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If you know that this is a very cute and unpretentious animal. Still, you need to know the basic nuances of caring for these babies. Observing them, you can easily increase the life expectancy of guinea pigs.

Today it is known how many guinea pigs live at home – from 5 to 15 years. Such pets can be all the more rodents. Surely over the years the pet will become a favorite and friend of the whole family.

How to feed a guinea pig?

The rules for caring for these animals are very simple. They need to be fed at least 2-3 times a day. What to feed is also easy to remember.

Guinea pigs are herbivores, and their favorite treat is grass, as well as hay and twigs of trees and shrubs. Only freshly picked grass is needed, in which droplets of dew remain.
In addition, for feeding top dressing, almost all vegetables: beets, cabbage, carrots, turnips, pumpkin, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, Jerusalem artichoke, corn. They will also eat fruits: apples, bananas, oranges.

These animals feed on almost 100% grass, so they cannot process vitamins C. Guinea pigs need to get it from food.

Even if it seems to you that it is very harmful, there are boiled sausages or fried pancakes. Sweet, salted, canned, boiled and fried foods are junk food for rodents.
The question arises: how many teeth should guinea pigs have. It is logical, because many are surprised, not found in their pet’s fangs.

But if you remember that the guinea pig is a herbivore, it becomes clear that she does not need fangs. In total, the animals have 20 teeth, having a distance between the teeth and molars, which is characteristic of all types of rodents.

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How to care for a guinea pig?

Every day you need to kill in the feeder and ventilate the room where the pet’s cage is located. It is necessary to do a general cleaning in the cage – thoroughly clean it. Although pigs are unpretentious, they are very afraid of overheating.

It is strictly forbidden to leave these sprays in direct sunlight in a glass jar, aquarium or even a cage. Just a few minutes in this heat can lead to the flexibility of the animal. Also, guinea pigs are afraid of hypothermia and drafts.

Thus, you should have a moderate temperature regime, in a well-lit place, protected from through rays and direct sunlight.

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Guinea pig training

Not everyone knows that these moving animals can be trained, and that they make a little effort and patience. There are no secrets in how to train a guinea pig.

First of all, you need to let the pet get used to the hands of the owner. So that the child does not fall. Time in the cage – give your pet time.

You can train a guinea pig, – a kiss with the owner. You need to take a piece of his favorite treat and put the baby on the level of your face.

And then the children will instinctively reach for your face.

Such guinea pigs are very “social” pets. They become attached to their masters and miss them. I need your attention and affection.

What else is needed for a happy pet life at home? This movement is not a very spacious cell; it is important to let it out for a walk. It is best if you have the opportunity to bring to a fenced area in the garden.

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The so-called “sockets” are very popular among rodent lovers. This unusual breed is also called Abyssinian. Rosette guinea pig looks as if rosettes made of wool are placed on its body. They should be located symmetrically, all of them should be 8.

Unless a guinea pig rosette requires more attention to its fur. This is necessary with more caution.

First of all, the question arose: how much does a guinea pig cost? And another argument for acquiring them. Prices for these animals are low and correspond to the breed. You can find a baby and for 300 rubles, for example, will cost its owners 3000 rubles.