Guinea Pig Cage Size And Accessories Selection

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Guinea Pig Cage Size And Accessories Selection

Optimal cell sizes for guinea pig: height. 50 cm, width. 60 cm. A cage of this size will allow guinea pigs to freely climb the roof of the house.

Cages for several guinea pigs should be much bigger. If the length and width of the cage can be the same as that of one pet, then the length should exceed 90 cm. It would be better if the cage for the guinea pig has a day and night section. The hotel has the opportunity to devote themselves to relaxation.

When you have a cage in the house, remember several important conditions: you need to put it in 40 cm from heating systems and appliances and 30 cm from the outer walls.

DIY guinea pig cage

There are times that the owner no way to purchase a cage or there is an opportunity to build independently what is not for sale. To do this, you must adhere to some rules. In the daytime, cells were seen. Secondly, the dimensions should be such that pets can run on it.

The cage should be easy to operate., the main thing is that she does not allow the pet to get out. If you wish, you can build a pig in the house of your house or on the balcony of the apartment. It is necessary to cover with hay or sawdust. Sawdust not recommended coniferous trees. A small pet house can be arranged in the corner of the aviary.

Purchased Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs adore free space, so do not clutter up the cage too much. Additional "floor". great idea.

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As cells it is not recommended to use closed containers from synthetic material. The greenhouse effect may adversely affect the health of your animal.

Errors in guinea pigs

Guinea pigs not recommended to keep in the aquarium, as their habitat should be well ventilated. But drafts are contraindicated for them. The best option. plastic cage or cage with bars.

Guinea pigs do not like heat, often the sun’s rays often cause heat shocks. If you decide to take the pig outside in the summer, do it on a cloudy day.

Guinea pigs are enough clean pets. Guinea pig cells are usually killed no more than once a week.

This is not so interesting. They are very sociable, love affection, They are able to convey their emotions to people.

Do not cover the bottom of the cage or drawer with shreds of fabric., paper or torn newspapers. The most favorable floor covering. Smells spread throughout the house.