How To Extend The Terms Of Their Existence?

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All these cute animals ask a question: how many guinea pigs live at home? This may be due to many factors, which we will consider in this article.

How To Extend The Terms Of Their Existence?

General information

A domestic guinea pig is a small but very dedicated animal that coexists perfectly in any family. The most important thing. she is unpretentious and very attached to her master. There are even cases when, upon seeing a person, an animal began to squeak with joy. Their wild ancestors were leaner and more mobile than domesticated descendants. There are various breeds, or species of guinea pigs. The main ones. this:

  • long-haired;
  • Shorthair
  • naked.

They have a large length.

How many guinea pigs live at home?

The average life expectancy of guinea pigs is 5-8 years. Animals that delight their owners are more time consuming. At the moment, the story is known for the guinea pig, which has lived for 15 years. By the way, it is inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records. What can an animal owner do to extend his life? Below we will talk about this in more detail.



How many guinea pigs live at home? For their longevity, an important factor is nutrition. The diet of the guinea pig should be composed as follows:

  • 60% dry feeding, moderate hay;
  • 20%. solid fodder (peas, grain, corn);
  • 20%. juicy food (vegetables and greens).

Missa should have two compartments: for dry and juicy food. Fresh water must always be in the cage of guinea pigs in order to attach it to the wall.

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Besides what they consider very clean animals. If you have a long-haired guinea pig, then you do not need to comb her hair daily so that she does not get confused and does not create discomfort. This usually occurs as needed in the coat. If you suspect an animal or in a hospital, then immediately contact them yourself.


Release guinea pig from the cells daily, at least for several hours. However, you may be surprisingly surprised to see burnt wires and bitten slippers.

So now you know how guinea pigs live at home.