Guinea Pig Walks

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Guinea pig walks

The guinea pig is a very mobile animal, and it is very difficult for it to sit in a cage, so these animals must be walked.

A playground for games and walks at sea should be equipped in a certain way. For example, for them you can build small houses or a whole obstacle course. Some lovers provide living and real cities, houses, stepladders, platforms for recreation, boxes, mini-beds, lawns, armfuls, dry leaves, etc.

During the walk you can not leave your pet unattended

Guinea pigs are very fond of labyrinths of any shape. In addition, they simply overcome overcoming intolerable obstacles, and are also circulating acrobats, especially if they know that at the end of the difficult journey they will be rewarded – a treat.

Another favorite guinea pig amusement is finding edible hay in a heap. To do this, just put it on top of a cardboard box.

Walking on city streets or traveling by car is bad for guinea pigs. This can lead to stress in the animal, which can impair appetite.

When creating obstacle courses or a maze, you can not limit your imagination. It is enough to observe the following rules:

all interior items should be stable or very light (for example, from cardboard);

no sharp objects should be on the walking platform;

for various buildings, you can use only non-toxic materials (steel, raw wood, smooth and hard plastic, stones, clay), which do not harm healthy guinea pigs if it is captured try to bite them.

If the weather is nice, you can let out a guinea pig for a walk in the garden or flower garden. Care must be taken not to lose or hide, not to be injured or run away through the hole in the fence or wall.

In weather, you can let your pet out for a walk in the garden

Other animals used for mumps. This defenseless animal can become a prey for rats, cats and dogs. The probability of this will be minimal if the graduation is filled by special order.

Most likely, to build a kind of arena from wood, cardboard or plywood. In the house where he will sleep, and put some children’s toys.

Safety Precautions

In any case, you can’t leave it unattended, otherwise you need to grow something, which may cause its death or even flexibility. You must be sure that he will not get to the following plants:

Colchicum autumnale (Colchicum autumnale);

narrow-leaved mountain laurel (Kalmia angustifolia);

Dieffenbachia (Dieffenbachia hoffmannii / imperialis / maculata);

golden rain (Laburnum anagyroides);

indoor aralia (Fatsia japonica);

indoor calla (Zantedeschia);

buttercup (various species);

oleander (Netrium oleander);

spicy root (Caladium);

spotted hemlock (Conium maculatum);

rhododendron (all species);

Christmas star (Euphorbia pulcherima);

Sansevieria (Sansevieria trifasciata);

elephant ear (Haemonthus);

Marine plants include: shorty, hemlock, celandine, digitalis, purple or red, borsch, lily of the valley, may, white hellebore, belena, raven eye, nightshade, dope, anemone, poison thistle, wolfberries, night blindness, marsh marigold, lumbago meadow, poppy-seedling, bracken, marsh rosemary.

yew (Taxus baccata);

flamingo flower (anthurium);

belladonna (Atropa belladonna);

black nightshade (Solanum nigrum);

epipremnum (Epipremnum aureum);

Yucca (Yucca Aloifolia).

If the owner has a suspicion that the guinea pig should be in any form of the above plants, then it is desirable that this be faster to show to the veterinarian, because the time in this situation is literally minutes.

In addition, you need to take a sample of the plant, which poisoned the animal. This is especially important when the name of the plant is unknown to the owner of the guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Walks

Guinea pigs must be accustomed to walking from 1.5–2 months of age

In order to check the presence of non-plant origin, it is necessary to carefully check all the premises for the presence of toxic origin. As well as chemically treated composite wood. Repair and reconstruction are open to great danger.

For guinea pigs are dangerous:

ashtrays filled with cigarette butts;

open containers with alcoholic drinks and hot food;

red-hot electric heaters, burning candles or open fire in a fireplace;

deep vessels with smooth inner walls, open windows and doors, not covered by a toilet lid, an unclosed washing machine;

cacti or poisonous plants;

medicines, cleaning products, felt-tip pens, glue and other materials that may contain toxic substances.

Guinea pig walks

The complexity of friendships is what it means, it can already be released for a walk. If the guinea pig is not yet accustomed to the owner, this is undesirable. A star feels safe in a cell, can get out of it, can experience stress. Cages that should be near the place, specifically for walking in the Beast. You can put a small cage, as well as put food, water and bedding in it.

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It is necessary to deliver the cage to the floor and open the door.

Guinea pig should be put in a small cage and taken to the place of walking. It is advisable to do this in the evening, because at dusk and at night there are phenomena of natural activity of animals.

There should not be a lot of people around. It is necessary to warn the children in advance that you can not force or force the animal to play. When the guinea pig looks around and makes sure that nothing is threatening her, she will resolutely leave her shelter. On the playground, you can lay out pieces of the nest litter, in which goodies are hidden. In this case, the guinea pig will come out of the cages much more willingly and rather feel confident.

Usually the first walk ends very quickly, and the pig crawls back into the cage. If this happens, do not force the pet to walk longer. When he gets used to walking, he will hunt for cages.

