How To Wash Your Guinea Pig

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Guinea pigs are good-natured and gullible pets. They can be very moving about approving your actions.

This species was long and long domesticated by the Incas and those who were not alone. That was half the rodent hygiene care.

To achieve the perfect shine of the pet’s coat and improve its condition. How can we get rid of stress or not harm the pet? Let’s try to answer this question.

How To Wash Your Guinea Pig

They stink

Far from one childhood dream. Any pet can have a “darling” in the cage; it’s not a guinea pig, a chinchilla or a parrot.

There will be a few simple rules in cellular guinea pig:

  1. Weekly cell cleaning.
  2. Daily small cleaning.
  3. Accustom your pig to the toilet.
  4. Sprays for cleaning cells.
  5. A filler that blocks odors.

The thing is that in his cell there were no settlements, and he was not settled.

It is necessary to do a thorough cleaning in the cage. Remove the old filler, the remains of feed, take out the bottom of the cage and put on a new filler.

Every day, stool is killed, resulting in large leftovers of food or filler.

As soon as the pet went to a new toilet to stimulate addiction to a new accessory. Change the litter of the pig’s toilet every day. To eliminate the smell of food. Feline toilet stuff for guinea pigs is not worth pouring.

If you have overlooked, and the smell has already appeared in the cell, then it is worth isolating all the filler from the cells, spraying a special spray for 3-5 minutes. Wipe the cage with a fleecy towel, fill in a new filler and put the cage in place.

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Well you and pig

Guinea pigs, contrary to being named as very clean and cope with their own hygiene. It does not matter that we are talking about rodents with very short or very long hair. How often to bathe a pig, you can already push off from the breed.

How To Wash Your Guinea Pig

Not so little:

  • Abyssinian;
  • alpaca;
  • American baptist;
  • american teddy;
  • English baptist;
  • English color cross;
  • Baldwin;
  • Curly
  • coronet;
  • mini yak;
  • gelding;
  • Peruvian;
  • Rex
  • texel;
  • satin smooth-haired;
  • Selfie
  • skinny;
  • sheltie;
  • Swiss teddy
  • tortie with white;
  • kui

More accurate with drafts

To check if you lived on drafts. May cause serious harm to the mumps after swimming.

These pets can catch a cold very quickly and subsequently get sick. Summer and temperature are quite tolerable, do not be mistaken.

These animals are much more sensitive to temperature changes, especially when the coat is wet. You need to speak separately.

In general, it is not necessary that the animal is completely dry.

We must be well heated in our housing.

Ready for a swim

First you need to prepare equipment for swimming the animal.

For water procedures you will need:

  1. Bathing capacity (basin, bathtub or washbasin).
  2. Cotton buds.
  3. Towel.
  4. Hair dryer.
  5. Shampoo for rodents.

This should be prepared in advance.

In order not to cause fright in your yard, you will have 2-3 days if you are already used to that you need to instill an animal in the bathtub, give it sweets there, and talk with him, exchange opinions. on the knees. The bathroom at the pet will be associated with pleasant moments and there will be no stress factor.

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You need to type in warm water. Its level should be 2, 2.5 cm. So as not to disperse. Because of the soul or because of the scoop, it’s neat, little by little, we need an animal, all this time.

The shampoo is located on the back of the abdomen, and gradually, with massaging movements, move to the head. Do not wash your head. Also with the abdomen and legs. The shampoo should foam well and soap bubbles should form.

Rinse the guinea pig should be thoroughly, because unwashed shampoo can harm the gastrointestinal tract of the animal.

Crazy drying

It is necessary to fit a large dry and preferably warm towel so that the towel absorbs the bulk of the moisture. Do not be alarmed if your baby begins to tremble.

For these rodents, this is quite normal. As soon as the animal dries and warms, it will cease to tremble immediately. When the towel is completely wet, transfer the pig to another dry towel.

When the main part of the moisture from the wool is already collected, then it is worth combing the hair of the pet. This is especially true for long-haired species. My hair, not combed, can then form tangles.

Wipe off the ears, eyes and nose of the animal. If it was not very clean, then it can be wiped with a damp piece of cloth. Use cotton buds for the ears and eyes.

Then a hair dryer comes into play. Do not blow. Do not bring the hair dryer close to the pig and dry continue to comb the hair. Do not comb a guinea pig with a stiff comb. It is better to use a soft one so as not to hurt your back.

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At the end of the bath, be sure to give your baby a treat. And vice versa, they brought the pet more and more pleasure

They found out that we have a guinea pig, as well as elementary rules for caring for the animal so that it never encounters an unpleasant smell and unkempt appearance of your pet and whether it will be a joint game process and an interesting pastime.