Guinea Pigs

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She was surprised that she would not have a limit. After all, they are not connected with her. Where then is the mysterious name "guinea pigs" from?

A bit of history

Here is the answer. Because the name “overseas” would be most suitable. And she, of course, because she can grunt like a real pig. "Guinean", "Indian" pig or "pork mouse" – these are all European names.

About 5 thousand years ago, South American tribes both tamed guinea pigs and made them pets. Unfortunately, more for the preparation of meat dishes and reconciliation in sacrifice in the usual rituals and rites. 13th century AD As a result, many new, interesting breeds appeared.

Guinea Pigs

Description of the animals

Breeders boast a huge number of different types of guinea pigs, which are very different from each other. Short, long, stiff hair or simply its absence.

Guinea pigs have a wide muzzle, hanging ears, a round body, which has a length of 25-35 cm. The tail is completely absent. Pigs-boys can gain weight up to 1.5 kg, and females up to 1.2 kg. Wild representatives of the genus are painted in brown-gray with a lighter belly and legs.

They are associated with the owner and trust him. They are very playful. Caution at such moments will not be superfluous, because the baby can fall, and falling even with an insignificant height is dangerous for the health and life of the pet.

Guinea Pigs

All their emotions guinea pigs express various sound effects. When they are satisfied, the sound will purr. When a male cares for a female, he may growl.

At the very beginning, at night such a song lasts up to 10 minutes. Although this phenomenon is not frequent.

The nutrition of guinea pigs consists of: juicy vegetables and fruits, grain feed and hay, the presence of which in the cage should be constant, because the animals grind their teeth, plus the digestive system is being established.

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Occasionally, the owner can witness a shocking, at first glance, action – to capture his litter. Conversely, this behavior is due to a similar habit of their ancestors. That is why guinea pigs get the vitamins of the group, and they are able to assimilate them to the body only with the secondary passage through the intestines.

Guinea Pigs

They themselves feel alive. This may be due to reevaluation, decreased activity, and, as a result, reduced life expectancy.

Own housing for guinea pig

When purchasing a pet, you must take care of having your own home. A spacious single-story cage or aquarium is optimally accessible. Wheels and other "running" attributes will be superfluous.

This will be a nook where you can create danger and wait out danger. Ideally, this shelter will be a small building made of cows, about which a sea animal can sharpen its teeth.

According to veterinarians, such shelters can turn a rodent into a wild animal. If this happens to your pet, then you can use it for your own purposes only at night, and soon you will play with it.

Guinea Pigs

The bottom of the house must be covered with bedding. It can be from hay or straw, sawdust or wood pellets. Thyrs should be large, otherwise the nose of the beast will clog. It is necessary to monitor the quality and condition of the Seine, should not be power and mold. In the same way as in a day or two an unpleasant smell will appear.

Wood fillers do a great job absorbing liquids. The disadvantage of such litter is that they create a lot of dust. A good substitute for such a dusty option may be paper or special corn fill for small animals.

In any case, they prefer to go about their business. It is in this place that the owner will be able to put a tray with low edges and fill it with sawdust. The cage will be much smaller.

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Feeding trough and drinking bowl

It will be a feeding trough and a drinking bowl. It will be much more convenient to drink the animal from a hanging vertical drinking bowl with a ball. The meat for these purposes can be changed. The water in the drinker should be fresh every day.

Guinea Pigs

It is better to get two feeders:

A prerequisite is their stability, because guinea pigs are quite mobile, move around the cage a lot and can easily sort and fertilize the plate. Almost even gluing nursing cells to dry cells of the cortex, and the second periodically you will take.

Guinea pig nutrition

It may contain many harmful substances that can be obtained using special hay feeders (adaptation to a cellular and dense membrane) and balls (round mesh constructions filled with hay, such are fixed on the ceiling or in the house),

Dry grass, straw (especially plantain and dandelion), legumes and cereals are an indispensable component of the diet of pigs. In the summer, the cultivation of fruit trees, herbs and fruit trees is very loved.

Where do the remaining 20% ​​go? All these are moist soft feeds. This will be quite enough to obtain useful substances in the body and in order to induce him to eat his favorite fruit and vegetable crops, therefore, exceeding this indicator is not recommended.

What besides hay?

Goodies such as:

From greens it is a salad and parsley. Little tricks can start begging to get these very products. It should be a reasonable percentage in food. You can calculate the amount of soft feed by the formula 5-7 grams of feed per 100 grams of pig weight.

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Guinea Pigs

It is extremely undesirable to feed pets with your table. These can be various historical facts, for example, drawings on objects, vases, etc. For example, food has changed dramatically.

Dangers for pigs can be:

  • bakery products,
  • baking,
  • cheese and cottage cheese
  • fried and smoked products.

The smallest amount of such food can cause allergies and clogging of the intestinal tract.

This is what an animal is, an animal whose ration is chosen correctly and wisely.

Vitamins for animals

On the recommendation of veterinarians, all guinea pigs should take vitamin C, which is added to drinking water (1 mg of vitamin per 1 ml of water). Given that light exposure neutralizes all the beneficial properties of the vitamin, you need to change the solution once a day. The animal receives other vitamins along with food. Vitamins of the group, and they can sit in the body, guinea pigs will only pass through the digestive tract, so smart animals do not disdain their litter and sometimes eat it.

Guinea Pigs

Special Guinea Pig Care

No special vaccinations are needed. You can not say about intestinal ailments. A dirty floor or playing with the household can reward the baby with parasites. Therefore, it is recommended to poison worms every 4 months, in particular, if other pets live in the house.

Therefore, she needs to let out and let play the revolution. "Defuse" close in another room. It is not recommended to bring an animal to the bed in order to get injured.

In general, caring for guinea pigs is not difficult, they are quite unpretentious and do not require as much attention as other pets, such as cats and dogs. People with such lovely free time as guinea pigs.