Diy Guinea Pig House

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As a rule, houses are made of wood or plastic. There are models where plastic and wood are combined, for example, wings – plastic. As for houses made of plastic, they are easy to put in order, to wash. Often compared to wooden counterparts. The difference in price is not always quality, and the tree already exists.

The diameter of such a tee or angle must be at least 110 mm.

This should be not only the design of the purchase, but also its comfort, and most importantly – practicality in use. Doorway dimensions and compatibility with the dimensions of your guinea pig. Is it possible to do this to your liking, although this option may not always be suitable for the price.

If you do not want to splurge or not, you have the opportunity to save.

DIY guinea pig house

To create houses for guinea pigs, only special skills are needed. There are two options: simple and complex.

Simple option implies the creation of a house from thick cardboard. This is suitable for those who do not want to waste time and effort. By the way, you can rummage in the pantry and find a ready-made cardboard box and slightly upgrade it. He must remember that he had to either be soaked or torn. If this prospect does not scare you, let’s get started. To create such a house, we need:

  • box
  • scissors
  • PVA glue (the simplest)
  • pencil
  • curly ruler

Box dimensions must be at least 25cm – length, 15cm – width and 15cm – height. Therefore, we will go beyond these dimensions. It is advisable to pick up a box with such dimensions, if there is a bit more, it does not matter.

Next, glue all the printed sides of the box. You can use thick cardboard or cut a large box into sheets of the right size. Everything sticks together in a rectangular box. Then you can find the doorway on the box. The doorway should be at least 13 cm high and 10 cm wide. All the house is ready. For a more attractive look, you can believe in it and color it at your discretion.

Difficult option: we need to make plywood. Need to cook:

  • plywood 4-10 mm;
  • jigsaw or manual jigsaw;
  • curly ruler;
  • pencil;
  • sandpaper;
  • PVA glue (carpentry);

First stage:

  1. We take plywood from 4mm to 10mm. Using a ruler and a pencil, we calculate the following elements on a plywood sheet: a rectangle 25x15cm (4pcs), a Square 15x15cm (2pcs).
  2. Choose the position of the doorway, windows, draw.
  3. We carefully cut out everything with a jigsaw.
  4. After the cut of the fans is completed, it should be cleaned with fine sandpaper, remove all burrs after the jigsaw.

Diy Guinea Pig House

Second phase:

  1. The parts are already prepared for gluing, which is carried out using PVA glue for carpentry. It is specially created for gluing wood, after 5-10 minutes. No, you can take regular PVA for paper. We take this glue and plywood shavings (smaller). Everything – carpentry glue is ready.

Diy Guinea Pig House

  1. We glue all the details and the house is ready. Coloring and other upgrades to taste.

Plus cells made by yourself

Diy Guinea Pig House

DIY cells are more sensitive and free and happy.

Various drawings are possible.

Necessary materials

  • Multilayer and dense corrugated cardboard,
  • A metal grid or grate with cells no more than three centimeters,
  • Ordinary plastic cable ties,
  • Knife,
  • Scotch tape
  • Big and small scissors
  • Pencils or markers for marking,
  • Ruler.

It is best to use cardboard from under large household appliances. It is more durable.

To make it necessary, you need only three layers. Some people prefer to cover the inner surface with acrylic or even fiberglass. It can be easily found. Attentive to the choice of metal mesh. The recommended cell is three centimeters, however, provided that the family is rigorous and requires offspring, you must select a grid with cells no more than a centimeter. Otherwise, the kids will crawl all over the apartment.

Diy Guinea Pig House

Manufacturing process

Cell size selection

Do it yourself home for a guinea pig with sizing. However, it is not always possible to accommodate a limited area of ​​an apartment. The minimum cell area should be:

  • For one pig – 0.7 sq m or 100 per 70 cm,
  • For two individuals – 1 sq m or 140 by 70 cm,
  • For three animals – 1, 2 sq m or 170 by 70 cm,
  • For four or more animals – from 1.5 sq m or 210 to 70 cm.

The area of ​​the cells should be larger than for two or three individuals.

Cell manufacturing

It is worth considering what height will be the base of the cell. It is recommended to take a height of at least 15 cm.
the lower part is limited only by imagination and possibilities. Having thought over the sizes, it is necessary to draw on the cardboard the shape of the base of the cell. In the future, boxes of five centimeters will be shown on each side and in a linear line. The advantage of working with corrugated cardboard is its multilayer structure, consisting of alternating air pockets and cardboard layers. You can get material that is easy to bend ninety degrees. An incision of the top layer is made along the lines drawn on the cardboard. After cutting, the box of cages is going to. The main thing is not to forget to glue the entire inner part with tape.

