How To Walk A Guinea Pig On The Street

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Undemanding guinea pigs are becoming an increasingly frequent choice when buying pets. They easily adapt to the climatic conditions in the apartment and do not need large cells. Everything you need to increase the comfort of your wards. Let’s figure out how and under what conditions to start walking, as well as what ammunition will help.

How To Walk A Guinea Pig On The Street

How to walk a guinea pig on the street

First you need to understand that the guinea pigs on the street are different from each other. And a smaller part of them can adapt to such an event. These little pets are herbivores. Mumps are prone to stress, which can lead to serious illnesses.

To start feeling confident next to you. You can not start walking on the street with a pet that you recently purchased. I mean, the guinea pig has been living with you for a long time, but at the same time refuses to leave the cells – the street is clearly not for her.

The first walks must be started in the warm season, preferably in the evening, when pets are most active. You need to prepare in advance, it is better to build an aviary, scatter in the usual desktop and scatter goodies. There are too many dangers and trash on the ground in the city. An ideal place would be a summer residence, where there are no strangers, animals and loud noises.

How To Walk A Guinea Pig On The Street

For the first time, take over and open the door. If she does not want to leave her house, do not feel protected. The next day. Perhaps, over time, the pet will get used to the new environment and decide to study it. In addition, the guinea pig can get out of the cage, but at the same time quite a bit. If the time for walking can gradually increase, it is important to remember stress. One serious fright and mumps can forever abandon these activities.

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Walking with a leash

You can walk guinea pigs on the street with a harness and a leash. This will not need to build aviaries, and the pet will always be under control. And such a walk can really be called joint. But here there are some nuances. You can’t just put on a guinea pig like a dog and go to the “big world”. To begin with, the puffy must get used to the innovations. Wear at home and monitor the ward’s reaction. The following symptoms will tell you about discomfort:

  • When donning, the pet peeps and wriggles.
  • Freezes in one position.
  • Begins nervously to chew everything that is nearby.
  • He dreams about the cage, turns over, tries to remove the harness.
  • Runs in circles, crashes into objects.
  • The frequency of respiration and palpitations increases.

How To Walk A Guinea Pig On The Street

If you have signs that you need to immediately free yourself and ensure a calm environment. After a few days, you can repeat the request in order to better refuse this undertaking.

If the animal normally responded to the appearance of a new device, the time spent in it gradually increases. Then start to grab a leash and walk around with your loved one around the room. It is important to remember that this is not because of the walk, and not vice versa.

Leash Selection Tips

The anatomy of the pigs is not suitable for collars. One wrong move can seriously injure a pet. If left free, the animal will slip out. This is the best choice for walking. They are of several types:

  • In the form of a vest.
  • In the form of belts.
  • In the form of a figure eight.
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How To Walk A Guinea Pig On The Street


Stress should be avoided if they bring stress to your pet. With strong winds and temperatures below 16 degrees Celsius. 2 months – their immunity is not yet sufficiently formed. If you want your pig to remain without time.