How Many Years Have Guinea Pigs Of Different Breeds Lived?

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How Many Years Have Guinea Pigs Of Different Breeds Lived?

Our article will talk about how many guinea pigs live at home, what factors affect age indicators, as well as an explanation of how to grow an animal into a human body.

average life expectancy

Unlike other rodents living 2-3 years, guinea pigs are considered long-livers, which bribes future owners.

The small animals that originated in the countries of South America gained popularity all over the world after the visit of Europeans who transported them to other continents. Numerous breeding works, allowed to breed new species, reduced the natural life expectancy. The pig living in the wild can live up to 10 years. In this case, the duration depends entirely on external conditions (climate, predators).

At home, guinea pigs live from 5 to 7 years.

Life expectancy depends on many factors.

IMPORTANT! The English record was set by the English language, which did not reach the mark of 15 years (it was not enough for 2 months).

The effect of interbreed differences

Among the factors affecting the life span of guinea pigs, belongs to the breed (although of all the reasons it plays the least role).

Existing varieties can be divided into 3 large groups.


Such pets require careful grooming and live on average about 5-6 years. These include:

  1. Peruvian. Hair length and hairstyle required.
  2. Rosette (Abyssinian). The bizarre growth of wool remains a multidirectional view, a pattern of curls with clear borders ("sockets"). For animals exhibiting at exhibitions, the amount of these curls is important.
  3. Sheltie. The coat is in the open side.
  4. Coronet. The long-haired result of crossing “sheltie” and “baptist”, distinguished by a “crown” of wool.
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Owners of short hair do not have complicated care. able to live up to 8 years. These include:

  1. Crested. The woolen white “rosette” on the head takes the form of a “crown”.
  2. American One of the most popular types of animals with short hair. The classic version with a smooth, shiny coat that does not have “rosettes” or “crowns”.
  3. Texel. Therefore, more thorough care is expected than other representatives of this group.
  4. Himalayan. A rare breed with a unique Siamese cat color. Despite the lack of official recognition, this affected the final cost.
  5. Royal ("Rex"). It has no core hairs, but has a dense and elastic fur.
  6. American teddy. The thick coat has chocolate or light sand colors and consists of hard hairs.


Hypoallergenic breed of bald rodents, bred by dermatologists, live about 5 years (in rare cases, the mark reaches 8). These include:

  1. Skinny. Wool is present only on the legs and face.
  2. Baldwin. Possess elastic skin devoid of hair follicles. A newborn star is distinguished by the presence of a fur coat, disappearing a couple of months after its birth.

Due to the fact that this is explained by the simplicity of care and the absence of specific diseases.

IMPORTANT! It is worth giving the job to breeders. Thanks to painstaking work, they were able to increase the average life expectancy in bald breeds. Initially, such pets were characterized by weak immunity, reducing the maximum age to the level of other small rodents (hamsters, rats).

Factors Affecting Life Span

How long a guinea pig lives depends not only on its breed. The final figure consists of a number of other more important factors.

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Conditions of detention

Houses need vigorous activity, so it is important to maintain and stimulate his physical activity. To do this, you will need:

  • a spacious cage or terrarium (40x30cm per 1 pig), providing freedom of movement;
  • sets of designs for games that bring not only physical, but also moral satisfaction;
  • periodic walking, allowing you to breed paws on a larger area in the home or on the street.

For pet health, it is important to monitor:

  • consisting of his coat, loss of color and loss;
  • the number of baths can be only in necessary cases and with the use of special hypoallergenic shampoos (it necessarily dries the phenomenon after bathing to avoid hypothermia);
  • litter quality, avoiding questionable or unsuitable fillers for individual parameters;
  • healthy eyes and ears, their general condition;
  • the speed of the teeth necessary for this purpose (excessive length can lead to death due to starvation);
  • claws, shortening them with a claw cutter in case of impossibility of independent grinding;
  • temperature conditions during bathing (not

IMPORTANT! You can confirm the correspondence of the weight and the weight of the animal by measuring weight. A monthly animal weighs about 0.5 kg. In 1 year and 3 months, the maximum indicators reach 1 kg in the female and 2 kg in males, and the minimum – 0.7 kg and 1 kg, respectively.

Due to the rapid development of the pet, the age is about 10-15 years. Consider how many years can be given to guinea pigs.