Do-It-Yourself Home For Guinea Pigs

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The benefits of a homemade abode are as follows:

TIP. For rodents, it is worth choosing environmentally friendly materials – wood, durable plastic or glass. The tree must be painted or soaked.

It is best to install the rack on the wall or in the corner. Its size depends on your desire. The optimal size for a comfortable stay of guinea pigs: 1m x 1m. A multi-level house is suitable for several individuals or for breeding a large family. If there is a desire – the level can be made possible to the ceiling! Thus, the rack will be more stable. But if the guinea pig is already old – it is advisable to do without high-rise buildings.

IMPORTANT! Aviary should not be installed near batteries and radiators. It should not be exposed in an open window or overheated in the sun.

So, for work you will need the following materials:

– wooden boards
– plexiglass
– durable plastic

– hand saw-hacksaw;
– electric jigsaw;
– screeds, screws, nails;
– hammer;
– screwdriver;
– pencil, marker;
– glass cutter;
– ruler;
– construction glue.

Manufacturing steps:

1) In accordance with the drawing, we cut out walls and shelves from wood; from plastic – the bottom of the future aviary;
2) In the shelves we make a small window so that the pig can climb to the second floor;
3) Using a glass cutter, cut one of the walls;
4) wooden and glass walls are attached to self-tapping screws and metal ties;
5) Of the materials that have not been spent, we master the timber, transitional, partition and firmly fixed inside the building or with the help of small screws and a screwdriver; carefully watch that additional parts are not available and do not have the opportunity to fall on defenseless pigs; they also carefully monitor to prevent hasty screws, nails and dangerous parts remaining that could injure the delicate skin of guinea pigs;
6) Next, we place bowls, litter, beds, drinking bowls;
7) Fill the bottom and shelves with sawdust, hay;
8) We settle in a new home fluffy new home!

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REFERENCE: The thickness of the shelf should not be less than 2 cm, otherwise it will bend.
It will be even easier!

It is important to remember that a tree absorbs odors and moisture over time. Particleboard is the most moisture resistant material and is safe for animals.
If the wooden parts of the enclosure require painting – it is necessary to choose non-toxic paint mixes.

Ready-made furniture cage

Can be made not only from purchased materials. For this task, old unnecessary furniture, a cabinet or a showcase is also suitable.



The metal frame can be spliced ​​from several designs. For this, construction glue or cable ties are suitable. The end wall is best made of wood or plywood. Shelves should be attached upside down to make the doors transparent. For such racks under plastic, so that you do not have wire paws of the through wire of a metal grate.


A small old cupboard. The main thing is that the distance between the hind legs is equal. The scale can be replaced by plexiglass – so convenient.

Do-It-Yourself Home For Guinea Pigs

The transitions between the tiers can be the good old home-made ladders. If a transition is not required, tenants will live in their personal rooms. Either plastic or plastic. Also should not live in the gloom. To solve this problem, some cabinet walls are replaced with a grate or plexiglass.

TIP. In any enclosure, a ceiling is desirable. They will be protected from falling objects or from attack by aggressive pets.
In any case, the brothers of your beloved in arms, opening the doors, it is advisable to do not only in the wall, but also in the ceiling.

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It is not so difficult and difficult to make a comfortable mini-town for marine inhabitants. The main thing is to make an effort and desire to make the life of a pig more happy. Your pet will thank you. And you will be pleased that you have many opportunities.