How To Sew A Hammock For A Guinea Pig With Your Own Hands

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Guinea pigs are incredibly interesting and intelligent animals. If such a pet appears in your home. I like to chat with my host. Just like your pet will definitely not get bored.

A hammock for a rodent can be made with your own hands!

How To Sew A Hammock For A Guinea Pig With Your Own Hands

The most important thing is to choose the right fabric and accessories. Guinea pig will definitely try a new thing on the tooth. This means that materials for the hammock must be selected natural and durable. Be sure to wash the selected flap before sewing, it is advisable to use hypoallergenic detergents for this. A hammock for guinea pigs is necessary regularly when using it.

A simple version of a hammock for rodents

You can make a new berth for your beloved pet from pieces of fabric measuring 25×30 centimeters. Make holes or sew small rings. Your hammock for guinea pig is almost ready. Holes are required for hanging the sunbed. Take special care in handling them. The attachment of the hammock to the cage must be very durable. A weighted pig weighs a little, but the load will increase during the games of the animal. Insert carabiners or chains into the hole and hang the hammock.

Transforming hammock and hanging house

It’s not difficult to sew a hammock, turning into an interesting refuge. To make such a device, you will need a piece of fabric measuring 25×35 cm. Sew the zipper on the short side. Treat all other edges of the fabric. Now make fastenings in the corners. Such a hammock can be hung in two positions. With an open zipper, a classic version is obtained. If the clasp is closed, then a hammock is obtained. Such a shelter will surely appeal to your pet.

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How To Sew A Hammock For A Guinea Pig With Your Own Hands

Do it yourself hammock for a guinea pig with your own hands. Some owners of these wonderful pets prefer to change them as necessary. There is a durable hammock house. For its floor, use a piece of plywood 25×30 cm in size. Place the workpiece on the fold of a piece of dense fabric 30×130 cm in size. Finally, in the end, the material part has the opposite shape: a plywood blank covered with fabric. You turned out a suspended house-pipe with a hard bottom, it remains only to make fasteners.

I like to lie in a hammock?

How To Sew A Hammock For A Guinea Pig With Your Own Hands

This may mean that you can save a lot on his purchase. Hang the finished hanging lounger in the pet’s cage. Guinea pigs are very curious, the animal will definitely notice the new thing. Watch how the rodent reacts to the hammock. Some prefer to sleep in outboards. Ignore the hammocks.