.

Guinea pigs are divided into:
1. Green, succulent feed – these include fresh branches of aspen, willow, herbaceous plants (clover, dandelion, plantain, cereals, yarrow …), vegetables (carrots, beets, cabbage, cucumbers), salad.
2. Solid feeds are oat grains, oatmeal, oatmeal, and mixed feed.
3. Branch feed – in winter pigs are allowed to give branches of aspen, spruce, willow.
4. Hay.
5. Vitamins and mineral supplements.
You can also give bread, some bananas, boiled potatoes, apple and melon.

Keep in mind that some plants are toxic to guinea pigs. Never give them euphorbia, caustic buttercup, raven eye, nightshade, tsikutu, wild radish, celandine. Otherwise, your animal may die.

Especially in the winter. It is useful to feed animals in winter with sprouts of sprouted oats or barley, add parsley, celery, dill to food. Cabbage should be given a little, because from it can puff. In winter, vitamin and mineral bait must be included in food. The body of pigs is not able to synthesize it. The daily dose of vitamin C is 5 mg., Add it to water or feed.

Guinea pigs that live in a cage should have a soft litter. She will warm them so that they do not catch a cold. Litter for guinea pigs can be anything.

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You can fill up sawdust in the cage. Can be used in granules. Sawdust must be large in order to harm the animal. Their layer should be 3-4 cm so that the animal can sleep in the toilet. If your animal tries, there are sawdust.

You can use newspapers. It should be anyway. If you use newspapers, it can be too complicated.

Not recommended – guinea pig can spray it. Contains harmful substances that can be tried on the tooth.

The manufacture of beautiful and convenient loops for guinea pigs can be made of all made in nylon or for these purposes. With this design, the harness is easily adjustable and adapts to the size and structure of the animal.

This joke is worn through the front legs and is fixed on the body of guinea pigs using a strap with divisions.

You can sew a harness in the form of a vest made of durable fabric or nylon mesh with a fastener on the back in the form of Velcro. This harness will fit snugly against the body in the chest and abdomen. The harness must be equipped with a loop to secure the leash.

Diy Guinea Pig Clothing

To make her feel comfortable, she needs a comfortable, equipped cage. As if the guinea pigs are clumsy, but they are really fast and agile. If you have the opportunity to release the animal in a room or in a palace, then sufficient cage sizes are extremely important. To make a cage on your own, you can choose any size, but it is important that it passes through the door. For the manufacture of cells, use good materials.

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A do-it-yourself cage for a guinea pig must meet certain requirements:
Cells should be without gaps.
It is necessary that the cage is convenient for feeding, cleaning, disinfecting, removing dirt.
Lighting the walls and floor of the cell with daylight is mandatory.
The constant access of fresh air is important.
The size of the cage should allow free movement on the floor.
The difference between the cage and the guinea pig should be no closer than 20-30 cm from the external walls and 40 cm from the heating devices.

Guinea pig is perfect for a cage 60 x 30 cm, equipped with a sliding sand tray. For the content of two or three pigs, a cage of 100 x 60 cm in size, about half a meter high, is suitable. You can make it from wood, plywood or plexiglass. We recommend to make using a fur-bearing mesh, which serves as a kind of frame. It will also function as a door. At rodents, a mesh made of non-ferrous metals (brass, copper) does not fit at all. Given guinea pigs, you can use combination cells. If there are no predators in the apartment, then it is not necessary to cover the cage from above.

Diy Guinea Pig Clothing