For walking your pet you need to choose a place where floors are easy to clean, and besides, even if there are mumps in the cage by the sea, there is a toilet, and when it doesn’t find it, it can evaporate right at the place of walking.

If this happens, wipe the floor with a paper towel and then wipe with a deodorant.

Guinea Pig Walks

On the playground for guinea pigs, you can spread her favorite treats. I love children

Walk in the ball

To keep track of your pet’s tricks. All that is needed is that the cells and cells need sufficient physical activity.

You can not scold and punish the pet, because the reasons for the punishment that he did not catch, but this can cause him stress, and the walk will be associated with his rather unpleasant experiences.

Ball for walking. Such a ball is a plastic hollow door and ventilation holes.

He does everything himself. Thus, the guinea pig walks in the open, but it does not have the ability to harm the environment.

Sizes and body sizes of your pet. The ball must be too small, otherwise the guinea pig will have to run in an unnatural pose. In addition, the animal may lack air.

This can lead to the fact that the animal can be thrown to the sides, and this can adversely affect his well-being.

A walk in the ball can be the best solution to the problem of guinea pig activity.

There are several models of walking balls. Most of them are made in the form of any hemispheres that move freely in any direction. There are special balls for sale. This model is convenient for those cases when the guinea pig is moving along a given route, not having the ability to change direction, therefore, it is always in the field of view of the owner, while minimal control is required.

There are balls with a stand or resembling race cars. Of all the various products offered, the largest openings for air can be distinguished.

The space that can be mastered by guinea pig is expanding significantly. Exercise or be bumps in the bath. Guinea pigs can visit almost all rooms without harm to the owner’s property. This can make his life in a natural habitat.

In any case, it is necessary that the owner could see him in front of his eyes, but he had to opt for a ball with a special track. , which keeps the animal in a certain area.

Many guinea pigs enjoy walking in a ball. He has an owner and other household members, first of all, children should remember. The animal should be not only in entertainment, but also in rest, food and drink. Do not forget that the apartment has a guinea pig.

If they are engaged in children, they need to make sure that they, too, do not forget about the pet, get carried away with their business or communicating with friends.

To ensure safety, pets need to follow a number of simple rules.

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It must be tightly closed so that the animal does not crawl out. This will protect yourself from many troubles and dangers that can fall on him outside the ball.

If the house has stairs or separate steps, it is necessary that he has access to guinea pigs, otherwise, if he receives severe stress or injury, he will die.

The ball should only be installed on the track. This should not cause injury.

If there are other animals in the house, there are pigs by the sea, which must be reliably isolated or kept under close supervision. A dog or cat may be interested in this toy and will begin to ride around the apartment. Obviously, this will be a serious test.

Do not push the ball with a guinea pig. Only on its own must decide.

Guinea Pig Walks

After a walk in the ball, give the pet his favorite treat

If the guinea pig is in place, then it cannot force it to do so. A walk should give her pleasure.

While most guinea pigs easily get used to camping over time, they hunt and climb in all directions. Some animals experience fear and rest when they are brought to a walking ball. Perhaps over time, the fear of guinea pigs will pass.

After successful walks, you even need to give the animal a treat to consolidate the desired behavior. However, if the pet stubbornly resists, for nothing in the world, not wanting to walk in the ball, you do not need to insist. The ratio of the guinea pig to the ball will not change, it will only become even more negative.

Walk on a leash

At first glance, this idea – you can show strange and unusual. Still, the guinea pig is a rather small animal, and the leash and collar are associated primarily with the dog.

But a walk on a leash has obvious positive sides. Of course, it’s not so difficult to find a suitable harness. This is a perfectly acceptable walk option.

Guinea Pig Walks

Longhaired guinea pig

A walk around can be a solution to the problem of a pet’s physical activity if the house does not have suitable places for a playground. In addition, if the owners live in an old house, where there are many gaps, or, conversely, in a new house, where the owners strive to maintain perfect order.

This way of interacting with guinea pigs can lead to elderly people with joint diseases that are difficult to lower to the floor and then rise. Dogs will move at approximately the same pace.

If the owner of the animal intends to walk the pet in this way, then the first thing to do is to choose a suitable harness with a leash in a wide width.

Do not put on a guinea pig, as it may require either too much or just work on it.

Children will be much more fun walking their pets on a leash than sitting still.

You need to pay attention to how it fastens. The snap fastener is much more convenient than the buckle, because the guinea pigs are very restless and put on the harness should be quick.

At the same time, you need to go forward, the owner, and the owner – calmly follow the pet. However, the path must not exceed reasonable limits and reach several tens of meters. As a rule, it is not included with the harness.

If you know that the guinea pig is tamed and trusts the owner. It is necessary to pick up, offer her a treat, at the same time gently talk to the animal. It is necessary to exclude the influence of strong and sharp sounds that can scare the animal. It is necessary to isolate people in advance.

Trying to control yourself can be a great test for the sensitive psyche of the animal. The pet can even bite the owner. This will help her favorite treat.

It is necessary to carefully adjust the harness to the body of the animal. to fluffy fur creates a visual illusion that the harness is good for the pet. In fact, she can count on a free walk.

