How To Feed A Guinea Pig

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Only with proper and proper nutrition will your pet be healthy and able to endure offspring. Consider the basic rules regarding how to feed a guinea pig.

What can not feed guinea pigs?

These small animals can be very large, not even doubting. If you do not want the death of an animal. Here is a list of what guinea pigs cannot be fed:

How To Feed A Guinea Pig
  • canned, salted or fried foods. Avoid spices and sweets;
  • do not give guinea pigs potatoes, beans and onions;
  • meat products, milk and bread;
  • this is a vegetarian animal.

How to feed a guinea pig?

We must feed the guinea pig without risking the animal’s health. Guinea pigs. rodents, so the ration should become solid food. Your pet’s approximate diet consists of 60% hay, 20% succulent feed, and 20% food.

  • fruits: pears, apples, bananas;
  • greens: lettuce, parsley with dill, dandelion and plantain leaves;
  • vegetables: beets, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes with cucumbers, sweet peppers and corn.

In some cases (pregnancy, feeding newborns). You must properly feed the guinea pig, as this is directly related to the life of the pet.

How to feed a pregnant guinea pig?

In addition to the constant rest of the future, material and proper nutrition is necessary. Food should be rich in vitamins and protein. At first, the portion should be increased by a third. The need for food should double. Take care of the female’s constant access to fluid.

How To Feed A Guinea Pig

Cells and cells are transported by water and proven milk. Voditsa should be thirsty, so water should be changed more often. During pregnancy, the female needs food with vitamins. Offer her carrots, alfalfa, sprouted wheat grains and beets. It is better to drink tomato juice or rose hip infusion. If a pregnant woman should have three to four times a day.

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How to feed small guinea pigs?

After being born so that you do not have milk, and then the question arises of what to feed the newborn guinea pigs. In this case, it takes on the role. For feeding you will need 10% cream, Linex and a kitchen scale.

You need to feed the babies with cream every hour for 1 ml. There may be a need for night feeding at least twice. In a syringe (without a needle) for insulin we collect cream and add a tenth of the size of Linex capsule there. It is very neatly pulled out a bit. Before feeding, the cream is warmed to room temperature.

After a week, you can gradually offer a milk-free instant porridge for children. In a cage, you can put a bowl with hercules, carrots and an apple. Also sprinkle dry feed and hay.