How To Care For Guinea Pigs

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It was one of the best pets for children. They never bite and are non-aggressive. However, in case of irritation, the maximum is able to hit the offender with his teeth. By the way, guinea pigs are very attached to humans and are very fond of being stroked. They give me great pleasure.

However, guinea pigs need care. Unlike dogs, houses take up little space.

How to bathe guinea pigs?

Experts advise bathing animals in the sink, in the basin, well, or in the bathroom. Do not pour too much water, otherwise the pig may be frightened. Or try to wash the animal under a watering can soul. Pieces of tissue should be placed on the bottom of the sink or basin so that the legs of the mumps do not slip.

Buy a guinea pig in warm water. We need to gently wool along the entire body with a small bucket or cup (or shower head). Do not pour water on the head of the animal. The animal. Wetting and lathering the hair around the head, press the auricles with your fingers to the head. Thus, water and foam do not get into the ears.

Next, distribute the shampoo over the hair with massaging movements. Avoid contact with eyes and eyes. Wipe the muzzle with a damp cloth later.

It is worth noting that some of them can be calm. However, more often animals try to jump out. So keep them in your hand always. Remember that the soapy pig is very slippery. She is not far away.

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After you massage the animal with foam, rinse it with clean water.

After such a procedure, long-haired pigs should be treated with hair balm. After that it will be easier to comb the hair and it will be pleasant to the pig itself. In addition, it is worth evenly distributing throughout the body of the animal with massaging movements. Rinse again.

How to care for a guinea pig?

It is necessary to take care of the claws of guinea pigs. Particular attention should be paid to the claws of old animals. They can not be washed, but can interfere with walking. In this case, they must be trimmed using ordinary nail scissors.

In some individuals, blood vessels can be detected. Therefore, it stands under the light of a table lamp. Only there you can cut off part of the claw without causing discomfort to the animal.

It is extremely difficult to identify blood vessels. Handles need to be handled with extreme care. Leave the piece with a slightly slanted thought. Then I can’t lose my normal form. Better if a new cutting edge extends across the claw. If blood appears on the cut, gently pat it with a cotton swab moistened with water. And if the bleeding is strong, then drag the foot with a bandage. However, before killing an infection with a cell, carefully kill it there to prevent infection from entering the wound.

Between bathing, a guinea pig must be combed. Shorthair animals do not need to be combed out, but if desired, you can comb the hair with a soft brush. It is necessary to comb at least every other day, paying special attention to the stomach and paws. It is here that fallen wool accumulates, straws or excrement get mixed up. Rolled wool is best cut off. The pellets need to be chopped off with pieces of wool. It is worth noting that during the molting period, you need to comb the pigs with any hair.

How To Care For Guinea Pigs