Guinea Pig Behavior

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In childhood, my friend lived guinea pigs. I then noticed how many psychologically developed animals it is. Their mood can be very changeable, but every gesture and every sound made. Thus, guinea pigs express a particular desire or discontent.

Most of all, guinea pigs do not like loneliness. They always try to attract attention from the owner. That their bored behavior may even turn into depression. To learn how to perceive guinea pigs, read their behavior, and of course, pay enough attention. How? Very simple. Observe and listen to their behavior. After all, guinea pigs are explained not only by sound, but also by movements and even facial expressions.

I can not understand the animal. This means that his feeder was hungry. Is it your piggy miss or something

Guinea Pig Behavior

fears. Therefore, you need to go up and see if everything is in order there.

When the guinea pig is calm and quietly grumbles. don’t worry. This means that she is feeling well.

Like real pigs, the guinea pigs also grunt sometimes. To find something to your liking. But red animals when they see a rival in front of them. By the way, such a rival can be a person. So you can leave your pet immediately, otherwise it will bite you temporarily.

You can also notice that often guinea pigs are stretched out, comfortable on the floor. That means in this place. Sometimes they bounce up if they want to play.

Seeing that the guinea pig stands on its hind legs and squeaks. She stands on her hind legs, and the front legs stretches in front of her. it is she who wants to attract attention or impress.

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It happens that the animal throws its head up. it is a kind of demonstration of power. And sometimes the opposite. lowers his head down (pulls forward), presses against the wall and grumbles. Thus, the guinea pig shows that it is afraid of something or is afraid.

They can open their mouth and bite their teeth. Thus, they drive away males from themselves.

Your guinea pig froze in place and pulled the dead. don’t worry much. Today, your pet is closely watching itself.

We are responsible for those whom we tamed. Our pets. these are the same family members. Whether large or small, noisy or silent, fluffy or prickly, you need to not only feed and educate, but also take care of the behavior of your pets, and they must answer us the same.