How To Make A Guinea Pig Cage For Yourself

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The benefits of making a homemade cell

Guinea pigs need a spacious and comfortable home. They should not be kept in a hamster cage or aquarium. Animals will not be protected from drafts and temperature changes. In the second – pets will suffer from a high level of humidity.

A self-made cell has several advantages:

Requirements for pets

Standards for the arrangement of living space for one pet – a cage of 100×70 cm. A pair of pigs already needs 140×70 cm. A family of 3-4 rodents needs a free space of about 200×70 cm.

Tip. They have the opportunity to increase the size of the cells in the event of the appearance of a large number of pets living in it.

Cells should be taken for important recommendations. It will be useful to also familiarize yourself with the photos of already made models yourself:

  • Seat selection. The room should be clean, bright, dry. Wishing that they did not feel isolated, being in the far corner of the room. It will be better if the cell is located in a place where family members often gather.
  • Half should be absolutely even, it is not recommended to expose it on a shaky or inclined surface.
  • The height of the walls is at least 40 cm. Insert on the top of the wall.
  • For example, a dog or cat should install a ceiling to protect guinea pigs from possible injury.

How To Make A Guinea Pig Cage For Yourself

  • Fans and air conditioners must be equipped in a natural way.

Necessary materials

Prepare the necessary materials and tools:

  • ruler;
  • stationery knife;
  • small and large scissors;
  • markers and marking pencils;
  • plastic clamps;
  • Scotch;
  • metal grill with mesh size up to 3 cm;
  • thick cardboard.
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Tip. You can make a wooden box or a plastic box for making them. Sleeping houses are made of plywood. To do this, connect the sheets with screws or with glue. The main thing is to make sure that sharp parts do not stick out.

At the bottom of the structure, it is recommended to install a plastic pallet that will facilitate the cleaning process, protect the animals from drafts. 8 mm, for this a base drawing is used. The ends of the walls and bottom are glued with a toxic adhesive that is safe. You can also make a polycarbonate pallet by connecting structural elements with building corners.

How To Make A Guinea Pig Cage For Yourself

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Making a home for rodents

I think that in the future we lived with pets. The shape of the base and the size of the base on a sheet of cardboard. Then the distance from each point to 15 cm. Thus, you should get the sides of the box.

With the help of stationery knives, they make cuts along the drawn lines, being careful not to cut through the entire thickness of the cardboard. Its surface is sealed with tape, not allowing cracks.

The workpiece is bent by raising the ends. With the help of adhesive tape, the side structure is fixed to achieve high strength. It is recommended that the outer part of the box be glued tightly pressing it to the surface. The cardboard base for the future cage is ready.

How To Make A Guinea Pig Cage For Yourself

The metal grill is smoothed to make it smooth. They are assembled in a frame, connected with plastic ties, the tail of which is cut off. At the final stage, the metal parts are installed in a cardboard base. We can do our best to make the project perfect and original.

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Have you tried to make a cage for a pet with your own hands?