Diy Guinea Pig House

The edges are folded, and the long protruding edges are bent to the opposite side for reinforcement and gluing with tape. The result is a rectangular box with no top. The next step is to assemble the sides of the metal mesh or gratings. The mesh or grill must be cut into panels of the desired size. The height of each panel must be greater than the height. If the cage will have two or three levels, then the height will be selected in accordance with the number of levels (for each minimum of 15 cm). The edges of the grill must be well treated from sharp corners. Finished mesh panels are connected to each other from below, from above and from below using ordinary screeds.

Diy Guinea Pig House

The last moment – the assembly of the finished components of the corral for animals. Cable ties can also be fastened together. It is better not to tighten the parts too tight so as not to disrupt the correct shape of the cell.

It is important that the metal part fits inside the cardboard box and must exactly match the size of the base.

Cage equipment

All that is needed is all that is needed for a comfortable and happy life of the animal. The first thing you need is a feeder. You must have a separate feeder for hay or grass, as well as for dry and succulent feed. If there are several pets, then there should be several feeds so that the animals do not compete and fight for feeding. There should also be several drinkers.

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Diy Guinea Pig House

The drinker and feeder can also be made independently. I can easily make an inverted plastic bottle an easy replacement for curved and bonded metal mesh. A hole is punched in a bottle for a test tube. The diameter of the hole is slightly smaller than the diameter of the pipe. The bottle is filled with water. Water always remains clean and fresh. The main condition is that all feeders and drinkers should be located in the same feed zone. Then the animals should rest.

Diy Guinea Pig House

Some homes use plant and clay flowers, and cardboard boxes, and even wooden bird cages. There are a lot of options. If the cell is multi-level, several ladders should be installed. They are made of grate or wood. You can also equip a playground and install a small maze, several toys, balls or a comfortable hammock.

What kind of house does a pig need?

The question is not easy. This may be high humidity, which will adversely affect the health of the animal. A cage as an option for permanent residence is not suitable, since it does not protect it from through and temperature extremes.

Diy Guinea Pig House

The process of creation must be approached with full responsibility.

  1. It is advisable to use a tree.
  2. Our design must be without bottom, as seen in the photo.
  3. The input must be strictly arched.

Basically it all depends on your imagination. It is also necessary to know if the size of the pet will live in a cage.

In case the building will be located on the street, the dimensions should be no less than 30 by 60 centimeters.

How to build?

If you want to build a structure for a rodent, then you should be interested in the wooden version. We can tell now.

Tools and materials

  • Hammer;
  • nails
  • jigsaw or good hand file;
  • wooden plywood;
  • wooden slats.

Diy Guinea Pig House

Step-by-step instruction

  1. We cut out four one-dimensional squares from previously selected plywood.
  2. It is necessary to make an inlet, the size of the animal with a margin.
  3. Parts are interconnected with a hammer and nails, it is important to remember that nails must be forgotten so that the animal is not injured.
  4. Next, we need to do the roof with our own hands, for this we need four slats.
  5. We cut off their edge at an angle of forty-five degrees.
  6. We connect them together and fasten to our design.
  7. It is all up to you.

Diy Guinea Pig House

As mentioned above, there would be houses for street-type pets. The creation of such housing has some nuances.

It must be something else so that the animal does not freeze.

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Video "Examples of houses for guinea pigs"

This video shows the various housing models that can be made for pets.

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Choose a cell

At first glance, guinea pigs seem to be passive and calm animals. But this is not at all true. A healthy animal, if released from the cages, will please its owner with good speed, agility and resourcefulness. A sufficiently large area is required. The dimensions of which should be at least 100 x 70 cm. If you plan to transfer a couple, you should choose a house for guinea pigs with dimensions of 140 x 70. The only thing needed for these animals is the number of tiers. The animals feel quite comfortable in a one-story cage. If you are going to buy a cage or do it yourself, you will need to arrange a place for eating, as well as include other accessories.

Diy Guinea Pig House

How to make a cage with your own hands?

Let’s start with the manufacture of the pallet. I am very sensitive, and therefore it is impossible to allow animals to constantly run along the net, the floor should be even. To do this, use optional. From cardboard or plywood, assemble a box with low sides. It is very simple to do this – you can use a rectangular shape with side walls. Tape the pallet with a film to protect it from moisture. Now you can assemble the cage itself from a metal mesh. Be sure to connect all the sharp edges. But for guinea pigs, only high side rails are enough. If you want the animal to go for a walk and feed.

