Guinea Pig Bites

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Do guinea pigs bite? Of course yes. It can be anything, without loss. This is not a manifestation of harmfulness or whim, qualities that are more characteristic of man. This is a natural behavior and reaction to it.
Consider the options why a guinea pig bites.

The reasons

There are some typical situations leading to bites. Conventionally, they can be divided into:

  • inconvenience
  • health status,
  • manifestation of feelings
  • territory protection.

If you have health problems, then he may show some aggression in your attempts to hold hands. If there is such a situation, it is best to show the animal to the veterinarian.

Guinea Pig Bites

When a female is pregnant, it can occur when the host changes. In both cases, the animal protects its territory from encroachment.

Light bites can be a manifestation of affection for the owner. Thus, the pig shows love for its relatives.

The inconvenience to the rodent

But the situations with inconvenience are very diverse.
The guinea pig bites when it restricts its freedom of movement. An example would be forcibly holding the animal during treatment. Will be perceived by the animal with hostility. These may include, for example:

  • Mouth examination.
  • Bathing.
  • Clipping a claw.
  • Pulling from a nest or from a bowl of food.

But that is not all. Perhaps you do not raise the animal in your arms:

  • grabbing sharply
  • squeeze too hard
  • take it from above.

Dehydration, hunger, the desire to do toilet things – are also the cause of bites.

Guinea Pig Bites

The behavior of the animal is influenced by stress factors. If the mumps bites, then this should be due to prolonged loneliness and lack of attention. It may also be that the previous owner hurt the animal. Even if it were not just thoughts.

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If the animal suddenly approached the cage and put its hands in it, then the animal may be frightened, and it will be attacked. In this case, a bite is also likely.

More fun reasons are possible. For example, you cut greens or fruits. Your finger and palms have absorbed the smell. And the pig decided to try the treat.
When you decide to dismantle the hassles of several pigs. Then they unite against you.


Does your guinea pig bite? What to do in this case will help you a few practical tips.
To minimize aggressive behavior due to stress or fright, you must:

  • Observe the regime of day and night for the animal,
  • Sharply not grab the animal in his arms,
  • Don’t make noise nearby when he sleeps
  • Wait until the pet adapts to new housing conditions and to the owner after the purchase.

It is important to feed the pet in time and clean it in its cage. Show attention and care towards the pet.

There are some ways to wean a guinea pig from biting. But they are not always effective. All of them are easy to train. One of these methods is finger training and goodies. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Put your finger on the cage.
  • When a pig tries to bite you, remove your finger and say “No”.
  • Give a treat.
  • If immediately after this the animals try to bite you, then again and again pronounce the firm and calm “No” and show the treat without giving it away.
  • Repeat these steps until the skill is fixed.
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In any case, try to find a reason to take care in caring for the animal. And then attempts to bite you will be minimized.