Guinea Pig Care And Maintenance

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Purchasing a pet is a responsible matter. Someone prefers feathered friends, someone cats or dogs. Many choose hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. Speaking of guinea pigs, they are not as difficult to maintain as they seem. The main thing is to know how to do it right.

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Guinea Pig Care And Maintenance

Home Guinea Pigs Maintenance

Like all pets, the guinea pig has its drawbacks and advantages.

The first include:

  1. Its not aggressiveness.
  2. Daily activity.
  3. Long life.
  4. It does not require a lot of space.
  5. Perfectly accustomed to hands.
  6. There are decorative breeds of indescribable beauty.
  7. Funny animals.

By cons include:

  1. Requires a balanced diet.
  2. With untimely and improper care, a specific odor may appear.
  3. Caring for guinea pigs of long-haired breeds is laborious.

If you are not afraid – you can safely buy an animal.

Guinea pig maintenance: brothers or not to take

Before you make a purchase, think carefully:

  1. Do not buy an animal as a toy for your children. If you have already purchased an animal, then explain to him what he needs.
  2. We found out in advance that you have an allergy in your family.
  3. With proper care and nutrition, the guinea pig lives 8-10 years. I hope that you take care of the pet for a long time.
  4. She only needs to be treated and spend finances.
  5. Decide in advance where you will live during your vacation.
  6. Guinea pig refers to the entire room, including furniture.

Guinea pig care and maintenance

Guinea pig is unpretentious in care, but still also requires attention. Need to open and ventilate. At this time, you can clean the cage and change the litter, which is done once every 3-4 days. Throughout the week, disinfection of cells, feeders and drinking bowls is carried out.

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Every 3-4 days, pigs should be carefully examined for the presence of living things, scars and various manifestations of diseases. Also, the animal needs to be combed well. If the pet is long-haired and does not break out of hands, this can be done more often. Once every six months, the pig needs to cut its nails.

The guinea pig

The pig’s diet should consist of at least 20% raw protein and about 15% in coarse fibers. As food you can use: cereals, grass seeds, potatoes, turnips, dandelion, cabbage, salad, hay, apples, beets, tomatoes. Ideal for animals – this is sea water, bran (they give several moist or equally moistened waters), hay, table beets, fresh grass and root crops. Accordingly, animals have the ability to synthesize vitamin C in an amount of at least 5 mg per day. You can add and calculate at the rate of 1 mg per 1 ml of water (but at the same time, water is supplied daily as a result of chemical reactions).

Caring for guinea pigs makes it possible to give her as clover, woodlice, dandelion, shepherd’s bag, garden thistle, nettle, mallow, yarrow.

It is strictly forbidden to give: damp feed, leftovers from the human table, overripe or unripe fruits and berries, sweets, red cabbage, moldy, dirty and rotten feed. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to give wild plants.

Care and feeding of guinea pigs implies the possibility of eating in the morning and evening hours and strictly at the same time. For pregnant pigs, feeding is carried out 3-4 times a day. Due to the fact that animals do not tolerate hunger.

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In addition, guinea pigs eat their stool. For young animals, the intestines are normal flora. This is necessary carefully. Also received with the introduction of milk.

Guinea Pig Care

These animals do not need to be dealt with, because they should only be in accordance with the requirements of the coat.

For a water temperature of 30-38 degrees. Carrying out water procedures, it is impossible to wet the head of a pig. If necessary, you can take a little baby shampoo. At the end of the procedure, the pig is wrapped in a warm towel and thoroughly wiped. If the apartment is cold, then you can blow dry. Especially the hair dryer is useful for long-haired breeds.

The animal may get sick.

How to care for a guinea pig: clean your ears and eyes

I don’t have to regularly check the condition of my ears and clean them. To do this, use paper towels wound around the finger and convex cleaning movements that remove dirt and dust from the auricle. If during the examination you notice an unpleasant odor in you or the animal, it has a tendency to a sore ear, that is, to the fact that the animal is infected with an ear mite, and you should contact your veterinarian.

To clean the eyes, you need to take a soft paper towel, moisten in water and remove the crusts formed in the corners of the eyes. When observing severe lacrimation, you should consult a doctor, since such symptoms indicate the presence of early or inflammatory processes.

Guinea pig care: do manicure

Claws should be trimmed once every six months. You can contact your veterinarian or carry out the procedure yourself. To do this, use a special clipper Guillotine. She must hold her in her arms. Insert the nail into the nail clipper hole and trim. Care must be taken not to touch live tissue. On light nails it is visible where the vessels begin. If you trim the dark nails, it is best to do it a little bit until you notice that the dry filling of the nail is converted into living tissue.