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Like dogs, guinea pigs walk outside. Dogs are very different from walking along a guinea pig street.

Independent Work On The Sea.

Types of Leashes

The principle of a dog leash is completely unsuitable for rodents. He does not have anything like that of dogs, so the usual collar will either not be sufficiently fastened, or vice versa, will be too tight, which can lead to strangulation of the animal. For rodents, special leash designs are provided.

  1. Harness The water line consists of straps that are attached to the stomach and under the front legs, and on the back they are connected by a jumper.
  2. "Eight". The leash is a device that is formed by two loops. Loops have on the shoulders of the animal. There are variations of the “eight”, the loops of which are attached to the neck and under the paws. The leash can be adjusted with buckles or a retainer.
  3. Vest. This is the most convenient option if it is correctly selected or stitched. He also looked like the first two types of leashes, in order to be strong, both on the laces and on the fabric. The size of the vest is adjusted with adhesive tape, and there is a loop on the back for attaching the leash.

How to make a harness for a pig yourself

Easy to manufacture. This requires:

  • strap or fabric strip;
  • clasp (metal buckle or fastex):
  • a ring or half ring for attaching the leash to the harness;
  • carbine;
  • durable thread and needle.

The distance between the attachment points on the neck and the withers of the rodent.

To add another 5 cm in length. Then you need to sew a buckle or clasp. This will be the same principle.

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Now they can be located along the back of the animal. At the junction of the second mount and strap came the ring for the carabiner. Harness for guinea pigs is ready.

This can be done by yourself. It differs from previous dark fabrics. This mount is fixed with a zipper, button, or other device. This type of harness is more convenient for the rodent, but can not be regulated.

A harness in the form of a figure eight can be done with your own hands. To do this, use the lace. They throw it over his shoulder and cross it on the chest of the animal. The ends of the lace. On the back between the mounts were installed loops for leashes.

Independent Work On The Sea.

Another option for the G8 is when the cord is not fastened. Then the harness is adjusted depending on the size of the animal.

You can also arrange it so that it has the head and body of a pig. To cross the ends at the withers and skip the armpit of the other foot. The loops themselves are connected by a jumper on the animal’s chest.

How to sew a leash vest

To make a lead-vest, you must first sew a vest. It is made of thick fabric or from the sleeve of an unnecessary sweater. A vest is cut out of the fabric. It should look like a strip on the collar and belt. The collar and waistband are best made adjustable. Use a buckle, Velcro, or other fastener as a regulator. The edges of the vest are trimmed with braid or oblique trim.

A loop or a metal ring is attached to the back. An important point, the strength of the leash should be away from the neck, since in pigs the cervical spine is very vulnerable.

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Independent Work On The Sea.

To make a vest from old clothes, you need to cut off part of the sleeve, cut a hole for paws in it. To prevent further blooming, you can crochet them. To prevent the vest from stretching, its edges were sheathed with tape. Before this, great distances are made between the hills and the hills. Fasteners or buckles were sewn onto the tapes to be able to adjust the volume. Ring for fastening and fastening.

You can make a lead for a guinea pig with your own hands. To do this, use a narrow sling or strap. A loop for the hands is made at one end, and a carbine at the other end.

How to walk a guinea pig

Walking in the fresh air is good for animals.

Rodents are naturally shy. Therefore, the use of a leash is a prerequisite for safety walking. The animal can run away and hide. A leash awaits the loss of a pet. She can be sure that she can stick one finger into the gap between the belt and the neck. If one finger fits freely there, the pet will not be able to slip out of the sticker, and the tension level is comfortable.

For a comfortable state of the pig, accustom her to a leash gradually. First you need to put the harness on the guinea pig and wait until it is mastered. Then also accustom to a leash. The first walks are best spent at home. And when the pig gets used to such walks, then you can bring the beast to the street. The temperature on the street should be at least 16 degrees, without precipitation and wind, the age should not exceed 2 months. First walks on the street are best done short. And if the pet does not show concern, then the time spent in nature can be increased.

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For walking pigs, he chooses quiet places in parks or lawns. There should not be noisy and crowded. You need to try to find a place away from dogs and other animals.

Walking with a rodent, it is important to know the physiology of guinea pigs.

  1. You have to go in a certain direction. Dogs should go after the pet, only slightly adjusting their route if necessary.
  2. Like rodents, nocturnal animals. And increased activity is manifested in the evening.
  3. The pet needs close monitoring. A mumps can gnaw the leash and run away. You can also select other items.
  4. Before the walk, the pet’s hair is treated with a special spray or wiped with parasite wipes.

Independent Work On The Sea.

Even if the pet is quite comfortable on the street, then you can not walk for several hours as a contractor. Campaigns should not be more than half an hour.

Opinions of veterinarians regarding walks with pigs differ. This is too much stress for animals, so it is better to avoid obstacles from a walk. But if the pet does not show signs of fear, is not afraid of manipulating the harness and behaves quite calmly while walking on the grass, then joint walks will be useful for the pig and its owner. If he categorically refuses the approaching harness, he gets nervous when it is better to refuse him.

Walking in the fresh air is contraindicated if the female is pregnant.