How To Contain And How To Feed A Guinea Pig

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How To Contain And How To Feed A Guinea Pig

The guinea pig is very beautiful and at the same time calm animal. Today it’s quite common to keep her as a pet. There are understandable reasons for this.

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Guinea pig maintenance and care

In length Guinea pigs can grow from 25 to 35 cm. The weight of the male of this animal can be from 800 to 1500 grams, and females from 600 to 1200 grams. The color of guinea pigs may vary by breed. However, fairly common shades of their coat are grayish brown and yellowish beige. The abdomen is usually a lighter shade. Often Guinea pigs used in laboratories as experimental material.

Various guinea pig breeds The structural dimensions, length and coloring of the coat vary. Among the breeds stand out such as selfie, agouti, sheltie, merino, texel and others. Domestic guinea pigs are a separate species of animals, in many respects different from their wild relatives. The differences relate to both the structure of the body and the methods of nutrition.

Guinea pig cage

How To Contain And How To Feed A Guinea Pig

First of all, you should think about the cell.

  • Guinea pig cage should be quite spacious and have a plastic pallet.
  • The height of the cells must be at least 40 cm so that the animal can be inserted into its hind legs and even bounce slightly.
  • The cage must be placed in a well-lit place. However, drafts should be avoided.
  • On the pallet there should be a litter with sawdust or shavings. It needs to be changed regularly, at least twice a week.
  • If under a layer of sawdust lay a newspaper. You need to put hay or dry grass. They can also be fertilizing.
  • The cage should have a container with food and a bowl for drinking. Drink water should be changed regularly.
  • It is also recommended to equip a special house with various loopholes in the cage.
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The optical temperature for guinea pigs does not exceed 22 degrees. Humidity should not be more than 70%. Guinea pigs like to walk both in nature and in the home of the house. However, they can do without them quite calmly.

How to feed a guinea pig?

  • Feed the guinea pig with high-quality hay. Access at any time. Guinea pigs are often eaten, but not enough.
  • In addition to dry grass, guinea pigs can be fed with various cereal products.
  • They are well absorbed and distinguish mixed feed.
  • Feed guinea pigs need twice a day.
  • Servings should be relatively small.
  • Sometimes this animal can be fed apples, carrots, beets, cucumbers, etc. However, vegetables should not be grated.
  • Also, do not give them sweet fruits or berries.

    Breeding Guinea Pigs

    Females of guinea pigs become capable of breeding already on the 30-35th day of their life. The age of the male in this regard is increased to 65-75 days. However, only in the fourth to fifth month. If you need to split them into two halves in advance.