Guinea Pig Bedding Selection Recommendations

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!! The stand for guinea pigs is not only a soft floor in the cage, but also a toilet. The material must be soft to protect the eyes from the appearance of corns, and also have hygroscopic properties.

This should be raw food, so the litter should be loose. Incorrect bedding and untimely replacement or cleanliness can lead to various diseases: subdermatitis, urinary dermatitis, fungus, baldness, conjunctivitis, mechanical damage, respiratory and digestive diseases, scabies, pediculosis, ticks, alopecia, herpes, abscesses, cystitis, cystitis, otitis media, keratitis.

The above properties are almost impossible. Therefore, when creating litter, at least two fillers are used, and sometimes even three. Fillers are settled in layers where the lower layer is absorbent and the upper one is soft. Also, the cage can be divided into sections, which allows you to use a different combination of fillers for bedding.

Overview of different types of litter: pine shavings

The material is well ventilated and absorbs moisture. One of the most easily accessible fillers for cells, which can be obtained from almost any carpenter. Shavings must be carefully sieved, get rid of large and sharp chips. Then it is dried and ventilated to get rid of pine essential oils.

Hay and straw

This is not only bedding, but also supplemented diets with all the necessary vitamins. It is best to harvest hay in the spring when the mowed grass is full of vitamins and minerals. You can dry on the balcony or in any other place where there is good ventilation. During drying, periodically turn over, avoid diaper rash and damage to the material.

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Wood pellets, pellets

Guinea Pig Bedding Selection Recommendations

Napkins, paper towels

Napkins, paper towels can be used as a temporary moisture-absorbing litter filler, which is used only in combination with other indicators: shavings, hay, fleece and PFH mats. As for the printing ink, for pigs because of the lead content.

Guinea Pig Bedding Selection Recommendations

Absorbing Nappies

Absorbent diapers – soft material, have high absorbent characteristics. As for the smell, helium-filled diapers do a great job of it. Although, the diaper gets wet quickly.

Mats from PFH and fleece

Mats from PFH and Fleece are popular materials for bedding, used only in combination with other fillers that will absorb moisture: sawdust, shavings, pellets. These mats have a colorful design, in the form of pictures on different topics. When choosing such a rug, you should pay attention to the fact that it should consist of 100% polyester. The surface of the mat should not contain long threads in which the pig can become tangled. Because it significantly impairs the permeability of the material.

Guinea Pig Bedding Selection Recommendations

Each owner of a guinea pig will be able to choose a filler for the cells in their cat. But all types of litter need to be replaced and cleaned in a timely manner.

Cell cleaning

Algorithm of actions:

  • The first step is to remove food debris and waste.
  • Next, wet paper towels need to wipe the contaminated area.
  • Change water and food. In this bowl you need each time in hot, soapy water.

Guinea Pig Bedding Selection Recommendations

Do not spend time a week in a common cage. During such cleaning, the entire litter of cages is killed. The cell is washed with mild detergents, wiped and filled with litter. The amount of litter depends on the size of the cells. As a rule, cells cannot move freely.