You can check how loose the straps and stickers are by slipping a little finger under them. If the finger is too light, it should tighten the harness.

To check how accurately the harness is fitted, you must first bring the pet to the arena. I want to make sure that you can go for a walk to pre-marked places.

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The advantages of hiking are that in all rooms, in many rooms, wherever they are closed. In contrast, the owner also takes part in trips to guinea pigs, which helps to strengthen friendly and trusting relations between them.

Need to look for places in the apartment. It is undesirable to take your pet for a walk in those rooms where the floor is carpeted or carpeted. It is better if the floor surface is made of easily washable materials. In this regard, linoleum or ceramic tiles will be an ideal guarantee.

Best of all, if everyone goes to the place where there is everything that will be able to break out of the sticker.

The first walk should not be long. Gradually attracting a walk on a leash, a few minutes are enough. If the walk will be fun, the duration of the walk will increase, but this should be done gradually.

Walking a guinea pig, you must follow several mandatory rules. Obviously, this time will be the best for walking.

The speed at which the owner and his pet move.

This can lead to animal pain. Also, do not leave doors unattended. Guinea pig easily overloads the metal chain.

She should hope that she will sit or walk at the command of the owner.

Edit – this does not force pets to walk on a leash. In this case, you need to prepare a folding playpen, or use the ball for a walk.

Walks in the open air

Guinea pigs are much more likely to hunt on a leash than to refuse such a pastime. And when the pet is sure that he has to overcome all the obstacles, he has the opportunity to collect himself to get fresh water, especially if the house has a garden or a summer cottage. In the open sky there should be nothing more dangerous than indoors.

It was a reliable and not guaranteed version. Even at home, catching a runaway guinea pig is quite difficult, and in the garden it will be almost impossible. In addition, dogs, cats or animals can be found nearby who quickly notice the prey that has gone for a walk. Owner reaction may not be as fast as circumstances require. Guinea pig will be very stressed.

However, this pet must be locked in four walls. You can put the cage in a guinea pig from home and put it in the garden or on the balcony. The dwelling of the animal must be in the shade, so that the sun’s rays can cause heat stroke.

Do not leave the cage with the pet unattended. It is necessary to be near, but not in any case. Guinea pigs can escape from their hands, especially if the environment is unusual for her. It will be almost impossible to catch her, unlike cats and other predators. All the time while away from home.

How to call him.

Sometimes, just looking at the animal, the owner immediately comes up with his nickname. The list of names is given below, will certainly help the owners of guinea pigs to choose a suitable name for their pet:

Aboriginal, Apricot, Alena, Ali Baba, Amazon, Amelie, Angelica, Annushka, Anyuta, Orange, Apollo, Arkasha, Arnaldo, Arni, Arnold, Asya;

Buggy, Bagheera, Dunce, Bunny, Barney, Berta, Bison, Blackie, Bob, Bonnie, Bonya, Borya, Boffik, Buzyaka, Buka, Boomer, Busya, Butya;

Jack, Wanda, Roly, Wreath, Venya, Willy, Violet, Grouch;

Nut, Geisha, Goofy, Gulchatay;

Danil, Danielle, Dania, Dasha, Della, Jerry, Diana, Dick, Dinka, Dollar, Dragon, Dusik, Dusya, Thumbelina;

Egor, Hedgehog, Emelya, Yesaul;

Pearl, Zhora, Zhuzha, Rogue;

Bully, Zai, Bunny, Zaya, Cinderella, Zulfiya, Zurab;

Isabelle, Izaura, Hippolytus;

Caliph, Drop, Katya, Kesha, Kisa, Button, Kolya, Kopusha, Baby, Kuzya;

Eraser, Liska, Lola, Lioness, Ice floe, Bloop;

Magnolia, Madonna, Mamai, Manka, Margot, Masya, Masya, Matilda, Sailor, Masha, Megera, Mila, Mirabelle, Misha, Molka, Moire, Cartoon, Cartoon, Musya, Maggie;

Nathan, Nega, Night, Newton;

Peach, Puzy, Puma, Pupsik, Padded stool, Fluff, Fluffy, Fluff;

Chamomile, Romka, Red Up, Ginger;

Sanya, Seva, Senya, Serge, Gray, Sema, Silva, Siren, Elephant, Snezhana, Snowflake, Snickers, Sonya, Stepashka, Stepka, Gopher;

Tarzan, Tatoshka, Tepa, Tiger, Tosha, Ace, Tyutya;

Fanta, Fantik, Fafik, Queen, Philip, Pistachio, Flounder, Frosya, Funtik;

Hoe, Queen, Swell, Cent, Centaurus, Cerberus, Cyclone, Citrus, Cicero, Tsutsik, Tsypa;

Seagull, Black Cloak, Chupa-Chups;

Bumblebee, Shmul, Chocolate;

Ellie, Alya, Annie, Enrique, Esmeralda;

Yuan, Yula, Julius, Julius, Jung, Yuras, Utah, Yu.

Guinea Pig Walks