Guinea Pig Itches

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Feed while "Little animals for guinea pigs" or "Dusey", this is not expensive food, the company Zoom. From parasites, if you did not find them, they no longer process it. The feed you listed is more of a grain mix.

what I wrote to you in the first message:
– Review the pig’s diet;
– Give vitamins;
– Feed in such a percentage: hay 60% / solid food for guinea pigs 15% / succulent feed 25%; When the condition returns to normal. hay 60% / solid feed for guinea pigs 20% / succulent feed 20%.;
– Once a day, on succulent feed, apply medical sulfur (veterinary medicine). A little sulfur, on the tip of a small knife. 3 months, let’s sulfur, a week break and repeat again.
– Claritin 1/4 tab 1 time per day, 6 days

Do not bathe a pig. After a month, the pig should leave. Two weeks later, itching less.

Dandruff, a wound on the skin, no?

(from the answer to your l / s)

Thank you very much!

There is no dandruff or wound.

I hope you will not be told that it can be cats and dogs or other types of animals. If there are no parasites, then processing is not necessary. Guinea pigs have weak immunity, frequent treatments are dangerous for them. Mumps can die even from the usual "diarrhea"!

For pigs, it is better to use otodectin. in the presence of a subcutaneous tick. Otodectin (ivermectin. 0.1%) should not be used without the appointment of a veterinarian; an internal examination of the animal is required. If you have a subcutaneous tick, there are other symptoms. For prevention, it is better not to use it, you can use other drugs. After such experiments (treatments), the pig will pound itself even more. Not all such drugs are well tolerated by guinea pigs.

In this case, you have neither dandruff, nor wounds. During an external examination, the owner did not find external parasites. Therefore, the processing is not advisable.

Guinea pigs often have such reactions (not only proper feeding, but also the lack of vitamins and other adverse factors).

The listed feed mixtures are mainly composed of oats.

Currently, many animals are brought from abroad, sometimes not just from animals alone. Some of these surprises are resistant to Ivermectin or other drugs. Just for this reason, some breeders refused to use Ivermectin, and not because of the fear of its toxicity.

"Ivermectin-based drugs inhibit the activity of parasites resistant to all other antiparasitic agents by 98-100% [53, 62]. However, in the early 80s, the first reports appeared that scientists from the USA, South Africa and other countries form resistance to ivermectin in parasites [8, 14, 24, 55–57]. Recently, the number of such publications has remained high, and every year dozens of articles on this issue appear in almost all countries where ivermectin is used. Obviously, this result is a natural consequence of the unlimited, continuous and uncontrolled use of ivermectin. ", full article:

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From frequent "treatments" the pig may die. If there is a need for the use of other drugs. If the processing is not appropriate.

There are even veterinarians specializing in the treatment of guinea pigs and rabbits. Veterinarian. For pigs, many antibiotics that are easily tolerated by other animals are even toxic. The same with antiparasitic treatments. It is not joke.

What do I mean by "weak immunity." Guinea pigs do not get sick, they simply die …

Ivermectin resistance is not a myth of pharmaceutical companies.

Alexei, you know guinea pigs well enough. I will say that guinea pigs can not often be treated for parasites used for this various means. Frequent treatments are toxic to guinea pigs. If I affirm this.

I also think that processing is not advisable. Especially if various drugs are used for this, in a short period of time.

Alexei, I encounter guinea pigs and rabbits every day.

Should I give reasoned objections? After treatment with drops, spray, is it recommended to inject Ivermectin? And pierce Ivermectin in the presence of parasites, wounds, scratches, dandruff. I consider these actions not appropriate. It can be toxic to guinea pigs. Are these objections not substantiated?

In addition, after treatment with antiparasitic agents, the pig will become the strongest, these are residual effects after processing.

I recommended that you can feed, give vitamins, Claritin. To exclude an allergic reaction. Within two weeks, the mumps should become smaller, after a month there should be nothing.

Indicate what exactly!
You must protect the reputation of one person. If this is what you need, indicate it!

Alex, as I understand it, you are the owner of the domain (site). The above comparison does not apply to the topic under discussion, these are completely different things.

I am engaged in the exploration and observation of small rodents. hamsters, rats; Guinea pigs; rabbits. More than once faced with various problems, diseases, these types of animals. I believe because of my experience. Including veterinarians.

