Homemade Guinea Pig Houses

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Homemade Guinea Pig Houses

There must be a house in the cage of a small child, but with such an accessory, the pet’s life will be much more comfortable and pleasant. How to make a house for a guinea pig with your own hands?

Does a guinea pig need a cage house

Friendly and sociable guinea pigs like to spend time in his company. Sometimes they need all aspects of life, and they need a common look and rest from the outside world.

And a loving owner should take care of a safe haven for a small pet, equipped with a cage, a cozy and comfortable house. In it, not only sleep, but also feast on your favorite treat or just hide, afraid of a loud sound.

Thus, he will occupy most of his time while the owner is busy with his affairs.

Guinea pig house

Basic requirements for the house.

Open space

The house can be quite large and roomy, both in an upright position and in a horizontal position.

Wide entrance

The house should not be stuck in the aisle.


This is one of the main requirements when choosing a housing for guinea pigs. It is unacceptable that the parts of the accessory be coated with paint or varnish. After all, a guinea pig can taste its “apartment”.


Particular attention should be paid to inspecting the appearance of the structure. No need to stick out the tips of screws or nails. It is recommended to choose a house without sharp corners and pointed ornaments.

Good ventilation

For free air circulation in the walls, holes should be cut out (preferably round or oval). And here there are small narrow gaps in the house.

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Important: for a guinea pig, it is better to choose a house without a bottom. There should be no garbage in the house, but in the restroom.

Materials and tools for making houses

Made of wood or plastic. Can you use housing for a small pet?

Homemade houses are made from:

  • sheets of wooden plywood;
  • cardboard boxes;
  • metal lattice covered with fabric;
  • old ceramic pots;
Homemade Guinea Pig Houses

So you can use a flower pot

  • thick cardboard;
  • sewer plastic pipes;
  • segments of the children’s designer;
  • plastic food containers;
  • plastic kitchen drawers.

The most durable and durable housing for a rodent is, of course, a wooden house. Even considering the fact that the guinea pig will use its own materials for teeth, they must be made of sheet metal.

It depends on the personal addiction of the owner and his skill.

DIY wooden house for a guinea pig

The most common housing option for animals is a house made of wooden plywood. Build it yourself is not so difficult.

Stages of building a house:

  1. Prepared the necessary tools and materials (plywood sheets, a saw, a ruler, a pencil, nails, a hammer and sandpaper).
  2. Four rectangular elements for the walls and one rectangular part, which served as the roof, are directed. Housing dimensions are calculated based on the size of the cells and the dimensions of the animal. The most suitable parameters: length – 45, width – 35, height. 25 centimeters.
  3. Cut out all the details. A wide entrance hole is cut through the front wall. Windows are made on the side walls.
  4. The edges of the cut sheets are carefully sanded so that there are no burrs.
  5. With the help of nails connecting all the parts to make them not finished ends and caps of nails.
  6. Ready for the finished wooden box. Clean the product from the saw with a brush and wipe it with a dry cloth.
  7. Carefully inspect the house in the pet’s cage.
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It is important that this material is made from oak, cherry or cream, as they are harmful to animal health.

How to make a house out of a cardboard box

It is made of cardboard box. This option does not require efforts or special skills from the owner.

For this, only a box was needed.

A large hole was opened on one of the walls of the box, and an exit was cut on the opposite wall. On the side walls, it is desirable to cut windows so that fresh air enters the house. Pets for housewarming.

House made of plastic pipe

You can make a house for fluffy spray from a triple plastic pipe remaining after repair or replacement of the sewer. For this purpose, you need to use a knee or tee.

Homemade Guinea Pig Houses

Options for houses from pipes

Guinea pig, you can get warmer and more comfortable. Moreover, it can destroy the structure and swallow plastic.

Instructions for manufacturing a fabric house

It turns out to be very beautiful a house in the form of a camping tent or hut.

The basis of this requirement is the use of a metal mesh, which bends in a semicircle and attaches to a piece of cardboard. Then tighten the metal frame with a dense fabric. To make the house more comfortable, a piece of padding polyester can be placed under the fabric. There is also a piece of fabric in the back wall. The house has a comfortable pet hut ready.

Making a house out of cardboard

To clerical knives or any other non-toxic glue were needed.

Homemade Guinea Pig Houses

It’s not difficult to build a house out of cardboard

  1. Drawings are made on cardboard, drawing the walls and the roof of the future product. The size of the house is calculated based on the dimensions of the pet. The length of the walls should not be less than 45, width 30, height 20 centimeters.
  2. Cut out all the details.
  3. They connect the walls of the structure with glue and glue the roof.
  4. Leave a request for a few hours.
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Plastic guinea pig houses

For the manufacture of a plastic container or an old plastic box for kitchen utensils.

Homemade Guinea Pig Houses

Any plastic container on the farm can be adapted as a house

To do this, select the appropriate hole. You can use all the inputs and outputs for your pet.

Important: plastic is harmful to the body of guinea pigs, so if a pet sprays its plastic house, it is better for him to kill from cages, the proposed safer option from wood or cardboard.

The choice of materials for the manufacture of housing is wide enough. Each owner will be able to craft such an accessory with his own hands without much effort.

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