How To Train A Guinea Pig At Home

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Guinea Pigs are your favorite pets. This is not just a funny animal, which is interesting to speak for, but also to learn how to be able. To do this, you just need to love the pet and be patient. In detail about how to tame and train a guinea pig, we will tell in our material.

Are guinea pigs trained

Guinea pigs are reasonably smart animals. They can easily learn to carry out simple commands. Each person has his own individual character. This takes a long time.

How to train a guinea pig

He must learn several mandatory skills. They can greatly simplify caring for him and make spending time together with him more comfortable.

To the hands

So that your pet begins to trust you, offer him a variety of goodies – slices of apples, carrots or cabbage. Food from your hands will evoke the necessary associations in you and help establish the desired trust.

Video: how to train a guinea pig in your hands Do not grab the rodent, trying to pick it up by force, do not make sudden movements: this will only scare him. If you are trying your best, try to gently pat him on the head.

If the animal does not try to bite and not bite with teeth, you can try to pick it up in your arms. At the same time, avoid the back of the back – this is how predators grab the mumps in the wild. Gently grab the rodent with your hand, sit under your stomach.

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Talk to the animal in a low voice. Gently at the level of your chest, gently press against you so that the animal feels protected.

If you are calm, you can sit with him, stroking him. If the same animal is nervous, then it lands it back into the cage. Every time we are going to take our hands, offer her a treat.

How To Train A Guinea Pig At Home

To the drinker

Special training is not required. The guinea pig is not able to withstand the way she drinks. He can show that the animal on the principle and principles of work.

Cases where the guinea pig does not feel the need for additional fluids are obtained in sufficient quantities with succulent feed.

To the toilet

The rodent himself will choose the place for the toilet. The owner remains only in the toilet, and sets the tray there. If you want to put a tray in each corner. Many cavies immediately understand

Video: how to teach a guinea pig to the toilet Others, on the contrary, need help to understand what it is intended for. In order for the pet to quickly understand what the function of the tray is. Fill as often as possible, and do not need.

How to train guinea pigs at home

They understand only a good attitude. Teams must be fully trusted. Therefore, to trust a person, they need time.

How To Train A Guinea Pig At Home

Simple commands

To do this, use a simple technique consisting of several actions:

  • get out of the cage;
  • call a pig by name;
  • the rodent felt a familiar aroma and conditioned reflexes made him move forward;
  • be sure to treat your pet with a treat, thank you for your quick wits;
  • practice these workouts at least once a day. The animal can run at the call, both in a cage and on a walk.
How To Train A Guinea Pig At Home

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Using this technique, you can learn to behave somehow differently.

Circular U-turn – another simple command for your rodent. That he learned it, it is necessary:

  • as close as possible to the animal hand with a treat;
  • when he wants, he will try to keep him an animal;
  • after a while, thanks to constant training, the pig will make a U-turn without treats.

The Kiss Team – also one of the simplest. With the help of this simple trick. Do this as often as possible until you work hard.

More complex teams

Perseverance and perseverance will help to train the rodent more complex teams.

Give a paw

In order for your rodent to learn it:

  • sit on the floor, the animal should be on the couch or chair in front of you;
  • stretch the pig left hand palm up;
  • say: “Give me a paw!” and treat the animal with a treat;
  • training results should appear after 2–4 weeks of daily exercise.

To work with him was not caused by difficulties. For example, strips of carrots.

To teach Cavia to roll a ball:

  • put a treat under the ball;
  • Encourage the rodent to push him and give the command: "Push the ball!";
  • constant training allowed the animal to be taught to push the ball even without refreshments.

Jumping through the ring. Take care of the safety of your loved one and make sure that the ring does not have sharp edges and notches. The diameter of the ring should be 15–25 cm.

What to do with aggressive individuals

Aggressiveness of mumps can have a number of reasons. For example, he used to live alone. The nervous system causes abuse or physical punishment. The latter are unacceptable for cavia: they can be even more embittered by the animal.

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The rodent owner should accept that many of these pets do not like excessive attention and affection. It is better to leave these babies alone so as not to harm their fragile nervous system. An animal bite is a warning that the owner must correctly understand.

It is important that your pet does not experience stress and live in comfortable conditions. Then he will show his aggression, minimal. Guinea pigs are cute and friendly animals that can be extremely fun.

How To Train A Guinea Pig At Home

Scientific work does not require labor, but the result in these efforts will be amazing. Be patient and kind, thank you for canceling your completed commands.