Therefore, if you claim that I am not competent, indicate my mistakes! It’s important for me! I think they can comment and point out my mistakes. In case you are having difficulty with a lack of veterinary education. If my statements were true, I would like to hear an apology. If I’m wrong about something. I urge you not to depart from my request to give various examples.

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In order that I was not sure that he has decorative accessories for rabbits and rabbits, do I need to take part in consultations on the site? "Fan mailing." this is not the best way to attract consultants to the site. It was necessary to carefully select consultants.

This topic discussed issues of the veterinarian. No one recommended treatment with Ivermectin. The animals have already been treated, in the presence of parasites, wounds, scratching, dandruff, processing is not necessary.

I wonder why then guinea pigs are laboratory animals that experience drugs for asthma (histamine asthma). Allergen-induced asthma – allergic asthma (in humans).

You know, it would be interesting for me to read materials on this subject, if you have something to eat, could you send them to me by e-mail (if they are in an e-mail) or recommendations.

I do not turn your words:
“I recommend that you treat the parasites according to the standard veterinary standards. interval of 2 weeks (preferably three times). Do your veterinarians have ivermectin? And in what concentration? "

Guinea Pig Itches

Guinea pig has already been treated with drops and spray. These are residual effects after processing. Ivermectin is not necessary.

Claritin is used for guinea pigs. What drug would you recommend instead of Claritin? You may not have noticed that the pigs have already been treated with antiparasitic drugs, so Ivermectin was recommended …

It is wonderful that you increase your “baggage” of knowledge in the treatment of small domestic rodents. The experience of foreign doctors will benefit. Many Russian veterinarians did not always “correctly” print guinea pigs, which requires maintaining the condition and further death of the animal. Many veterinarians lack experience in treating this animal species.

The use of such an "arsenal" of antiparasitic drugs for a short period of time can be toxic to guinea pigs. You agree with me? Or is he still defending his point of view?

Guinea Pig Itches

Alexey, I always read carefully, my memory is also excellent. No need to offend someone or something like that, but I am not arguing my statements. All that I wrote was justified to me. She tried to explain something briefly. I also have special knowledge. Do you know what my education is? Who am I by profession? What I do? No, you don’t know that. Also, I see no reason for you to know this. It’s not worth blaming. This means that I am sure of it and know what I’m writing or talking about. I give recommendations based on my personal experience or the experience of other people, veterinarians. If this is something I do not know, then we must consult with that.

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And now you are writing about Claritin. You write about him did not write. Claritin is prescribed and used for guinea pigs. It is recognized that even such veterinarians as Anastasia Vysokikh or Alshinetsky, Mikhail Valerievich. These veterinary enemies have extensive experience in treating spray and rabbits. They are engaged in the trust of breeders and pet owners.

To alleviate a possible allergic reaction after treatment (relieve itching).

"I recommend that you treat the parasites according to the standard veterinary standards. interval of 2 weeks (preferably three times). Do your veterinarians have ivermectin? And in what concentration?"

You were just wondering if Ivermectin is in the village of Krasnoyarsk region?

Hope all breeders work with veterinarians. Although the animals are imported and cost not 100 rubles. But first of all. the main thing is the health of pets. Love with an animal begins in childhood. Many breeders, in the future, receive a veterinary education. For example, I had 8 years old when I had a baby. I relate to children.

You should recommend contacting your veterinarian. It is not true. This has never happened! Not a single breeder can say that! You have some kind of opinion, perhaps out of knowledge.

As I understand it, your hobby for reptiles, is that so? Do you have reptile homes? Everything is simple! Why did you decide to become a veterinarian? Animals, even if it’s reptiles?

What do you mean by a breeder? It began with the fact that they were educated in grades 9. This is not a breeder, but a breeder or divorce. For example, in the Moscow club “KLDG at the Moscow Regional Medical Faculty of Medicine”, conducting courses at the K.I. Scriabin Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology for breeders. At the end of the course (factory even remotely), breeders receive a certificate of completion.

"Pre-war methods" of breeders are based on foreign experience. Boards of veterinarians credible (name described above). Breeders, Hope, these are not people without education.

Although, in some ways you are right, breeders are different. This may be a temporary hobby, based on obtaining the sale of animals. Such "breeders" were never too rare. Animals exhausted, sick. Contained in cells of the wrong size, etc.