How To Make A Drinker And Teach A Guinea Pig To It

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Contrary to its name, guinea pigs are purely land creatures. Moreover, they do not tolerate dampness in their home. These are constant access to water. About how it is allowed to indicate a dilemma, and use the plug for guinea pigs, and we will discuss further.

Which drinker is best for guinea pig

There is no single answer to this question. Existing drinking bowls, winning in other ways.


In natural conditions, people living in natural conditions live. Water in springs on the ground. Therefore, any container located on the floor corresponds to the most comfortable location of the animal in relation to drinking.

However, the practice of making serious adjustments to these theoretical calculations:

  1. Really convenient for animals, which quickly degrades the quality of the drink.
  2. Water from the floor fluid inevitably spreads out, which is very dangerous for these animals in the peninsula.
How To Make A Drinker And Teach A Guinea Pig To It

Not only some owners use floor drinkers, but also all ceramic products with high sides.


Massive body and short neck. The possibility of keeping them clean.

Suspended oils have undeniable advantages in the form of exceptions, which allow shedding liquids on the litter and create the best dampness. In addition, subject to timely replacement of water by animals and animals.

How To Make A Drinker And Teach A Guinea Pig To It

How to make a do-it-yourself drinker for a guinea pig

Nipple from handle body

The design of an automatic nipple drinker made by hand from the plastic case of an ordinary ballpoint pen has proven itself very well.

To do this, you need the following materials and tools:

  • the plastic case of a cheap ballpoint pen;
  • ball from the bearing, the cylinder diameter allows it to freely pass into the handle housing;
  • hacksaw;
  • sandpaper or file;
  • file;
  • ballpoint pen spring;
  • wooden peg.
How To Make A Drinker And Teach A Guinea Pig To It

The process of manufacturing an automatic nipple drinker is not very complicated:

  1. The ball must be lowered into the handle housing.
  2. At the tapering end of the handle body, the lower edge of the ball should be noted.
  3. Cut off part of the body using the hacksaw mark.
  4. Having lowered the ball again into the body, check its position – it should be flush with the sawn edge of the handle.
  5. Using a file or sandpaper, grind off the sawn edge a millimeter.
  6. It should protrude from the hole by a millimeter.
  7. Blow into housing to check for air passage.
  8. Release the burr hole.
  9. When the air stops passing, the drinkers are ready for use at a low water pressure.
  10. It neutralizes this excessive pressure, which may interfere with the use of the animal.
  11. To do this, add a spring from ballpoint pens.
  12. For this, it is necessary to insert wooden pegs of rectangular shape, which will allow water to pass into the ball, while its pressure is reduced. The peg lowers into contact with the spring, tightly entering the handle housing.
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Video: how to make a nipple drinker yourself

From a plastic bottle

This type of drinking bowl is made even simpler than the previous one with:

  • a plastic bottle of small capacity, but not less than 250 ml;
  • drinking tubs equipped with a corrugated knee;
  • scissors;
  • hammer;
  • a nail 120 mm long;
  • fine wire.

How to attach a drinker to a cage

These animals do not really like that they need to be regularly replenished and cleaned, usually attached to the cage using wire or rubber bands.

How to teach a guinea pig to a drinker

Guinea pigs are smart animals and quickly think of how to get water from a drinking device. For example, to a drinking bowl. The rodent teaches water and begins to try to get it.

If you want this to get, then you should see everything you want to get to lick the animal. After that, he draws water from a drinking bowl.

Drinking Water

About 200 ml of water is required per day. If this animal were not needed a drinker or drinks very little. In this case, the mumps can be absolutely healthy.

The presence of odors as well as contamination of the device itself. To check the quality of the water in it.

In rare cases, animal specimens are found. For such animals have to put outdoor containers.

How To Make A Drinker And Teach A Guinea Pig To It

Making a drinking bowl for guinea pigs with your own hands is not such a difficult problem for a home master. The fact is that this does not end, because it is even necessary to accustom the animal to use. However, with proper observers, accuracy, patience and love for the animal, efforts drive to success.