How To Tame A Guinea Pig

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How To Tame A Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are by nature very brave and achieve the long-awaited trust; considerable efforts must be made. Love, patience and affection.

You should be in your house and put in a cage, to ensure silence around, so as not to frighten the animal with sharp and loud sounds. Give her the opportunity to get used to a completely new environment. Be sure to pour fresh water and sprinkle with fresh feed. May she live in her home.

As soon as they see that her family is confident, she will not hide in the house at every rustle, will give her the opportunity to explore the room in which the cell is located. To do this, carefully remove it from the cage and put it nearby. For fidelity, you can put a bowl of food and bedding. Also scatter your favorite guinea pig’s treat around the room. If the route is successful, then go to the next step.

How to tame a guinea pig? This process takes place in three stages. At the first stage, we teach the guinea pig to take a treat from your hands. We stretch the animal through the bars of the cage favorite food (carrot, cabbage, apple) and at the same time we speak with him in a gentle and calm tone. The natural reaction of the rodent is to hide in its own house. For a while, hunger and a natural instinct protest against your hands.

The second stage involves stroking guinea pigs on the head and back. If she calmly reacts to it!

How To Tame A Guinea Pig

The third stage – carefully, when he sits down on the handles and sits on his lap, talks in this quiet calm tone, and does not find sudden movements. If necessary, be sure to give a treat. Repeat this several times.

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You can trust, you can frolic a little. I’m really not here. Alternatively, take a piece of delicious and animal on the principle of "close-far", awakening hunting instincts in it, but just do not play too much! Competently built communication with love, care and patience