Diy Guinea Pig House

We master a shelter house

They all love to hide in secluded places, this is laid down in them at the genetic level. For large animals, it makes sense to make a house. The easiest option is to choose a suitable plastic box (cut from food) and cut the entrance to it. Such a shelter should not have a bottom. However, many manufacturers must worry about this. And it really is not very useful for the animal. How to make a house in the sea of ​​a pig with your own hands from plywood or wood. The design is a box consisting of four walls and roofs. The most difficult thing is to choose the best connection option. Remember that the animal is not useful to us. Pick up short and thin cloves. Recognition that the sharp ends do not stick out anywhere, and the animal will not be able to break and attack the Nails.

Essential Accessories

Our house for the guinea pig is almost ready, it remains only to equip it. For food, a feeder and a drinker are required. If you regularly do this, you get a special mesh device for it – a sennitsa. You can also please your pet with edible tunnels and mineral stones for tooth points. From time to time, you should not forget to drink water and feed, as well as clean the cell in a timely manner.

Diy Guinea Pig House

List of items prohibited in guinea pig housing

If you are making a guinea pig house, use only new and clean materials. Remember that a variety of paints and adhesives can be dangerous for the animal. It is unacceptable to contain guinea pigs in aquariums and plastic containers, in such conditions it is difficult to provide good ventilation and permissible humidity. The cage-house for guinea pigs should be equipped only with accessories designed specifically for these animals. We will not drink water in open bowls.

DIY guinea pig houses

Wooden houses for guinea pig

This is the most common type of house. Make your first choice in their favor. A typical wooden house has solid walls, doorways and one or two windows. There are various types of brownies, ranging from simple one-story houses to multi-story houses with ramps connecting etudes. However, remember, appearance is not as important as functionality and convenience. It will be cheaper and easier to do with your own hands.

It is better if you don’t have a bottom at home – this will allow your pets to sit on a soft litter of cages. It will be much easier. It will also be easier to pull the pig out of the house in emergency situations.

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They can also be used to grind your pet’s teeth. The teeth of guinea pigs will grow throughout their lives, so you should always scatter hard objects to keep your teeth in good condition. A wooden house that is ideal for this, as it is very reliable than chewing toys for guinea pigs.

For the manufacture of wooden houses, use plywood or treated boards. House dimensions, sizes and dimensions. The main thing is that she could not get stuck in the aisle or window. Particular attention is paid to the end and wooden burrs – they can cause injury to your pet. All edges of the holes must be treated with sandpaper.

Plastic Guinea Pig Houses

Made from hard plastic, available in a wide range of colors. To need a children’s plastic constructor. Redo the plastic storage box.

Do not make a plastic house with breakages, remember, and urine will be cleaned daily.

You should be aware that swallowing plastic can cause digestion problems in your pets, and can even be toxic. If your servings should be directed to immediately kill the plastic house from the cages, or try to draw attention to safe objects.

Guinea pig tents

This is a kind of miniature version of camping tents or huts. For example, nylon or fleece. Nylon can easily be provided with warmth and comfort for your pets. Do it yourself. Components are easily accessible, the manufacturing process itself does not take much time and labor.

Tents are ideal for use in the cages of your guinea pigs. They can also be placed on new air beams to provide your guinea pigs.

Paper Bag Guinea Pig House

A large paper bag is a good refuge for guinea pigs. Just put the paper bag on the cage in your pet’s cage. Use hay to keep it open. Please note that this solution is not durable. As a rule, a paper bag is impregnated with urine rather quickly and must be thrown away.

Carton box for guinea pigs

Cardboard boxes are a more secure shelter (compared to a paper bag) for your pets. The best thing DIY guinea pig house make out of a shoe box or similar. You just need to cut a few holes for the entry and exit of the pigs, turn the box upside down, and put it in a cage.

House for a guinea pig from a plastic pipe

In this there is almost no physical effort. Buy or beg a dad (uncle, grandfather) for a plastic sewer. Triple or straight piping is also suitable. Such a house is reliable and will be to the taste of your pigs. However, do not forget that your pets do not invent the plastic of which these pipes are made.

Highlights when creating a do-it-yourself guinea pig house

It is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. The basis of housing you need to take a tree.
  2. To have at least one small window.
  3. The entrance is preferably cut in a semicircular shape, like an arch. It will be convenient for the animal to enter such a door.
  4. The dimensions of the "apartment" itself are determined depending on the number of animals. If you plan to place houses on the street (for example, in a pet house in the garden), then you need to do it at least 40×60 cm.

