How To Treat Guinea Pig Whipworms

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Lice-eaters are parasites that settle on the hair of an animal, causing discomfort.

What are these insects?

Signs and causes

The disease is transmitted from one animal to another. In addition, parasites can be infected. And also, if the packaging was not hermetically sealed.

Parasites are active in winter, when the most favorable conditions for reproduction. During this period, the fur coat of guinea pigs will be thicker and longer. To reduce the possible risk of disease, it is necessary to keep a clean cell.

Symptoms of the disease in guinea pigs do not appear immediately. The main ones are:

  • Itching in the animal. The pig constantly itches, bites the hair, trying to gnaw out parasites from it. As a result of such actions, wounds and abrasions appear on the body of the animal.
  • The animal becomes restless, does not eat, anxiously sleeps. This leads to a decrease in immunity, the appearance of anemia or vitamin deficiency.
  • The dimensions of one length are 1 mm. What the hosts look like in guinea pigs.

Are parasites transmitted to other animals or humans?

In close contact, animals are inevitable. The parasite settles in the hair of any animal, causing great harm.

Regarding infection with insects by humans, the opinions of scientists were divided.

Some believe that the parasite can not live on the body of people.

Parasitologists accept studies and have come to the conclusion that theoretically, with constant close contact the guinea pigs with a person whose owners will be identified in the owner of the animal. In case of infection, the following symptoms should appear:

  • persistent skin itching;
  • bald patches of scalp;
  • irritation, nervous exhaustion.
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At the first sign, it is urgent to see a specialist. After a series of tests and studies, the doctor prescribed treatment. Basically, the same drugs are prescribed as for the destruction of lice.

The second group of scientists, after extensive research, claims that the owner is not dangerous to humans. They need completely different conditions for existence. The human body is completely unsuitable for insects. The reasons are as follows:

  • on the human body there is no thick hair;
  • body temperature ranges from 37.4 to 39.3 ºС.

Guinea pigs can be eaten. There are no conditions for reproduction. The only discomfort that parasites can cause people is to bite.

Methods of treatment and prevention

With the appearance of the beetle eaters on the body of a guinea pig, one should not panic. How to get rid of them? Today’s market offers a wide range of drugs to get rid of parasites. Means for quickly and effectively getting rid of the owner


  • drops;
  • emulsions;
  • shampoos;
  • powders;
  • collars.
  • Let us consider in more detail each of the drugs.


    The drug is prepared on the basis of insecticidal components, and is quite simple to use. For the fight against whipworms Distribute it throughout the body of the guinea pig. If the disease is not started, then you can completely get rid of the animal from parasites. Veterinary pharmacies sell Front Line Spray.


    An alternative to sprays can be drops based on an insecticide. Teachers are designed to get rid of whipworms, lice, ticks and other parasites. Him applied to the spine of guinea pigs, most often in the neck. The animal does not reach. Drops are considered the most effective. They not only got rid of harmful insects, but also prevented their reappearance. The most popular drugs are Bars, Green Fort, Stronghold, Advantage.

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    Emulsions are no less effective medicine in the fight against the host. The concentrated product is diluted with water, exactly following the instructions. Received wave resolution of the hair of guinea pigs. One such drug is neostomozan.


    The safest way to treat guinea pigs from the owner. More often detergents are used as prophylaxis, than when infected with a parasite.

    How To Treat Guinea Pig Whipworms


    Universal remedy. They also expect his reappearance. The only negative is the possibility of irritation on the body of the animal.


    Powders release guinea pigs from pests, reducing inflammation of the skin, reduce itching. Powdery preparation needs to sprinkle the body of the beast and rub it into the skin. The remedy is valid for 1.5 weeks.

    In order to completely get rid of the parasite, you need to treat not only the pet, but also its home, and all the objects in it. A directory with a solution will help Butoks 50 solution.

    Prohibited Means

    When choosing a remedy for guinea pigs, you should not go to advertisements and buy such drugs from water-eaters as:

    All of these drugs are used for larger animals. They discover the cage of the pet, household items. You can harm her.

    Taking into account the simple rules regarding the treatment and resolution of parasites in guinea pigs, you can easily get rid of the animal from neighbors with a hair-eating. A cured animal will be very grateful for your help.