How To Make A Rack For Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pig is an unpretentious animal. If they need a big enough cage. If necessary to make a rack for guinea pigs. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to make such a design yourself.

How To Make A Rack For Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig rack

Drawing creation

The rack for a guinea pig is a structure, divided into zones. We make a homemade design drawing. At this stage, it is important to consider all the nuances. If they should have different zones. If space permits, you can transfer a separate sector for storage of feed. This will simplify pet care.

Even at the stage of creating the drawings, we think over the location of the feeders, toilets and the sleeping house. We also think over how to organize a game zone. If the structure is made of wood, then think about its design in advance. To this end, you can cut curly doors or an unusual arch of roofs that harmoniously fit into the design of the room.

The organization of space can be performed in different ways. Work with multi-tiered construction. It occupies much less space in an apartment than a one-story cell divided into zones.

Preparing to make a shelf

After the drawing has been prepared. The easiest way to make a rack for guinea pigs with your own hands from plywood. This building material is inexpensive. No special tools are needed to process it. In addition to plywood, you need to stock up on a grid from which the side walls of the structure and self-tapping screws will be made. Considering that they feel comfortable and do not want to choose outside, the side walls can be made in the form of borders from the same plywood or pieces of transparent plastic.

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How To Make A Rack For Guinea Pigs

Everything for the comfort of pigs

From the tools you will need:

You also need to expose the design, making it yourself, without tilting in one direction or another.

Rack construction

In accordance with the earlier drawing, we cut out the structural details from plywood. Recommended to be made of thick cardboard. This will need to be done in accordance with sanitary standards. The optimum height of the side walls of the bottom is 150 mm.

Then, with the help of self-tapping screws, side walls are fastened to the bottom, which are better made from plywood. The front and back walls of multi-storey structures are covered with a net or we make high borders opposite each floor. At the next stage, floors are installed between the floors, attached to the side walls.

You can do it yourself from plywood. It remains to equip the finished house for guinea pigs with feeders, drinking bowls, a toilet and toys.

So that all wooden surfaces are well sanded. The animal will constantly injure delicate skin.