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Guinea Pigs_9

Guinea pigs are wonderful pets. They are rarely happy when they see their loved ones. Meat pigs are very suitable for older children.

How many guinea pigs live

Guinea pigs live on average about 5-7 years, sometimes longer.

Prices for guinea pigs range from 1000. 5000 rubles, depending on the breed. The most expensive, the so-called naked guinea pigs of the skin breed.


Guinea pigs are social animals that prefer to live in small groups. They will be good friends. If you want to keep two males, it is better to choose two boys from the same litter. It is not recommended to breed quickly, keep females and males together.

A cage for guinea pigs must provide at least one and a half square meters. m. of free space for each guinea pig, the better. Cells must be solid, as they can adversely affect the state of the rodent’s paws. For guinea pigs, cages with a plastic base and wire top are well suited. Glass aquariums do not require special ventilation.

Guinea pigs are prone to heat stroke. They prefer an ambient temperature in the range of 17-27 degrees.

Guinea Pigs_9

For example, hay. Do not use cedar or pine shavings. the oils they contain can be harmful to rodents.

Guinea pigs can be used in large quantities of time and patience!


Learn More About Feeding Guinea Pigs

Remove spoiled filler and stale food from the cells daily. It is recommended to replace the dirty filler and rinse the base of the cage with water. Confirm that the cell base has dried out well.

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Like other rodents, guinea pig teeth grow continuously. It was very important. For this, tree branches are well suited.

It is imperative that you accustom your pets to yourself and your hands. For starters, you can give guinea pigs a small amount of hand-made treats. You can begin to carefully pick them up in turn.

In order to get additional physical activity. You need to carefully check the room or place where you can escape and get lost. All cells must be checked, including electrical wires.

Guinea pigs are very good, but regular brushing will help remove satellites and guinea pigs in good condition. Longhair guinea pigs should be combed daily.

If you think that the guinea pig is sick, do not waste time, show it to the veterinarian immediately. Symptoms of guinea pig diseases include sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, and lethargy. At the same time, guinea pigs are perceived as parasites. If you think your pet is infected for treatment, contact your veterinarian.

What you need for a guinea pig

If you intend to purchase a guinea pig for its maintenance

  • Cell
  • Guinea pig food
  • Litter (filler)
  • Hay
  • Toys
  • Medium flower pot or special sleeping container
  • Comb or brush for hair care
  • Drinking bowl
  • Tree branches or special chewing toys