Guinea Pig At Home

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Guinea pig in your home. Maintenance, nutrition, health of the guinea pig.

If your mumps is healthy, then you need it right.

We disrupt the pH balance of the skin, highlight more vulnerable to skin diseases, such as dandruff (fungus). In addition, this is a huge stress for the animal (against the background of which the eyes and heart palpitations), against the background of which diseases and weight loss are activated.

Wash in case of extreme contamination. This phenomenon caused an exception. No one washes animals in nature, but they are clean. The purity of the pigs depends on the filler layer (at least 5 cm), its frequency of change and the length of the cell (for 1 pig – from 100 cm, for 2x – from 120 cm – these are the minimum sizes). In general, animals never need.

Pigs are very afraid of water. For them, this is an unnatural environment. Everyone likes her. In order for the pigs to bathe – this is stress, against which the immunity falls, and diseases crawl out. When water gets into your ears, otitis media easily occurs. Often, pigs become sick after bathing – they sneeze and run into a cold, refuse to eat and are forced to treat the consequences of improper maintenance and that unfortunate wash.

For example, a disease can occur only in case of emergency, for example, a disease of urination. We should follow only the Sobachkan place. In all other respects, look for gaps in the content. The pig will not stop getting dirty if it is not reviewed.

  • So that you do not have long balls, you need to cut under the square.
  • What is dirty with beets, carrots, grass in the area and neck – wipes off and will fall itself with a molt. Pigs eat large quantities of wool-dyeing vegetables every day. Do not wash now 100 times a day?
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"My pig loves swimming."
Many pigs, in particular children, attribute their stomach to what they think is an “incredible love” of water, and I leave my position to the last. Yes, there is an exception everywhere – and animals with deviations, and with blunted instincts. Only these are special cases, uncharacteristic of the species, rare. Their pigs are considered unique, special, loving to swim. Only in 99.9% of cases the owners are very mistaken, misinterpret the behavior of animals in this stressful situation for them.

If you need:
– a towel in the basin or sink,
– a little sweaty, when you can finish and dry the pig after we,
– shampoo for newborns (hypoallergenic, with a neutral pH, without dyes, soaps and parabens). It is strictly forbidden to use any soap (tar, antibacterial, etc.). Do not use cheap animal shampoos. Ingredients that have never been found, even in human super cleansers, the compositions are very “cloudy” and are not suitable for the delicate skin of pigs.

Towel on the sink. Pour exactly enough water so that it is more than half. Water temperature – 37-39 degrees. Wet the contaminated area, rub lightly, rinse with water. Apply a small amount of shampoo, rinse, rinse with water. Dry the pig carefully and gently in a few towels until dry.

Guinea Pig At Home

. At a time when we have everything we need, we can get dislocations and fractures.

. Water entering the auricle can provoke otitis. Avoid getting champagne in your eyes, and try not to wet your head at all.

remember, that washing is a necessary measure. If your mumps regularly passes through your stomach or urine, you need to find out the reason for this and prescribe the appropriate treatment and / or review the conditions of the animal.