Guinea Pig Toys – Ways To Entertain A Rodent In Solitude

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Guinea pigs do not require, like other pets, to be entertained. Amusing animals themselves are the subject of observation and creating mood. The main thing is to make toys for guinea pigs and periodically change them.

What to make toys from

The name guinea pig least of all corresponds to the origin and habits of the animal. They can swim, but remain rodents alive on the ground in burrows. It must be remembered that everyone will try on the tooth, sharpened and eaten. Materials should be not only natural, but also without toxic dyes. The newspaper is also paper, the eating of which is harmless to the pig. But on it is paint corresponding to lead.

The appearance of a guinea pig

To create toys you can use:

Plastic preferably white or parts of children’s toys and balls for table tennis.

In order for the guinea pig to have fun on its own, it needs convenient places for prying eyes and various mazes. For children, a live toy guinea pig is the most convenient option if there is no allergy to them. It will be interesting to entertain the baby. A stretched treat is ridiculous to eat, taking it in its paws. The risk of being bitten is reduced to zero.

Does the pig need a wheel

Pigs are happy to run on a flat plane. They may have problems with the wheel. Weak muscles do not hold the spine with a strong deflection. The eyes look mostly on the sides. Make him a wheel, taking into account the peculiarities of rodent organisms.

The guinea pig wheel must meet the requirements of:

  1. The inner diameter is from one and a half to two long animals. The pig should not bend much when running.
  2. On the fastening side is a transparent wall. I do not want to fall in that direction.
  3. Height from the floor no more than 3 cm. Guinea pigs have problems with height orientation. She can fall from a height, because she sees poorly in front of herself.

This is a simple wheel of their plywood. It can be held in boiling water and gradually bent into an arc. Fasten the ends with a stapler, previously removed the ends on the cone. You can make a pair of rings to strengthen.

Wheel blank

Drill their transparent plastic or plexiglass disk in the center and insert the axis. Glue the wheel end along the perimeter, tighten it with a hose clamp. Fix the axle in the pyramidal rack. The design should stand firmly, do not roll over under the weight of the pig. Strip out all sharp edges.

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Do not lay the wheel inside with a pile cloth. When running, the claws catch and the animal is injured.

Sleeping bags and beds

Guinea pigs like to hide in houses. It is enough to cut off the neck and bottom of a dense plastic bottle, and the animal will willingly climb into it. So that it was enough to pull the sleeve of the old sweater.

You can sew similar to mittens. Make the double bag tight so that it is not caught at the entrance, trim and put into the cage. The animal does not just hide in a bag, but when it sleeps.

An old carpet, a fur coat, a piece of dense warm fabric are suitable for a stove bench. It is enough to make a kind of hammock out of them, and hang it low, between two sites. For stretch marks metal chains are suitable.

Hammock with towels for guinea pig

Large-sized plastic pipe trunks also provide a good place to relax. Fittings and scraps of thin plastic and metal-plastic tube toys for guinea pigs.

All solid objects should be of such a diameter that the animal could not stick its head into it or freely climb inside. In case your pet gets stuck and may die.

Cut from sticks with a diameter of 12 – 25 mm sticks of the same length, a little shorter than your pet. Drill holes on the edges of them on both sides. Pull the fishing line through the hole. Rectangular arrow to make them rake the bridge. Lay dry grass or a piece of warm shirt inside.

Guinea Pig Toys - Ways To Entertain A Rodent In Solitude

Trumpet. good place for a pet to relax

Guinea pig hunts will explore the structures inside and out, relax in it.

Labyrinth in a big box

How to entertain a guinea pig at home with minimal expense. If you still have plastic after repair, use it. Suitable wooden and cardboard stripes. In a large box, a labyrinth is drawn, 2 – 3 entrances are made from different sides. Then the fantasy turns on. It is easy to stick plastic strips, create dead ends and turns. Additionally, you can put tunnels from pipes and bottles. Put some small toys.

