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Why does guinea pig hay?

Why hay guinea pig

To begin with, let’s recall what the guinea pig is for. This occurs during the normal digestion of your pet. It is necessary to monitor its quality. It should be harvested from pure grass, bright green in color. It is forbidden to bear in mind that everything is in order. An animal that can be forgotten and killed, which caused his death, because you properly looked after him. That is why in order to monitor the quality of life, you do not need to trust the health of animals.

giving pigs fresh wet grass is strictly prohibited, only hay.

Self Provisioning Rules

Promodon, walking areas for domestic or farm animals. It is better to choose grass growing in a clearing or lawn in the wilderness.

In order not to pluck a poisonous plant. Below we list the poisonous plants and herbs:

  • Colchicum autumn (winter wintry meadow),
  • Wingfly,
  • Hemlock (spotted omega),
  • Wrestlers, or aconites,
  • Milestone Poisonous (Tsikuta),
  • Wild mustard (field),
  • The dope is smelly,
  • Larks sowing (cornflowers),
  • Marsh marigold,
  • Cockle,
  • Buttercups
  • Milkweed
  • Digitalis,
  • Lumbago
  • Wild radish
  • Hellebore,
  • Celandine is big.
How To Choose And Prepare

Even if it looks juicy and bright green, if it looks like poisonous. A guinea pig may die if it is eaten.

A serious injury in the house must be caused by infection or parasites.

You can dry the collected grass even on the balcony, on paper or material, the main thing is that the newspaper is not used.

After the grass is dried, it can be complicated in a fabric bag.
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How to choose good hay for guinea pig

It looks good hay

The tale for your pet has passed. In this case, you have to do the winter period. Our tips will help you choose a good product for your pet.

  • If it is already brown enough. The dark color of the dry grass may indicate that the hay is wet. Dry grass may suggest that the grass is late or dried not quite right. Accordingly, there is nothing useful for your guinea pig.
  • Good hay should be with a grassy smell, dark green in color, interspersed with yellowness, but not more than 15%.
  • The unpleasant odor emanating from the Seine suggests that it cannot be dried, it can be in putrid organizers and even mold. If you tried to do this, then dust will come from it. Veterinarians do not recommend giving guinea pigs such dry grass.
  • If the length of the hay is not very long, it means that he harvested the first mowing grass from the grass. It is very good. Indeed, young grass contains the most vitamins. This is all it takes to feed his pet.

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