How To Make A Simple Hammock For Guinea Pig

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How To Make A Simple Hammock For Guinea Pig

Simple hammock for guinea pig

About Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are calm, small-sized animals that like to play cages and beyond, so the owners are always puzzled by the search for safe toys and places to relax for their loved ones.

Guinea pigs are attached to the owners. They all live in a community, therefore guinea pigs.

Why guinea pig hammock

There are products in 2 tiers, tunnels and bags. However, it is best to make a hammock for guinea pigs with your own hands. It does not take much time and does not require special expenses and special skills.

They live in a confined space, so they need entertainment equipment. A hammock for a guinea pig with your own hands will please the animal. A few reasons why a rodent will like a hammock:

  • it will become a favorite vacation spot;
  • the animal is playing with him;
  • It’s easy to perfect: make a carrying bag.

Types of hammocks

How To Make A Simple Hammock For Guinea Pig

We make a hammock according to the size of a pig

When choosing a hammock, the sizes of the pet are taken into account. Guinea pigs are large.

There are several types of designs:

  • straight (fastened almost horizontally with a small recess, suitable for games);
  • angular (attached to corner cells, used for relaxation);
  • tunnels (look like fabric tubes, suitable for games, animals use them as a shelter);
  • hammock house.

Important animal safety: Do not mount the fixture too high. The optimal height is 5-7 cm from the floor. The pet may be injured or scared. Also, the fabric is checked for cleanliness and lack of contact.

How to make a hammock for guinea pig

First of all, for the manufacture of finished materials: pieces of fabric (curling, scissors, threads and a needle).

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Material intended for products, and per hour smooth in a cage for a pet. The animal will get used to the smell and color and will not be afraid of the finished product.

This product will appeal to your pet. If you want to make a bag, you need gum and carabiner mounts. 3 simple types of fixtures – rectangular, corner and tunnel.

The rectangular construction is done like this:

  • 2 rectangles are cut from the fabric (when choosing a size, they are based on the size of the cage and guinea pigs). The average size is 15 x 20 cm.
  • 2 pieces of fabric are sewn together. If the fabric is dense (bike or jeans), you can skip this step. All of them received sobchazna.
  • Sew 4 stitches. Dense tapes or elastic bands will do. Conveniently there will be carabiners on the cage lattice. If you make an additional tie with carbines, the hammock will turn into a bag of a portable rodent.