Guinea Pigs Care, Maintenance, Feeding

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Today we will talk about another funny spray – about a guinea pig. These pets easily go to your home and become good friends.

Fluffy pets are as sociable as they are voracious. So you can better understand your pet.

The nuances of guinea pigs

In nature, guinea pigs usually live in small groups of up to 15 individuals. It is quite active and prefers to rest movement. That’s why, I want to see a spacious cage.

Guinea Pigs Care, Maintenance, Feeding

Determining the dimensions, proceed from the calculation of 0.4 sq. M per pet. All that is needed is to start a family of pigs. The cage should have a wheel and ladders. Talk to her, talk to her, train her so that your pet does not feel alone.

In a well-lit place.

Guinea pigs are thermophilic pets, the temperature in the room should not fall below 18-20 degrees. At the same time, overheating also cannot be assumed that its guinea pigs are much worse than hypothermia.

You can also let the animal out of the cages, but only under your strict control. This is anything, but curious, they want everyone to try it by the teeth, and wires are no exception.

Guinea Pig Care

Guinea pigs are rather slow, so they often need to empty their bladder. Of course, this leads to the appearance of a characteristic odor in the cell. Alas, even a frequent change of litter will not be able to solve the problem. Experienced breeders recommend adding a small amount of granular cat litter to the sawdust, which quickly absorbs liquid and prevents the unpleasant odor from spreading.

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So that you can purchase special combs with rare teeth, as well as a miniature massage brush. Guinea pigs are pretty neat, but no less, you need to carefully comb out the pig’s hair. If you encounter small tangles or tangled wool on the fur coat, it is recommended to trim them with scissors.

Guinea Pigs Care, Maintenance, Feeding

Pigs do not need frequent bathing. If necessary, pets are washed in warm water. After we do this, the pigs need to wrap a heated towel and wait until they are completely dry.

This should be a special focus on hygiene. Overgrown claws must be trimmed with manicure scissors or a special nail clipper.

It is also necessary to pay special attention to caring for guinea pig ears. To do this, you will need a special cotton fabric or a regular napkin.

Guinea pig feeding

The physiological characteristics of the animal require special attention to the nutrition of guinea pigs. The fact is that the fluffy rodent has a very long intestine. Duration up to a week. This is why guinea pig diets should include fiber. In the opposite case, gastrointestinal diseases your pet can not be avoided.

Guinea Pigs Care, Maintenance, Feeding

The menu of a guinea pig must include:

  • Grain (it is recommended to use ready-made grain mixtures that contain oats and wheat bran)
  • Vegetable food (cabbage, carrots, peas)
  • Hay (from autumn to winter is offered to the pet in unlimited quantities)
  • Vitamin C (up to 16 mg per day is acceptable)
  • Twigs of fruit trees for grinding teeth.

If the guinea pig is waiting for offspring, then it can be changed. By the way, a pregnant female carries young during 65 days.