To assemble a guinea pig house, you will need a hammer, nails, wooden plywood and slats, a nail file or an electric jigsaw.

Steps for assembling a pet home

It is important to clearly perform step-by-step actions so that the final result will please you. Namely:

  • need to cut out four squares of the same size;
  • it is necessary to cut through the front door, as already mentioned, in the form of an arch. Determine its size by the size of the pet;
  • fasten all the finished elements together with nails or staples, but so that the animal does not hurt when it is inside;
  • Further, with the help of rails, you need to construct a roof. Cut their edges at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • then we connect them and attach to our "apartment";
  • show your imagination and cover the slats with colored paper, cloth or plywood.

Such a house made of wood will serve your “piglet” for a very long time. It will be reliable, strong, and most importantly – comfortable. In addition to all this, a wooden dwelling is perfect for a rodent to grind cloves. After all, they are always delighted with this.

Diy Guinea Pig House

Pet House Options

In addition to wooden "apartments", you can still make a house for guinea pigs with your own hands from plastic. To stock it with a plastic children’s designer. You can also use a plastic box. All that is needed is to collect vital products. Under no circumstances should your pet be bitten by a plastic construction. May cause serious health problems. Also, plastic is toxic. If plastic has come to your pet’s taste, you need to immediately turn your attention to a special toy for chewing and kill such a house.

Alternatively, you can still construct a tent for a pig. This procedure will not take you a lot of time and money. A metal grate and pieces of some fabric. The tent can be placed both in a cage and outdoors in the Aviary, where sounds can hide from direct sunlight.

Diy Guinea Pig House

For a change, you can offer a paper house in the form of a package. In the future, it can be used as a litter. Naturally, it is so quickly impregnated with urine and rodent droppings.

I think that it will not be just strong boxes. It will be more stable than a paper bag. Just cut a few holes in it and put it in the cage with the bottom up. Your baby will like such a cozy mink.

Among veterinarians you can hear the opinion that if the house is always in a cage, it should be very shy, stop going into the hands of the owner and practically does not leave his shelter. If your child is behaving like this, try to put him back to normal, only a day without her. This is all individual, because each host can react differently. It is important for you to learn how to interpret fluffy behavior correctly.

No matter how you do it for your “piglet”, pour on the floor under the video force, straw, sawdust. Litter must be fresh, dry and clean. Sawdust is chosen rather large, since small ones can fall into the small nose of the animal. No need to try to fill the entire area of ​​the house with litter as much as possible. Your favorite will take up this matter. He did an excellent job with your task. To avoid unpleasant odors, change the litter as often as possible.

By the way, do you know why the guinea pig is balding? Look, this is interesting!

It is important to remember that animal behavior can be unpredictable. He is likely to turn into an aggressive and excited rodent. You need to give the animal a little time to be at one. In this case, soon will be full of strength and desire to play with you.

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Diy Guinea Pig House

If you want your conditions to be optimal. She will feel better.

1. Pig cage

2. Cell Accessories

Diy Guinea Pig House

  • Nipple drinker.
  • Pellet feeder (heavy enough so that animals cannot turn it over)
  • Shelter (for example, a small wooden house)
  • Hammock toys
  • A small carry to carry your pet.

3. Guinea pig toys

  • Remember: no toy can replace mumps with a fellow. If possible, be sure to purchase not one, but two animals.
  • The simplest and cheapest toy: crumpled white paper. Pigs really like to chase her in a cage, chew, tear.
  • For example, wooden toys that make sounds are usually very interesting for pigs. Another plus: they can be chewed for a long time and safely.
  • Something soft: for example, old socks full of chips.
  • Mirror. But be careful: next to the cage.
  • Tidbits hidden in a cage. Just do not forget that they do not deteriorate.
  • Rolls of toilet paper stuffed with hay.
  • Places to hide: boxes with cut holes.

4. Cell cleaning

Diy Guinea Pig House

  • Regular cleaning of the cells will help keep your pet healthy.
  • If cellular purity is not common enough, accumulated ammonia can harm the animal’s respiratory system.
  • In addition, there is a risk of bacteria causing an infection of the genitourinary tract.

5. How to clean a pig’s cage

  • Remove the animal from the cages.
  • Pull out the litter.
  • Wash the cage with warm water and soap.
  • Clean the floor of the cage.
  • If hard calcium deposits have formed on the floor: fields of vinegar or citric acid and remaining for a few minutes. They dissolve, and you can easily clean them.
  • To remove residues of soap / vinegar / acid.
  • Dry the cage.

