How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage

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Choosing a cage for your favorite pet is not easy. Various factors are needed regarding animal requirements, ease of care, and size. A variety of options pleases, but not all options. This article will help determine the choice of suitable housing for the pig.

How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage

What are the cells for guinea pigs

The guinea pig cage can be in the form of an aquarium or terrarium, dune or trellised. Are cages suitable for rodent maintenance?


This glass container is rectangular in shape. The tightly closed walls prevent the spread of filler around the "apartments" of the animal and drafts. But in such a home there is no air ventilation. Animals breathe stale air, animal feces multiply faster, which leads to animal diseases.

I do not recommend it.

Such a dwelling is more like a plastic container. Its upper part is made with a lattice door, the lower part is blind. The advantages of this type include: cleanliness around cells, mobility.

How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage

Disadvantages: lack of adequate ventilation, modest size.

The dune type device is convenient for going with the animal to the veterinarian or for moving. The animal needs a more spacious version.


A cage for pigs is the most suitable option, consisting of a plastic pallet with high walls and a trellised top. The fact that the walls and roof of this type are latticed allows air to circulate constantly inside the cells. Hammocks, nipple drinkers, and salt stones also attach to the gratings. Convenience of carrying, small size.


Another type of home. Aviaries are fences that limit a certain area. The walls of the aviary can be made of wood or metal grilles. Such designs do not have a roof and a pallet. Everything that they have is well ventilated, air can be collected with their own hands. The walls of such devices should be at least 40 centimeters.

A two-story cage dangerous for pigs. It is difficult for animals to maneuver in such small areas. There is a risk of falling, this can lead to injury to the animal. For pigs, a large cage is needed.

Guinea pig cage size

Mumps are very active animals. They need a lot of time. Therefore, large cells are suitable for them. In city apartments it is not always possible to find a large space for a pet. Veterinarians recommend not only one square meter of area. The ceiling height must be at least 40 centimeters so that they can stand on the hind legs.

If you want to get by in a small cage, in which the pig will rest at night. So that he could run in plenty. Water and sleeper.

At any time of the year it will be useful to spend time in the fresh air. Owners put aviaries on a summer cottage and let their pets frolic on grass.

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How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage


The pet should be comfortable and clean. For pigs, one-story structures are suitable, with solid shelves and ramps. Lattice surfaces are not suitable, as they can get stuck on the feet. Stand for plastic pallet. The mount must be strong so that the structure can be moved with the pet inside. If there is no room for a shelf in the cage, then its role can be played by the roof of the rest house.

The animal should easily reach the animal without injuring it; a wide door is needed.

The distance between the rods is recommended to choose about 2.5 centimeters. Such gaps did not allow the animal to get stuck. Before use it is necessary to check the design for sharp corners and crevices. If they are, then this is how dangerous it is for the animal.

The place where the pet will spend a large amount of time should be quiet and calm, hidden from sunlight and drafts. If the pet lives alone, then lives in the family members house.


In the production of housing for pigs, 3 types of materials can participate.

How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage

The durable material that pallets are made of. It easily enters into a relationship with liquids. But it easily scratches and loses its appearance over time.

Stainless steel bars are made. They are durable, do not absorb odors and are easy to clean.

Partitions for the aviary, shelves are made of wood. This material is safe, but it has flaws. Wooden parts absorb odors and are difficult to wash. Straw teeth and wooden objects that lead to an unpresentable appearance or complete disappearance of pieces of wood.

Tarpaulin is used as a floor covering in a pet’s cage. It needs to be caged to protect surfaces. This material takes up little space.

Popular manufacturers

A popular design for pigs is the product of the Russian company triol. The company offers a wide range of accessories and household items for small rodents. The devices are of high quality, enamelled stainless steel grilles. Some models have a slatted bottom for better ventilation. Such a cage for a guinea pig costs from 1,500 to 5,000 rubles.

The Italian company Ferplast produces wooden, metal and plastic dwellings. The design is made of video materials. The grill is covered with a mixture of pet’s sharp teeth. Models of such designs have shelves, ramps, an additional pallet for the streets. In the cells of this company there are hinged door-walls that facilitate cleaning.

Ferplast cages provide additional accessories that your pet needs for a comfortable life.

