Guinea Pig Colors

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Woolen cover. It was a very important moment for fans of this spray. Today, there are many colors. If all the requirements of these rules are observed, then we can consider it a pure owner of this color. The colors of guinea pigs with special combinations of colors and patterns can be both short-haired and long-haired. For example, Galloway. And the remaining colors can be found in most breeds.

Types of Guinea Pigs

These types of animals are divided into the following species.


It is believed that this color came from wild representatives of guinea pigs. Each wool is dyed in three colors with overflow. The color of the coat on the stomach, around the eyes and nose varies slightly. There are six shades of color

  • citric,
  • chocolate,
  • cream,
  • golden,
  • silver
  • the colors of cinnamon.

Some breeders of these animals are noted in separate breeds, because they are found in all breeds of both short-haired and long-haired. Wool, and its texture and length.

Guinea Pig Colors

This color is the color of roasted peanuts. It can be confused with golden hues. This color can be found in different breeds, as well as combined with other colors in the form of spots. You should have black eyes. This color is wool, the eyes are red, so that the color of such an animal is called saffron.

Guinea Pig Colors


This color must meet the following requirements: the main color is the size of a pea. The spots should be distributed evenly throughout the body. Feet – silver or black, white color of the legs is not allowed. Ears – under the main body color.

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Guinea Pig Colors

Himalayan or Russian color

A very interesting color of the coat of many Cavian breeds. Around the Siamese cats – light hair all over the body with a darker color on the legs, muzzle and ears, which may be brown in milk chocolate or black.

Guinea Pig Colors

Dutch guinea pigs

Such cavies have a two-tone color. The head and back of the body of the animal are dark in color, and the middle and legs are white. Black and brown, but other colors are also acceptable. The Dutch are only smooth-haired, they have short hair without sockets, whirlwinds and crests.

Guinea Pig Colors


This color is inherent to smooth-haired guinea pigs. Its main feature is a specific pattern of the coat in the form of even, large and clear spots of white, red and black, found in the form of a chessboard.

Guinea Pig Colors

Two- and three-color guinea pigs

Staining with paint in 2-3 colors that do not mix with each other and form spots with clear boundaries.

Small color

Most often found in smooth-haired guinea pigs, painted in a mixture of white and primary color. If the main color is black, then the pig’s color is called Blue Ripped, if it is red, then Strawberry Ripped. The most common roan color with a combination of white, red and black.

Guinea Pig Colors


This color suggests the presence of two colors – black and red. The entire coat of the body should be uniformly painted in black and red in the same shade.

Guinea Pig Colors

Tan color

In animals of the tan color, the fur around the eye and on the tummy differs in color from the main color.

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Guinea Pig Colors

Tans and Foxes

Tans and foxes are new varieties of colors. These colors are popular with rabbits. Only in 1998, guinea pigs with a color appeared at the exhibition. Tan has a black tan, and Fox has a white tan. The tanning marks should be on the stomach, ears, nose and chest of the animal. There are several varieties of such colors in many breeds.


How many of them must comply with the exhibition rules. If you want to participate in various exhibition events, or your pet must meet the exhibition requirements. The color of the coat and breed will not play a big role. In the same way as everything that matches your spot, in stripes or color combinations, if the sounds raise your mood and give only positive emotions.