Guinea Pig Carrying

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Sooner or later, you need to transfer the guinea pig for examination by a veterinarian. In such cases, special means for transportation were needed. The most suitable option is a portable cell. Carrying is a small plastic box or container specifically designed for carrying pets. Proceed with the choice of carrying should be with great care. And he spent time in boxing. The main thing is that he feels as comfortable as possible and does not experience stress. In comfortable conditions, guinea pigs can withstand transportation lasting about 18 hours.

As a rule, the portable is equipped with a top handle, a sturdy door, a ventilation grill and a plastic feeder and drinking bowl. There are 5 criteria for choosing a carry:

  • good ventilation;
  • spacious volumes;
  • appearance;
  • installation of accessories;
  • environmental friendliness of the material.

Guinea Pig Carrying

The first and main thing that you should pay attention to is the portable carrying system, because the guinea pig does not tolerate overheating and stuffiness. During overheating, mumps increase salivation and become more and more wet. This condition threatens the life of the rodent.

This is a very energetic animal. The design for carrying pigs is not of particular importance, unlike its owner. An important opportunity to install additional accessories, such as a feeder and a drinking bowl. Guinea pigs should not be starved, this will certainly affect her well-being. These are all budget models that you can buy separately and install yourself.

Perhaps you already have a carrier for a cat or puppy, it will do too.

For the winter season, instead of a plastic box, a special carrying bag is used. Winter models of such transfers should be warm, windproof and non-localized. The carrying bag is made of breathable material, has mesh ventilation inserts, and its frame is made of thin plastic or cardboard. In such a bag, the pig will feel comfortable and safe.

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Guinea Pig Carrying

DIY pig carrier

If for some reason you needed to deliver a guinea pig, then you can do it yourself from improvised means.

For the manufacture of carrying you will need:

  1. The box should be at least 30x20cm. At its bottom we lay an absorbent diaper and pour sawdust in a layer of 2-3 cm.
  2. Using tape, strengthen the box using a sturdy frame.
  3. We make round, small holes for ventilation with scissors. There should be many holes around the perimeter of the box. The bottom is not full of holes – sawdust may spill out.
  4. We put apple slices and carrots in the box. If there is dry food, then it can be poured right in the middle of the box.
  5. We lay the pig in the box and cover it with hay. Do not be afraid that the pig will suffocate. Hay keeps heat well and is well ventilated.
  6. You can’t hang on the rear of the box, when shaking it will turn everything into a swamp. It is better to drink the pig in advance.

Guinea Pig Carrying

Everything, a homemade carry is ready. It must be remembered that it is impossible to carry. In addition, the carrier can not be a "showdown".