Guinea Pig Tumor

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Guinea Pig Tumor

Rodents are very popular among pets. They do not take up much space, nor sit in their cage and do not bother anyone. Among them I want to highlight the guinea pig, which quickly and easily accustoms to the hands and gives joy to its owners. With proper care, life expectancy in captivity reaches 10 years. The indicator directly depends on the person, nutrition, lifestyle, living conditions and caring for the pet. Living can be practically without illness, or get sick even under good living conditions.

Some diseases are transmitted genetically. These include a tumor in guinea pigs. She shows an advantage at a special age of five years. In addition to genetics, the causes can vary greatly. An abscess occurs even from bruises, injections of sawdust, branches and other objects. In general, a tumor in guinea pigs can appear on the back, shu, side, cheek, stomach, and even inside the body. Without treatment, the animal is doomed to death.

Neoplasms can be benign and malignant. In the second case, cancer is often diagnosed.

Benign and malignant tumors

By contacting the veterinary clinic in time, you can remove benign tumors quickly and without consequences. Another thing is when the "bump" is malignant. It grows to surrounding tissues and grows rapidly. The likelihood of diseases on organs associated with reproductive function. In females these are mammary glands, in males testes. Although often located on the peninsula, back, neck and stomach. If a neoplasm is found, consult a doctor immediately.

The likelihood of developing a "bump" in guinea pigs. There is an opinion that the probability of growth increases with a large amount of fat in the diet, and in animals with excess weight.

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Guinea Pig Tumor


An abscess is a bag with a gnome, which determines the inflammatory process in organs and tissues. After ripening, it is cast out. For treatment, Ichthyol or Vishnevsky ointment is used. It is necessary to spread a bump with a thick layer and cover it with a bag. If the pet can reach the affected area, an additional dressing should be applied. Treatment should be carried out per day, after which an autopsy will take place. Educational expenses for the use of hydrogen. Feed your guinea pig foods that contain a lot of vitamin C. With good immunity, the wound closes after 20 to 30 hours.

Malignant tumors in guinea pigs

The enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, which over time leads to similar processes in the groin and armpits, are called lymphosarcoma. Over time, the size of the number of spleens and liver increases, and the offspring dies after a few weeks. Usually this disease was due to a genetic predisposition, the disease was in the parents.

Benign adenoma, if treated, leads to lung cancer. Accompanied by shortness of breath, which can be seen in the behavior of the pet. You can only diagnose through an x-ray. In the initial stages, it can be successfully removed through surgery. If you do not perform the operation on time, the neoplasms come into contact with all lung tissues. Therefore, the operation is impossible.

Guinea Pig Tumor

With the timely removal of benign tumors, the chance of further recovery exceeds 70%.

A breast tumor is highly developed in females, although it also happens in males. Old mumps are most prone to illness. Because it does not come into contact with other tissues. A symptom of breast cancer is a tumor. It may appear near the ovaries or under the skin. The formation of pus and bleeding is accompanied.

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Skin cancer can be stopped by removing the tumor in time. It develops on the limbs of an animal. It will grow after the opening of a purulent wound.

With insufficient treatment, it will be fatal in three years.

Atheosarcoma leads to the appearance of a tumor.

Consult your veterinarian

Guinea Pig Tumor

It is possible to diagnose and determine the type of tumor only in a veterinary clinic after a medical examination. After surgical removal. The main goal is to strengthen the immune system and stop the development of infections.

Guinea pigs are difficult to tolerate medical procedures. It is best to carry the pet to the clinic for a preventive examination. Especially individuals older than five years.

Remember, folk remedies – low are powerless against cancer. At the first manifestations, immediately contact a specialist.