Minimum requirements for conditions of detention

Before you get a guinea pig, it is important to create the necessary conditions for it. It is worth making sure that the animal is not exhausted from the lack of space.

The temperature regime is also extremely important and should be in the range of 17-20º C.

The room will be in a cage with a rodent. but drafts are forbidden to the animal. Given that direct sunlight can harm a loved one.

When you want to figure out which apartments the animal needs. Specific parameters are not easy to call, because they are individual for each guinea pig.

Minimum requirements for a comfortable pet stay:

  • 40 × 80 cm – the smallest cell sizes, height from 50 cm;
  • the presence of a pallet. This condition will facilitate the cleaning process. I have the opportunity to choose too deep containers.
  • it is forbidden to neglect safety. Guinea pigs are harmful;
  • convenient feeding trough. The practitioner will help you choose the right kitchen equipment for the animal. Some prefer floor bowls, others prefer retractable or outdoor structures. The main thing is that it is convenient for the pet to interrupt the feeder, pouring out its contents;
  • the presence of a sennik. Hay is an indispensable nutritional supplement in the diet of guinea pigs, because it is the main source of protein. In the presence of such an interior item, the pet does not scatter food throughout the cage;
  • drinking bowl. Guinea pig is suitable as a special device, or a simple bowl. but it is better to give preference to a car drink. The litter will remain dry;
  • filler. For a rodent, pressed wood pellets are best suited. Such a filler absorbs moisture, eliminates odor and is economically consumed;
  • house. Rest in Peace and quiet. The presence of a house in the cage will help the animal out of the surrounding noise and sleep.

We create a house for a guinea pig with our own hands

It’s extremely easy to build a rodent hut. For this purpose, materials that are found in every home are suitable. We offer several options how to make a house for a guinea pig with your own hands.

Cardboard Shack

For building all you need is a pair of scissors and a shoe box (for example).

We cut several holes to the size of the pet, they served as the entrance. Then just turn the workpiece in the Aviary.

You can additionally include imagination and decorate the house: make a decorative roof, pipe, etc. See how it is made in the photo and drawing.

Diy Guinea Pig House

Diy Guinea Pig House

Step-by-step creation of a corrugated cardboard house

Let’s look at one more option. To make it, you just need corrugated cardboard. Prepare also non-toxic glue and a model knife.

Diy Guinea Pig House

Step 1: Cut the walls of the house

Diy Guinea Pig House

To cut walls, measure the size of the cells. Then draw a rectangle of the desired size (the dimensions of the house in the photo are 45 × 25 × 19 cm) and cut them out. Designate and cut out doors and windows. If you paint the walls of cardboard in the form of "beams", the building will look more attractive.

Step 2: Connect the Walls

Diy Guinea Pig House

To begin, prepare square with a side of 6.5 cm and cut them diagonally. The resulting triangles are attached to the corners. Side walls at an angle of 90 degrees, which gives the structure rigidity and stability (see photo). Then connect the walls.

Step 3: Attach the roof

Diy Guinea Pig House

To do this, you need a piece of cardboard measuring 25 × 45 cm (if you have the same dimensions at home as the model in the photo) and stick it on top. Make sure the glue doesn’t smell. For greater security, the house can be ventilated.

Step 4: Place the house in a cage

Diy Guinea Pig House

Put the house in a cage near the side wall. Your pet will surely enjoy the new home.

Wooden mansions

It is important to stock up with a hammer and nails, wood plywood, saw or jigsaw, sandpaper. It is worth cutting four proportional squares that fit the size of a guinea pig. In one part, armed with a saw, it is important to cut out the “front door”.

All saw cuts must be cleaned with sandpaper so that the pet is not injured. We connect the walls with nails, we try to hide the hats and ends.

The roof can be made of plywood or fabric.

House of plastic pipes

Best ideas with photos

Fixed wood shelter

This option is very easy to do. It will take only a couple of sheets of plywood, a hammer and nails, a saw. A guinea pig cannot be reinstalled on a cage, making noise.

Diy Guinea Pig House


To make this building is not so simple. However, it is worth the effort, and the reviews should not only be reliable and calm, but also simulators in the form of a ladder.

Shelter Tunnel

This version of the house is simple to manufacture. Strong twigs and nails are required. Such a piece of furniture will undoubtedly please a pet. It can use as a toy.