Gentle Guinea Pig

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Gentle Guinea Pig

Like any pet, guinea pigs require some care. For example, their hair may be removed, especially if it is long. Short and stylish guinea pigs can independently ensure the cleanliness and neat appearance of their fur coats, and long convolutions can no longer cope with this task without the help of the owners.

The main danger of long hair is tassels, which can be prevented only by regular daily brushing. Lightly moisten with water from the spray gun, then comb with long teeth comb those areas where the hair is tangled. Combing ends with a special soft brush.

Short-haired guinea pigs, however, should not be deprived of this rather pleasant procedure either. At least twice a week, to see how the animal is going through a molting period, and when you will live to be a healthy and happy animal. Do not forget that the hair shines not only with careful combing, but also with proper nutrition of the animal. Sunflower and flax seeds must be present in the diet of guinea pigs.

Bathing is the second guinea pig care item. Here the situation is the reverse combing: the less often the guinea pig bathes, the better. Despite the fact that the pig is "marine", this animal is absolutely land and does not climb into the water in nature. At home, you need to bathe it only in exceptional cases. Moreover, when the animal moved too much into the anus. Then the owners can organize a "bath day". Warm, but not hot water is poured into the bowl. No need to submerge in water. It is recommended to wash a guinea pig with a non-allergenic baby shampoo. So that we could not wet our heads and especially our ears. Calm animal in the water. This will help the guinea pig avoid colds.

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Attention owners also consume constantly growing claws and teeth. Animals grow old, and all at home. Claws will have to be cut about once every six months. This may lead to the need for help from someone at home. Several important rules can be followed. Firstly, there are blood vessels in the claws of guinea pigs, so you need to look at it in the light. Only the transparent part is cut off. Secondly, the tweezers need to be cut off strictly perpendicularly, otherwise there is a risk that this will lead to a split and cause inconvenience. If the blood vessel was posterior, you need to quickly attach a whole stick moistened with hydrogen peroxide to it, and then carefully monitor the hygiene cells for several days so that the animal does not enter into an early infection.

Gentle Guinea Pig

Regarding the fitting of constantly growing rodent incisors? Too long elastic bands interfere with the animal normally. The only way out is to have enough food in the animals ’diet.

Guinea pigs need to clean their ears and eyes from time to time. Solid objects, such as a cotton swab, are also strictly forbidden to wet the animal. Animal ears are extremely vulnerable and susceptible to infectious diseases. If the mumps is constantly leaning towards him, then he should show it to the veterinarian. Looking at guinea pigs, I carefully monitor their condition. If you find that you still need to contact a specialist. Perhaps this is a sign of infection in the body of the animal.