Guinea pigs can travel through the maze. They are not afraid of dead ends and enclosed spaces.

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Plastic pipes, fittings for it or bottles can be used to create a maze of tunnels. The animal will examine them, move from one to another. If you put in large pipes, it will be even more.

DIY labyrinth for a guinea pig

Fittings – elbows, tees, adapters, for pigs to overcome more interesting than straight sections. You can attach short pipe cuts to them.

Bright fabrics from flaps, teething rings and other toys. The pet will be busy from feeding to feeding.

Wheels and balls made of wood

DIY toys for guinea pigs are good to make from wood. Enough to arm yourself:

  • different wooden sticks;
  • Reiki
  • rattles;
  • bells;
  • PVA glue;
  • drill with drills and fantasy.

The simplest toys are the rod, when two discs are worn on a thin stick, you can cut them with a thick branch with a diameter of 4 – 6 cm.

Take 2 discs or dice. Drill a through hole and partially a bit larger, make a hole. So that the large diameter hole is external. Tie knots and hide in sweat. 6.10 cm of rope should remain between the cubes.

Guinea pig bar

Wood drills are drilled and connected with thin studs around the perimeter. Before gluing, put a bell or a rattle in them. Because of the stars when rolling.

After the children were left cubes. No need to throw it away. Let them beaten and broken, guinea pigs will like such toys. In broken and dried fruits, banana. Glue, remove sharp edges. Your pig will be thrilled.


From thick and corrugated cardboard, you can make comfortable and beautiful houses for pigs. To do this, it is enough to make 4 walls, a roof and an entrance. You can bend a long strip of thick cardboard according to the markup, or cut and glue it using patch strips. A tissue medical patch is also suitable.

In this wall, make an arched entrance in advance and attach it to the "foundation". cardboard box. To establish a roof on the other end. Each time it is decorated, it is decorated with fabrics and paper.

A long distance plastic pipe can be cut lengthwise. Stick on one side. Inside put shreds and hay. The second option is to put the pipe on the end. From thick paper make a conical or flat roof. From the bottom end, cut out the door.

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The house can be made from a cardboard box

Cut the sticks 20 – 25 cm long. Tie them at the top, at a distance of 3-4 cm from the edge, preferably with an elastic band. Expand the cone, creating a hut. Now secure with a strong rope. Cut a few branches from the bottom – make an entrance. Lock them in this position by sticking a strip of fabric on top. The hut is ready.

The guinea pig will be able about the wall. branches sharpen cloves. After all, they have been growing all her life. If the teeth are not placed in the mouth. For an animal, it hurts. All the time there was something to chew on. Only it is impossible to take branches from coniferous and stone fruits. Apple branches, cleaned of cows, can be checked until they become plastic, and twist balls with them. The pig will have something to play with, and at the same time it can nibble.

Paper, cardboard and everything at hand

The simplest toys can be made in a minute. An unpretentious animal for entertainment just crumple and roll up in a ball paper towel. If he does not have a hidden delicacy, the joy of the animal will have no limit.

And guinea pigs, especially if you put hay in them. A pig lives in the house. Wash, dry, put the hay, a few nuts, close and give to the pet. He has enough toys for a few days.

Paper lattices from eggs are excellent material for toys. First, heat them in the oven at 60 degrees to disinfect. Then paste them, glue the boxes, cut a hole. Curly cardboard boxes.

Socks tend to hide. Left alone, wash well with household or baby soap. Stuff it with hay. Another pet toy. Old things can just be cut into pieces and put them in a cage, scattered in different places. Only need to use natural fabrics.

Boxes are used depending on the size. We turn up in the bottom and cut a door into them. Stacked on its side and closed with a fringe hanging from above. Put to the bottom. The main thing is to cover them with a soft cloth and lay hay. Making toys with your own hands is interesting and fun. The main thing is to love a guinea pig and include fantasy.