How Many Guinea Pigs Live At Home

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There is a stereotype that the life span of an animal depends on its size: the smaller the animal, the shorter its carefree fate. However, guinea pigs can live for more than 10 years.

Where the guinea pig lives longer – in the wild or in the cage

This is an encyclopedic question for which there is no single answer for 3 reasons:

  • the life span depends not only on living conditions, but also on nature;
  • a caring host can extend the duration of existence at the expense of good care;
  • in the wild, natural selection of guinea pigs occurs.

Parents who buy animals, children, are interested in how many guinea pigs live at home, because the pain of losing a beloved pet is a great stress for a child. Life expectancy depends on the breed and care.

How long do guinea pigs of different breeds live?

Animals of different breeds live in different numbers of years. Breeds formed in the wild went through natural selection: only the strongest individuals survived. Therefore, such rodents live to 10-12 years.

How Many Guinea Pigs Live At Home

We offer to compare the life expectancy of different breeds of guinea pigs using the table:

Sheltie (Silky, Silk)

How to extend the life of a guinea pig

It is generally accepted that they are a breeding method, live less. It is a fact that breeders were not interested in pet health, but in color — aesthetic characteristics. It all depends on life expectancy.

  • Conditions of detention: if you want the owner to monitor the air temperature, then the lower risk was abandoned due to hypothermia or heat stroke. The litter changes regularly and the cell is washed out – the probability of infectious, viral diseases decreases.
  • Nutrition: A balanced diet is important so that the pig does not lose weight or get fat. You also need to learn the characteristics of the breed and the time of year. Food is needed to maintain body temperature, so cereals are important. The beauty of long and curled wool depends on vitamins – emphasis on vegetables. In winter, animals need more energy, so they feed them denser. Compared to the fact that nurseries reduce heat by 10-15%.
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How Many Guinea Pigs Live At Home

  • Disease the danger is not in the diseases themselves – it is important to notice the first symptoms in a timely manner. So the animal is bad.

In marine life – 15 years. How did it succeed? The thing is that she was scrupulously looked after. Do you want your guinea pig to live longer? – Bookmark this site so that useful articles are always at hand.