Hanging Guinea Pig House

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Today I will lay out a hammock house for your favorite pigs. contract The idea, unfortunately, is not mine. I wanted to purchase such a product in one place. But. It was terribly expensive that I needed, so I again took up the needle and thread. It was even easier than a hammock. It was 3 times shorter.

In general, here are the materials we need:

  • a piece of dense fabric 1.3 meters wide and 30 cm long (such residues can be in any house, and if not, then in the girlfriend’s house). see (I used my old, unnecessary denim skirt to get them)
  • two-meter piece of sling
  • a piece of inlay (the strap with which the edges are sheathed) 1-1.5
  • a piece of plywood or something similar to create an imitation "gender" in the house
  • four carabiners.
  • plus threads, needles, centimeters, scissors, a lighter and your imagination. Like this:
Hanging Guinea Pig House

First we make a pocket for the so-called "gender"Take your plywood and wrap it once in your long fabric. On the one hand we sew. Like this:

That means it was a ring. the foundation of our house. Like this:

Hanging Guinea Pig House

Now we will allow the sling into two parts and the edges are lit with a lighter so that they do not crumble. And sew them to the intended "the ceiling" at a distance of the width of your plywood, which will break. Firstly, very strong "hanging" house, because there is no need to fear that your plump boar will jump into the house and the strap will fall off. : D

Secondly, providing form, and all we need is the roof of the house. Like this:

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In principle, one can already live in this, but we will go further.

We take our old skirt and cut out pieces of 25×35 cm from it. We sew them into our products from the side to form a cube. I did it outward, because I wanted to hooligan and make a style "deliberate negligence"I can solve it for myself. Please note that the fabric should not roll too much.

Now we make the entrances to our house. To do this, measure the diameter of the future entrance circle. Like this:

After that, I ran for a long time in search of something of a similar diameter. Found in husbands "gadgets".This is a disc box cover.

Fabrics and cutouts with nail scissors are slightly smaller. Then she took on the role of the ordinary, only when she was in good shape, and she looked carefully. Like this:

Now you can expose the pocket with plywood so that it is not opened under the weight of the pig (you can sew on Velcro for gluing). So:

Now we take carabiners and tie knots around them. They can make it possible to adjust the height of the suspension of the house according to our desire. Like this:

And now. (drum roll!) we hang the house in a cage and adjust the height of the straps. Like this:

I. Voila! enjoy the undisguised interest of animals in the new toy! Like this:

My pigs generally like all such new little things sewn from fabric. They always had a hammock in frantic demand. Again, I add that diversifies the approaches to the manufacture of this house. great variety! Just do as you please. You can generally exclude the cost of materials. The main thing. your desire and imagination!