How Old Are Guinea Pigs?

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Guinea pigs were domesticated thousands of years ago. Therefore, the question of life expectancy was not raised. Later, when these animals turned into pets, a logical question arose, how many years live guinea pigs at home and in the wild?

Guinea pigs in the wild

The number of years in which guinea pigs live depends on the presence of a favorable habitat, as well as on many other factors, such as temperature, sufficient feed and drinking water. After an attack on predators. This figure is less than two, or even three times.

How Old Are Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs next to a man

How old have domestic guinea pigs been living? Up to 8 years, up to 8 years. Fixed cases of “longevity” – pets pleased their owners for 13-15 years.

The life span of domesticated rodents depends on the underlying conditions. As such are:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Individual health features;
  • Food quality;
  • Habitat and care

It is impossible to influence the first factor. But to regulate the rest quite by force even to the busy owner.

The nuances of care

Guinea pigs are quite unpretentious. They can please their owner.

  • The cage should be spacious, up to one and a half square meters per inhabitant. In order to live a lifestyle, you need to equip transitions, hammocks, bridges.
  • Pigs are clean animals. Their house is odorless. At least once a week.
  • The place for the cells should be chosen taking into account the absence of direct rays of the sun, drafts and noise.
  • The temperature regime can vary from 17 to 21 C. However, shorthair and “bald” breeds (for example, baldwin) are preferably contained in a warmer environment. The minimum temperature for such individuals should be 5-10 degrees higher.
  • Representatives of long hair (for example, guinea pigs and sheltie) need to be combed and the coat should be kept clean and dry.
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Remember how many years guinea pigs live at home directly depends on the owner of the pet.

Power Features

Diet should be varied and balanced, rich in micro and macro elements, as well as vitamins.

In nutrition, a balance must be maintained between juicy and dry types of food. For example, the volume of hay should be approximately 60% of the daily intake. Feeding in the form of cereals and seeds – about 20% each part.

How Old Are Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are true vegetarians. It is necessary to exclude the consumption of eggs, meat and milk.

We recommend including ready-made solid feed. Different products allow you to choose between different ingredients and their concentration.

More details on how to feed a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs have a peculiarity – they easily overeat, which directly affects their health. Some experts recommend weighing animals.

The incisors grow quickly, which may result in malocclusion, which can lead to malnutrition or refusal to eat.

Therefore, mineral stone, solid food, twigs and chocks are a necessary element for animal teeth in good condition.


Of course, in order for it to be healthy, the conditions of its maintenance and the gastrointestinal tract, vitamin deficiency, muscle atrophy and other diseases must be fulfilled.

How Old Are Guinea Pigs?

Cardiovascular diseases, infections, and health problems can be affected. You need to contact a specialist.

Summing up and asking how many years guinea pigs live, approximate figures can be given. Life expectancy – about 4-6 years, pets with proper care – easily live up to 8-10 years.

Surprise your beloved with more attention, play with him, look after him and surround him with care, and your pig will delight you.