Guinea Pig Breeds

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Guinea Pig Breeds

There are 13 recognized guinea pig breeds.

Abyssinian guinea pigs

Abyssinian (Abi or Abby). Symmetrical pink breeds (wool symmetrically divided into parts from the center). The number of outlets can vary, but the number of participants should be at least 8 (the best is 10), and they must be clearly expressed. Abyssinian guinea pigs have antennae. The coat is coarse, of different colors and colors.

Abyssinian satin guinea pigs

Abyssinian sateen pigs differ from Abyssinian guinea pigs in their satin shine. Abyssinian guinea pig must have a minimum of 8 outlets for display at exhibitions.

American guinea pigs

American guinea pig, sometimes called "English", the most common breed of guinea pigs. The coat is short, straight and smooth. This breed of guinea pigs comes in different colors and color combinations and has a wide and curved nose. American guinea pigs of medium size with the same circumference in the shoulders and thigh.

American Satin Guinea Pigs

They differ from just American pigs in a richer coat. Their coat is thicker and softer, with a clear tint, when touched it resembles silk satin.

Guinea pigs coronets

Coronets are a long-haired breed of guinea pigs with one outlet on the crown of the head. The coat from the socket to the sacrum is long, not separable. Roman nose.

Peruvian guinea pigs

Peruvian pigs were the first recognized longhair breed of guinea pigs. They were seen due to their long, thick, soft "" wool, which can grow more than 30 cm in length. Hair on the head grows in front, covers the head and gives the guinea pigs a rounded top view. Wool often causes flashing to avoid contamination and tangling. This breed is not recommended as a pet, but you can trim the hair for easy care.

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Peruvian Satin Guinea Pigs

Peruvian satin pigs have an external shape with Peruvian guinea pigs, but their hair casts a transparent shine and resembles silk satin to the touch.

Silk or sheltie guinea pigs

Silk silk "Angora", This is a long-haired guinea pig that does not have muzzle-covered long hair in front. Instead, the image of the head is mane. Compared to the Peruvian guinea pig. Go with the hair of a Peruvian guinea pig.

Silk Guinea Pigs Satin

Silk pigs of satin are distinguished by a transparent shine of wool.

Teddy Guinea Pigs

She has an interesting character, she does not crumple. In terms of size, this breed belongs to medium guinea pigs. Roman nose.

Guinea Pig Breeds

Guinea pigs teddy satin

Teddy with glossy shiny hair only.

Texel guinea pigs

The hair of guinea pigs is long, thick, soft in the form of curls or curls throughout the body and even to the stomach. The body is short and compact, the head is wide and round. This breed of guinea pigs is the most difficult to care for.

White guinea pig (white cross)

The white cross-hair has a short, smooth coat with a clear white, round rosette at the crown. No other white spots. There are many acceptable colors for this breed, excluding the use: Dalmatians, Himalayas, Dutch, roan or tortie with white.

Naked guinea pig skinny and baldwin

There are two types of hairless guinea pigs. Diseases are completely hopeless, but can be born with a certain amount of hair.

As a rule, they are not completely bald. A participant in the coat and skin may be present on the face, paws and other parts of the body.

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There are less common breeds of guinea pigs, such as: merino, alpaca, kui and others.

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Coloring and coloring of guinea pigs.

In addition, guinea pigs can be of various colors and colors. Recognized colors such colors for guinea pigs are:

All pig colors: black, white, red, beige, chocolate, cream, lilac or blue.