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The price is from 3 to 5 thousand rubles. Convenience and comfort are more important than the price of the cage in which the pet will feel excellent.

A firm in the Midwest meant that on cages. A tarpaulin bottom is attached to the lattice walls and the roof from below. This design is easy to clean, has a spacious area and includes partitions and ramps.

How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage

The design of the sections allows you to transform in a single context, you can also connect several structures together and arrange a large corral.

The cost of the aviary is about 6000 rubles.

The Belgian chest maker offers comfortable cages with hinged doors. Thanks to this, it is convenient to deliver pets and home decoration.

Manufacturers of Italian imac cages provide comfortable designs made with quality materials. The design is made of plastic. Inside the house is equipped with a shelf and a ramp. Doors are in the walls and in the roof. The cost of such a device is from 4 to 9 thousand rubles.

The number of options for finished designs for pigs provides ample opportunities. But you can also make a cell yourself. This will allow you to learn the features of the conditions of the animal and the possibility of accommodation.

The cost of cages for guinea pigs may be lower. The time has come when the old owner discovered an allergy to wool. I can find completely cheap cells.

How to do it yourself

A homemade cell has several advantages:

  • The use of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Consumables spend less money.
  • The design and dimensions of the device are suitable for the individual parameters of the room in which the pet will live.

How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage

Recommended sizes for the base are 70 cm on the short side and 100 cm on the long side. For two pets, the length should be at least 140 cm, for three pets – 170 cm, for four – 210 cm. The roof height should be at least 40 cm.

To make the cell you will need:

Production begins with marking on flattened cardboard. All you need is 15 centimeters on each side. Shallow cuts are made with a knife along the lines of the drawing. Then the cardboard is covered with tape, gluing strips tightly to each other or with an overlap. Then you need to fix it with tape.

The pre-harvested grate is cut according to the parameters of the base, assembled, fastened with screeds. The resulting structure is inserted into a cardboard base. Housing is ready.

The width of the lattice clearance is recommended to choose 2.5 centimeters. It will be impossible, because it is impossible.

It is recommended to equip the guinea pig cage with partitions, shelves and other devices for animal entertainment. Shelves and ramps must be made of wood. The extreme elements need to be attached with stops so that the pet understands where the surface ends.

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Where to place the cage

To create conditions for a comfortable life, it is necessary to use the temperature regime, the absence of cold air flows, the presence of heating devices and sunlight. Should not stand closer than half a meter from the cage.

In the room where the pet lives, the air temperature is set at 18 to 20 degrees, humidity – 50%.

How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage

Need a distance of 30 centimeters.

Pigs are rather shy animals, from constant loud noises they may manifest stress. Frequent stresses lead to depression. Because there is no TV, loud barking dogs and other noise irritants.

In addition, the room should be bright, with good air circulation. This room is recommended to be regularly ventilated, but the pet should not be allowed to get into the draft. For this at home or in the airing room.

Smells should not be placed in a room with freshly painted walls, smells of prepared dishes, a smoking room or a room adjacent to it, just as pungent smells are also uncomfortable for pigs. It should be bright, but there should not be direct rays. Since the animal quickly overheats. It harms his health.

Arrangement of guinea pig cages

In order to have the dimensions necessary for the pet, a minimum of furniture is needed: a drinking bowl, a feeding trough, a sennik, a tray, a house. Animals love space and run, so it is not worth cluttering up a small space with unnecessary accessories. If the space allows you to lay out additional accessories and entertainment, then this will not hurt the animal. Stairs, houses, labyrinths. All of these elements must be safe for the animal.

How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage

To save space, it is best to eat. There are models with retractable feeders. If you need to feed inside the cage, it is better to choose ceramic heavy models with wide tubes or containers that can be attached to the grill to avoid tipping over.

It is recommended that you select a house with two openings for entry and exit. The house must choose no floor. A holiday home with a flat roof will serve as shelves if a safe ramp is brought up on the porch.

Proper arrangement of the cells will provide a comfortable life for the animal, as well as allow the owner to easily flood order in the house.

At the bottom, it is necessary to pour filler. It must breed regularly in order to breed.

How To Choose And Equip A Guinea Pig Cage